The Middle Galaxy

// it's literally as hot as hell in the middle galaxy // sequel to ghosted // copyright andi horror //


1. chapter one

I felt a bit of a rush as the steel wall lifted, no longer seperating us.

We were face-to-face with literal fallen angels, enemies of The Middle Galaxy.


The leader of The Enemies? Andrew. He was avenging Gerard and started an army of angels that wanted to be independant from The real Middle Galaxy.

Ash and I were leading a battle against an army. An entire army.


I guess it was cool to be an angel, but I didn't expect so many deadly responsibilities.


Andrew ran forward. Ash ran forward. We all ran forward.


A body slammed into mine, knocking me down. A foot collided with my side, and I grabbed it and threw the angel down.

It was a tall, blonde girl. She shrieked as she fell and I stood.

I looked down at her, the poor girl already had a bloody nose.


"Please don't hurt me," She begged, fake tears forming in her eyes. I knew this look all too well.


"Well, since you said please." I grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Then kicked her shins and threw an upper-cut pucnh at her face.


She kicked her leg out, hitting my stomach.

I stumbled back, but grabbed her leg and slammed her down. I grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, then wrapped my arms around her neck from behind.


"Forgive me, but you put this upon yourself. Be calm into death."


And I snapped her neck.

I dropped my arms and her body fell to the ground.


A foot hit my back, right between my shoulder blades, like Gerard and done once.

I turned around and pucnhed the person in the face.

He was short, pale, with red hair and blue eyes.


He came at me, tackled me, and collided his fist with my jaw.


I used a move I'd grown fond of, slamming my knee into his back.

He scrambled away and ran. I ran after him, grabbed his shoulders, and wrapped my arms around his neck from behind.


"Forgive me, but you put this upon yourself. Be calm into death."


And he was on the ground.


I searched for Ash, who was losing to Andrew.

I ran at him and tackled him from behind. He threw me off and kicked my ribs.


I grabbed his ankle and pulled him down, pinned him, and wrapped my hands around his neck tightly.


"I've seen you fight." He strained.


Before I could even be confused, he slammed his knee into my back and shoved me off.


Ash went to punch him, but he shoved her down.


He grabbed my legs and dragged me away.

I kicked at him. Kicked and punch.


He dragged me to the all-too-fimiliar concrete room and pushed open the wooden door, then pulled me to my feet and pushed me into the room.


"I'm going to fight you myself, since you seem so eager to fight." He snarled.


"Couldn't you just fight me out there?" I asked.


His knuckles slammed into my face.

I stumbled back, then kicked his feet out from under him. He fell to the ground.


"I can't wait to kill you." I hissed.


I kicked his side, then pinned him.

Fist, face. Repeatedly. Until he started coughing up blood.


"No, you're not going to kill me. I'm avenging my friend, you're going to die." He growled.


He was vunerable.


"Friend? ...You mean, Gerard?" I smirked.




"The one we killed? The one you watched die?" I hissed.


Andrew looked behind me, then looked me in the eyes. "Don't talk about him."


"Tell me, I never saw it. Did it hurt? Did you try to save him? Huh?" I challenged.


I grabbed the sides of his face, threatening to snap his neck.


"Don't talk about it."


"You're vunerable!" I laughed. "Makes you easier to kill."


"Don't." The words didn't come from Andrew.


I looked back, and Ash was glaring at me.


"Ash, he almost killed us, he--"


"Don't. If you want to kill him, do it now. Don't talk about his dead friend, you disrespectful prick." She hissed.


I looked at Andrew.


"Forgive me, but you put this upon yourself. Be calm into death." I sighed.


But he disappeared.

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