I Used To Be King

"I used to be King, but it seems like my rule was centuries ago."


1. I Used To Be King


I used to be King,

but it seems like my rule

was centuries ago.  


My rule over my life

was concrete and fair.

Things that I knew were wrong,

I wouldn’t even dare.


The King lives in royalty,

pleasure at his beck and call.

I, as King, was seen as an Angel.

All until I took the fall.




That’s what life put in front of me.

I used to be free.

Life decided to make me a peasant

and I am under the rule of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.




Into the darkness,

my kingdom fell.

All of my loyal subjects turned to rebel.

Everyone was against me,

when really, all I wanted was to be free.

I’m stuck inside these castle walls,

haunting pictures hanging in the halls.




Before I knew the truth of who I was,

happiness flooded through my being.

It was in everything I touched, smelt, and was seeing.

Dark thoughts were non existent.

Now everything is just consistent.

I wish I could go back to those happy memories,

but now I'm just one of the lowly worker bees.


  Being on top of the world was amazing. 

Everything I knew was told to me, 

but then I actually started to see.  

I've now learned that some of my teachings were wrong, 

They said a girl, not a boy, could break out in song.  

I was a King and I had to find a Queen. 

When I had said something about the subject, 

your attempts to change me was the worst torture I have ever seen.  




The truth is a reject.

We're all supposed to be perfect. 

There's things that are normal  and there are lots of things that are not.   

That's what I grew up being taught. 

You know, until now, I never really thought. 

Now I am lost. 

I'm in a position where I don't know anything or anyone. 

Mum and Dad are no longer proud of their son. 



I've seen the rules, and the true person inside of me broke them. 

Now they turned around and I'm the one broken. 

Even though all this is true, 

one thing from my teachings shone through. 



That's all any of this comes down to. 

I'm biologically a Queen, made to find a King. 

But really, to me, I'm a King who has already found a Queen. 

So what if this girl feels like she's a boy?

Does that give you any right to treat her like a toy?

She's in love with another woman, and to be honest, 

she doesn't care what you say anymore. 

Telling her who to love is what her heart is for. 



Her mind has finally opened the door. 

The others discouraged her, but she chose to ignore. 

This Queen is a King,

and he's in love with a girl,

it's not just some fling. 


I used to be King, 

or so that's what I thought. 

They had me believe that the man had burned and rot. 

I journeyed through the deep dark lands, 

and found he had been right there in my hands. 


I am King. 






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