Senior year

Adalie is a senior in high school and still hasn't found her mr.right. Or boyfriend you could say


2. the chit chat

The chit chat

It's almost spring break. One more week and then I am off to Netflix every night till 3 in the morning. This week has been surprisingly great. For some reason no one seems to be frowning and everyone says high to me in the hall way and gives me this little I know something you don't face. I'm really confused. As I walk up to Kalani I ask her if she know what is going on.

" I have no clue what's going on. Nobody has been giving me those faces."

"Should I be worried?" I ask

"No if anything it maybe a good thing."

It is Monday so everybody does act a little weird. But I still don't understand. When I walk into first period which is social studies, everybody seems to be normal. But then all of a sudden a girl that is way to cocky and knows everything about everyone comes up to me.

"Did you hear?" She asks

"Hear about what?" I am still so confused

"Oh well never mind." Thanks for leaving me hanging. Now I am so on edge.

When lunch comes around everybody is just looking at me. They are whispering to there friends while looking at me. UGH!!! I'm so confused.

As the week goes on all of the chit chat does down but I still don't know what they were talking about. I don't really care anymore because it is spring break! Crystal and Kalani are all hanging out. We all go to crystals house because her mom doesn't bother us.

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