Escape From Hell

A Sequel to I'll Run To You, Escape From Hell focuses on Sarai and Kline's children, Lilith and Gabriel and their lives in the city and school for demons and angels, Vepiton. But what happens when Gabriel's twin finds herself in more trouble then she ever imagine? Find out in Escape From Hell.


2. Chapter 2

They were headed for a bonfire in the woods near the lake that was just outside the city. There was going to be music and food and of course alcohol. Stolas was way more into this stuff then Gabriel was, he noted. He would have been just fine with staying at home and maybe playing a few hours of Bloodborne or Smite. But, he was getting tired of sitting around the house waiting for either himself to die of boredom or school to start back up. 

"I bought a bottle of rum if you guys want to share it with me at the party." Rose told them. 

"Of course you're sharing, you know it's my favorite." Stolas told her.

For an angel, Rose was far from innocent and pure. She liked to have fun and do whatever her heart felt like doing. She didn't have a ton of friends besides Stolas, Gabriel, and Rabia. She liked to be in the woods and it was where in her words she felt "more at home in nature". 

Gabriel remembered spending previous summers hiking and camping out in the woods with Rose. Lilith had gotten into multiple panic attacks from him leaving for days at a time without telling her, and bringing only what he could carry as Rose had a "survival of the fittest" lifestyle. Which was fair of her to worry. Last winter break she had went to Florida with her best friend Hannah and Gabriel almost died of worry. He wanted to kill her when she came back home a few days before school started up again. Gabriel thought she had been murdered and had no idea how he was going to explain to his parents that he "lost his twin sister and got her killed". Yeah, they would take that well.

"Earth to demon boy!" Rose wave a hand in front of his face. He snapped back into focus and smiled.

"Sorry, I spaced out." He apologized.

"Not even drunk yet and you're already gone." Stolas shook his head.

"Shut up man." Gabriel laughed and pushed him. 

There were voices now as they approached the party and music filled the air. Gabriel really enjoyed coming to these parties, he liked how everyone had their own personal style and fashion and weren't just your average, Gothic demon and virgin preppy angel like movies and books depicted them.


Rabia smiled and waved as she headed over to them. She was an angel just like Rose but she was tall and thin with her parents giving her their Arabic roots. She had dark brown hair and caramel skin as she hugged Rose she winked at the boys.

“Stolas, Gabriel, looking sexy as always.” She laughed.

Rabia had a crush on Gabriel for awhile after Rose had introduced her to him but after many failed attempts to get him to go on a date with her, she decided to go after Stolas who she still had a crush on. Gabriel might have given her a chance, he thought, had he not been falling for Rose since day one.

He was pulled from his thoughts yet again as Rose's hands clasped around his and he was pulled towards the bonfire


He had to be honest with himself at this point. He was far past drunk as the drinks seemed to be endlessly poured into his cup. He couldn't remember if he had filled his cup this time or someone else did. It hardly mattered though, either way it was full.

He remembered that he was looking for his friends, in particular, Rose. He was going to tell her how he felt about her even if he wasn't in the right state of mind. He spotted Stolas around the fire with a demon girl hanging on his arm with a shirt cropped to show her stomach reading “Bite Me”.

He rolled his eyes, of course Stolas would find random girls to hit it off with for the night.

Gabriel walked away from the fire as his head seemed to be spinning. He heard aggravated voices come from the woods and one of them sound especially distressed. He walked towards it to find Rose pinned up to a tree by another angel boy. Gabriel recognized him to be Raphael. He was commonly known to be a sleaze amongst the wealthy boys, willing to sleep with any girl that would put up with him. Gabriel had made sure to tell his sister to stay as far away from him as possible.

“I told you, Raphael. I am not going to sleep with you!” Rose yelled at him.

“Come on, baby. I know somewhere deep down you can't resist me. No one can.” He slurred and pressed his body up against hers. Gabriel's blood boiled and sent him into a rage as he stormed up to the angel boy and pushed him away hard.

“What the-, Gabriel? What are you doing here? Don't you have something better to do?” Raphael asked confused and now angered.

“Leave Rose alone. I will not let you take advantage of her.” Gabriel growled.

“Fuck off, demon spawn.” Raphael spat back at him. He swung at him but Gabriel wasn't worried, he wasn't much a fight to him. Even drunk, his father Kline, had taught him how to be focused in any sort of fight.

He waited for Raphael to reel back for another swing before punching him swiftly in the nose. He was knocked back and out of the fight as he shrieked and grabbed his face. Gabriel was glad the fight was over quickly and wouldn't have to fight him anymore.

“No one tells me no. You hear me? I will make you pay for this.” Raphael hissed and ran off. Gabriel frowned and turned his gaze back to Rose who looked shocked and startled.

“He didn't hurt you did he?” Gabriel's voice softened as he looked her over carefully. Her cheeks were blushed from the heat of the fire and probably the situation. Her hair was also messy which Gabriel didn't find at all unappealing, she had stayed over at his house before and sometimes when they were younger, in his bed with him. He loved every inch of her and he knew her well enough to write a novel just on her.

“No, I'm fine. Let's get out of here before he decides to come back.” Rose said, her voice was shaky. Gabriel knew that she wasn't okay, she was scared. She wouldn't let him know though as she took his hand into hers and led him through the woods.

She moved gracefully as though she was born to master the woods. Her straight black hair bounced behind her as they ran. She let out a slight laugh as they ran out of the woods and back towards his house. Rose made him feel at home, how he could be himself around her without worrying that she would judge him. She gave him the same peace he felt when he lived with his mother Sarai and his father Kline.

They didn't stop running until they were safely in the house with the door locked. The moon illuminated the house through the windows as they made their way to his room.

“Would you mind if I stayed here tonight? I don't want to stay at my house alone where Raphael could try to get in if he wanted.” She shivered.

“Of course, you know you're always welcome here Rose.” Gabriel laughed as he threw her a pillow from his bed and a few blankets from his closet. She made a makeshift bed on the floor and stripped down to her underwear and a tank top with her bra.

In any other circumstance he would have blushed but this sight was normal to him. He slid into bed and threw his shirt into the laundry hamper near his door.

“Thank you, by the way. For helping me with Raphael.” Rose said softly from the floor of his room, hiccuping from drinking almost as much as Gabriel.

“Rose, you're my best friend. I love you, I would never let anyone hurt you.” Gabriel said as the last sentence seemed to flow out of his mouth on accident. He hoped she was too drunk to remember but his thoughts were replaced by her getting up from her makeshift bed.

“Would you mind if I slept with you? I don't want to sleep alone tonight.” She said holding her shoulders awkwardly. Gabriel nodded in the darkness and slid over to let her scoot in. Their shoulders touched as she held one if his blankets close to her. He could hear her heart beat coming in fast beats which soon started to slow as she was calmed by him. She rolled over and looked at him with a smile. She looked beautiful as Gabriel did the unexpected, he dipped his head down and kissed her. She let out a slight gasp and kissed him back, her lips tasting like alcohol and peppermint. Her body and hair smelling like the campfire. He broke away though as he realized what he was doing and he gasped. 

"Oh, God Rose... I-I'm sorry." He stammered. "I'm drunk"

She only laughed, "It's okay Gabe, I wanted to kiss you." She looked into his eyes.

"Y-You did?" He asked confused.

"Well yeah, have you ever wondered why I have stayed single all this time?" She asked him, turing back so they were shoulder to shoulder again. She was hammered, Gabriel realized. She wouldn't remember this in the morning no matter how much Gabriel wanted her to. 

"I guess I never knew." He said quietly.

"Well now you know, now I'm exhausted." She yawned and stretched like a cat before getting comfortable. Gabriel sighed as he wished she was sober enough to remember this in the morning but he was never that lucky. 

He squeezed her hand once and then they fell asleep shoulder to shoulder. He made sure she was fast asleep before he went to sleep himself in case she needed something.


She was the love of his life after all… If only he had the nerve to tell her.

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