Escape From Hell

A Sequel to I'll Run To You, Escape From Hell focuses on Sarai and Kline's children, Lilith and Gabriel and their lives in the city and school for demons and angels, Vepiton. But what happens when Gabriel's twin finds herself in more trouble then she ever imagine? Find out in Escape From Hell.


1. Chapter 1

Gabriel Abigor laid in his bed, obviously not under the covers as the hot summer air made his skin sticky and uncomfortable. School was over now and we had a few months of break. 

Truthfully, the fact that your parents were gone to help fight rogue demons and angels made you angry. Why couldn't they just come get you and your twin sister so you could all have a normal life together? Probably because there was no normality in being an immortal demon. 

There was a slight knock on the door and knowing exactly who it could be this time if the night Gabriel got up from his bed and headed out of his room to the front door. 

"Who is it?" Gabriel asked in a bit of a bored tone.

"Come on, you know exactly who it is, Abigor." Stolas said from the other side of the door. Laughing he opened it for his friend. Stolas was tall for a demon and he was built too. He had long white hair that cut off at his shoulders and fair skin with piercing sliver and gray eyes. He was one of Gabriel's first friends that he made coming to Vepiton.

The city itself was not much of a city but rather a village, where you were assigned a cabin and you went to classes in the area. You got money each week to spend on food and clothes or school supplies too from the school and if your family sent more. There was of course a separation from the wealthy students and everyone else which Gabriel found a bit annoying. 

Stolas smirked at him with a certain glimmer in his eyes. "Are you ready for the bonfire tonight?" He asked Gabriel. He had almost forgotten, he was too caught up in repainting Lilith's room today he had spaced it out completely. When he shrugged there was a sigh and a young girl poked her head out from behind Stolas. 

"Leave it to Gabriel to forget all about our big plans." Rose said, rolling her eyes. She was much shorter then them both but that didn't mean she wasn't deadly. Her angelic parents had native american roots which gave her charcoal colored hair and caramel eyes that were rounded like almonds. She had a curvy body and tan skin. She was his best friend and he had loved her ever since they had met. He never got up the courage to tell her of course as she might cut his throat out. 

"Sorry, let me go get a shirt and shoes on and I'll be right out." He apologized and went back into his room. He searched through some clothes that were on the floor and found one of his favorite shirts that read "Crown The Empire" on it. He slipped on his Vans shoes and decided that since Rose was tagging along he would put some cologne and deodorant on. Once he was done he slipped his phone and wallet into his pocket and shut the door quietly. 

Stolas was messing around in the living room and Gabriel started to tell him to be quiet when Stolas tripped over the couch and it feel over with him on it. There was a loud, BOOM, and Gabriel glared at him with his sea green eyes.

"Are you crazy, Stolas?! You're going to wake my sister up!" Gabriel hissed at him. It was too late though, a door shut loudly and a girl with dirty blonde hair and pale skin looked up at the group and rubbed her eyes.

"What's going on Gabriel? It's 1 in the morning why are your friends over?" She asked softly.

"I'm going out for a little bit but I'll be back okay?" He told her simply, they were both over protective of each other even though they did fight a lot. She groaned.

"If I find out you smashed anymore mail boxes or vandalized anymore of the rich kids houses I'm not going to help you." She told him.

"I promise, I won't be smashing anyone's mailboxes and that was one time." Gabriel told her.

"And to be fair, it was all Stolas' idea." Rose stated, helping Stolas lift the couch back up to its original resting place.

"Wow way to throw me under the bus, Rose." Stolas grumbled. She smirked at him. Lilith shrugged and yawned.

"Whatever, just don't be out all night okay?" She said before giving her brother a hug goodbye and returning to her room. Gabriel looked up to see Stolas looking her over with a smile as she left. Gabriel had to admit that even as his twin sister she was good looking.

She was an angel after all, with hazel eyes that sometimes were mixed with gold or just pure gold. She had long dirty blonde hair like their mom and she at the moment, was only in a pair of boxers and a short t-shirt. Were as Gabriel had shaggy, dark chocolate hair like their dad and tan skin. He wasn't built but he wasn't scrawny either. He had green eyes that could change to red or full on black because of his demon blood in him. He sighed, glad that his sister didn't question them further or throw a full on fit because she was gaming or something.

"Okay, let's go." Gabriel said as they all headed out into the warm summer night. 

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