Senior year

Adalie is a senior in high school and still hasn't found her mr.right. Or boyfriend you could say


9. Spring Break With Owen

Later during the break Owen had asked if i wanted to hang out with him. Of course it was a yes! I wonder if he knows that tomorrow is my birthday. I hope not because i don't want him to make a big deal about it. I already have a feeling that on Friday Crystal and Kalani are throwing me a "surprise" birthday. I'm so excited!i am turning 17.

The next morning Owen picks me up really early at 8 am. As we drive we are listening to my new favorite song, Taxi cab by twenty One Pilots. We are just totally jamming to every song that comes on. It is so much fun! until.... Owen turns the music down.

"so what all are you doing today?" Owen said.

"Nothing, just hanging with you." i say as i grab his hand to hold. Then he leans over and kisses me on the forehead.

"Good! Because we have a long day a head of us!" Right now i am just so excited and nervous. I have no clue what he has planned.

Once we get to our destination i know exactly where we are at. we are at the most beautiful place ever. Hocking Hills. He walks over to my side of the door and say, "Surprise." I quickly jump up and hug him. Now i'm only excited not nervous. We start walking towards the welcoming station place. We walk in and grab a map. As a joke i go over to the souvenirs and pic up a stuffed animal. 

" Can i please get this snake! please!" i make the puppy dog face.

Owen looks over at me and smiles. He takes it from my hand like a five year old getting his toy back. He says, 

"No! I want it!" at this point all the little kids in the little shop are staring at us and laughing with us. He comes over and hugs me and starts laughing. It feels so good to be in his arms. warm and wrapped around me so tight. There is no safer place. 

When finally start our walk/hike. The nature of this place is so beautiful. All the flowers are just now starting to blossom. We walk by a beautiful water fall. We set Owens fun up on a rock to take a picture. It took us like a billion times to get the perfect picture. It is really hard to set a phone up on a rock. In one off the pictures we are making silly faces at eachother. I think i might post that picture to my Instagram. We continue are walk for a little longer. It is about lunch time, and i am so hungry. 

"Are you hungry yet?" said Owen

"Yes i am starving!"

"I am surprised you didn't complain earlier."

"Well i don't like to complain.Especially when i am in such a beautiful place." I say.

"I am glad you are hungry. There is something special."  I look over and there is a blanket and a picnic basket. It is set up on a rock that over views a huge river and all these beautiful trees. We walk over to it then he grasps my hand to help guide me the sit down while he says "Madam" 

"How did you set up all of this?" I ask.

"Well lets just say i have some of the best friends. My friends came earlier to set this up for us."

"Oh my gosh! That was so nice of them!" Owen leans over to get the basket. He opens it and starts to laugh

"Why are you laughing?" i ask him. He looks up and pulls out a peanut butter sandwich. I start giggling with him.

"sorry, i am not that good at cooking." he says. I giggle a lot more then i say, "i love it." I take a bit of the sandwich and it is surprisingly good. Perfect amount of peanut butter and jelly.

"I am just glad that you didn't use grape jelly." i tell Owen

"well i'm glad that i didn't either." After our gourmet lunch we decide to head back. On our way back we are just messing around. one time he started walking slower than me. Then all of a sudden he ran up and picked me up. He was cradling me like a baby and then spun me around and kissed me. So far this has been the best birthday ever. When we get into the car we crank up the jams and start driving. Then he does exactly what he did before on the way here. He turns the music down.

"Hey, just so you know i didn't forget about our birthday." Now i am excited and nervous again

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