Senior year

Adalie is a senior in high school and still hasn't found her mr.right. Or boyfriend you could say


5. morning


The next morning I wake up at around 10. Last night Crystal, Kalani and I stayed up really late watching like 5 romance movies. They were all really good. I just couldn't get my mind off Owen when watching the movies. All I could think about was me and him in the romance scenes. I'm the only one up right now so I decide to get me phone and then I see

Owen: Good morning :)

My heart just started pounding.

Me: good morning :)

Owen: I didn't expect you to reply so fast

Me: well I didn't either

Owen: well how was your night with the girls?

Me: it was great. We ended up watching a bunch of romance movies. Lol

Owen: were any of them good?

Me: I guess so. Do you want me to be quite honest?

Owen: well of course

Me: I was thinking about that being us the whole time. Lol

Owen: well that's good.

Me: why is that good?

Owen: because I was going to ask you to come over tonight. To kinda get to know each other better.

Me: are you serious?

Owen: yeah, how about 7 o'clock?

Me: that sounds great!

Owen: okay see you then

Me: oh wait I don't know where you live...

Owen: 7635 Holbrook dr.

Me: got it

Eventually the girls wake up. We decide to get ready. After we get ready we all make the decision to go get breakfast. This time we all get in my car because we have a feeling more like we know that we are going to come back to hang out more.

By the time we get to First Watch it is about brunch time. It is super packed because everybody is just getting out of church. It takes us 30 minutes before our table is ready. We get a booth. Thank goodness because I was feeling for something more comfortable.

The waiter comes up and asks us what we want to drink. We all kinda look at each other with a smile and at the same time we say

" hot chocolate "

We all start cracking up because that is the only thing that we order the same. Then we order our meals. I order two eggs ofer medium with hash browns, bacon and sourdough toast. Crystal jut orders a bowl of oatmeal with a fruit cup. Crystal is the one that doesn't eat that much food in front of people. And then Kalani orders one of the breakfast skillets.

While we wait for the food to arrive of course the topic of Owen and I is brought up.

" so how is Owen? " asks Crystal.

" it's good " I don't want to tell them quite yet that I'm hanging out with him tonight.

" did he text you this morning like he said he would? "

" yes he did. And we talked for a while until you guys woke up. "

" what did you guys talk about?"

" nothing much really..." I kinda look away making the face that means there is more.

" yeah I'm sure that you guys didn't talk about anything" Kalani says rolling her eyes.


" see I knew it!" Kalani says with an I told you so tone of voice.

" he asked me to hang out with him tonight at 7"

" oh my gosh no way!" Crystal and Kalani say at the exact same time. You know sometimes it is creepy how close there thoughts are.

" yeah well I am really excited!"

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