Battle between Love and Fame

Damian Vega is a popstar and he's well-known. His manager thinks he needs more publicity though so when he stumbles upon Addilyn Heart, his plan is put in action. Addilyn is tricked into dating Damian so that his reputation will go up. But is it so easy for Damian to balance dating Addilyn for publicity and dating her for real?


4. Luke's party

Damian woke up the next morning by the sound of his phone ringing. He answered it with a groan, still half asleep. "What?", he mumbled as a greeting. "Go on Facebook and go to Addilyn's account. Then tell me what's wrong with what you see.", Stanley ordered. He did not sound happy. Damian obeyed with another groan. When on her page, he immediately realised why Stanley was being so grumpy. He was looking at a picture of Addilyn with some guy. The picture was included in a status by the guy in the picture. He had tagged Addilyn in the status. The picture was taken in Rumour. The two of them looked particularly cosy in it. Stanley was talking to Damian but he completely zoned out when he focused on Addilyn. She looked extremely beautiful. "Damian!", Stanley exclaimed and Damian snapped out of it. He read the caption: 'Had an amazing date with the sissling Addilyn.' Damian scoffed, douchebag. "That's right Damian. This is not good. You better fix this.", Stanley said and hung up the phone immediately after.

Addilyn checked her Facebook account while getting dressed. An alert told her that she had been tagged in a picture by Jackson. Realising it was the picture that had been taking by their waiter the night before, she opened the message. She studied the picture and thought it was pretty cute. But then she read the caption and cocked an eyebrow. Before she could fully put her feelings about it to words, her phone rang. She absently grabbed it and picked up without looking at the caller. "Yes?", she said. "Sissling?", was the response and she realised it was Effie. "Right? Like he thinks my looks were the best thing about the date." "Right and I bet that's the only thing he likes about you." Addilyn gasped, "What?" "Oh gosh Add, I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that Jackson is a douche. He's hot but if I were you I would get rid of him. He's probably only trying to get into your pants." Addilyn bit her lip, "Do you really think so?" "Definitely", Effie answered. "But-", Addilyn started but cut herself off when she realised it would sound pathetic. "But what?", Effie asked. "It's nothing.", Addilyn said. "No, I want to know.", Effie said, not backing down. Addilyn sighed and then hestitantly started over, "But he's first boyfriend." And?" "And-", Addilyn started and then hestitantly continued, "Maybe my only boyfriend." "What? Ad, don't be crazy! Tons of guys would die to go out with you!" Addilyn raised an eyebrow at that last comment. Right, tons of guys, with her, Addilyn Heart. "Don't you think like that.", Effie said. Addilyn's mouth opened in shock, "I didn't say anything!" "You didn't have to. I know the way you think and I'm not going to let you doubt yourself. You are beautiful and I don't know how on earth you can't see that. Everyone can but you." "You're just saying that because you're my best friend." A frustrated groan escaped Effie's lips, "No, I'm not. You're beautiful and not only that but you're the smartest and kindest person. And the cherry on top? You have the most beautiful voice! And you still dare to say that you think no one will want you? That's just obnoxious." "Obnoxious?", Addilyn asked surprised. "Yes, obnoxious." "When have I ever been obnoxious?" "You have everything and you keep it all to yourself." Addilyn let out a humourless chuckle, "How am I supposed to share the beauty that I supposedly have?" "I'm sure Damian Vega has some ideas about that.", Effie responded in a dirty voice. "Where did that come from?!", Addilyn asked in shock. "Oh come on Ad, that one has been coming for days." "What?" "You are so gonna get it on with him!" "You're crazy!" "Am I? Am I really?" "Yes, you are! Really!" , Addilyn exclaimed. "He was practically begging you to go to lunch with him!" "Yes begging for lunch, not begging for me to hump him!" Effie let out a loud laugh, "You are so innocent." "And I'm going to be late for school. So I'm going to hang up on you now." The only response she got was laughter.

Addilyn quickly put on some simple white denim jeans and a simple black sweater. Then she put on her black vans and quickly did her make-up and hair. She rushed to school after checking her appearance once more. She arrived with time to spare. Effie hadn't arrived yet so she leaned against the side of her car while she waited for her best friend. Effie arrived only a few minutes later. On their way to the entrance, Jackson walked up to them. Addilyn mentally sighed. She knew that Effie was probably right about him being an asshole. She needed to break things off with him but she had no idea how to do that. When close enough, Jackson kissed her. It was immediately passionate, just like the night before. She now realised that she didn't like it at all. It made her realise that he was so not the right guy for her. In stories there's always a popular girl in school and that girl is always dating the popular guy. Then there's the main character and she always thinks she doesn't end up with the popular guy because she's not good enough for him. But that's not true, Addilyn now realised. Guys like Jackson are supposed to be with girls like Kenzie. Because they're perfect for each other. Because the main character simply doesn't fit with the popular guy. Just like Addilyn simply didn't fit with Jackson. "Add, we have to go to class.", Effie interrupted and it made Jackson pull back. Addilyn discreetly gave Effie a grateful look but just when she thought she was in the clear, she heard a whiny voice beside her. "What the hell is this Jackson?!", the whiny voice exclaimed. Addilyn turned to her right and was met by the sight of Kenzie glaring at her. Then to make the situation even more uncomfortable, Jackson wrapped an arm around Addilyn. Jackson shrugged. "Ad and I are kind of a thing now.", he simply responded with a smug look on his face. "You can't be serious Jackson!", Kenzie exclaimed. "Why not? Addilyn is super hot.", Jackson said. "No, she's not!", Kenzie practically screamed. Addilyn got out of Jackson's grip. She needed to get the hell out of that situation. It was getting super awkward. "Eh..I'm gonna go to class.", Addilyn said to Jackson. Then she asked, "Can we talk after school?" Jackson nodded with a look that suggested anything but talking. Addilyn fought the disgusted look that wanted to appear on her face. 

After school, Addilyn walked into the yard to see Jackson waiting for her. She vaguely noticed a crowd in the background but didn't pay any attention to it. She walked up to Jackson and held him off when he tried to kiss her. He looked confused, "Is something wrong?" "I-", Addilyn started but immediately broke off. She had been thinking about ways to do this all day but now that the moment was here, she couldn't think of a single one. "I can't do this.", she said. He frowned, "You can't kiss?" "That's not how I recall it.", he added with a smirk and even though the comment disgusted Addilyn, it also kinda felt good to hear him say that. It had been her first kiss after all and she had always been afraid that she wouldn't be able to do it right. She shook her head, "No Jackson. Not kissing. This, us. You're not the kind of guy I want to go out with." He frowned, "Why not? We had fun didn't we?" She sighed, "It was fun Jackson but not in the way I wanted it to be." "You're not making any sense.", he said. "I know I'm not Jackson but it's still over." He scoffed, "Whatever. You're not that great anyway." And with that he left. Addilyn shook her head but let out a relieved sigh. She was glad that it was over. She turned around and looked for Effie. She had promised to wait. Addilyn spotted her close to the crowd and walked over. "So, how did it go?", she asked. Addilyn shrugged, "Alright I guess. Apparently I'm 'not that great anyway'." Effie chuckled, "He's just saying that because he can't have you." They started pushing through the crowd to get to their cars. Addilyn didn't know what the deal was with the whole crowd thing but she was getting pretty sick of it. "I bet 20 bucks that Damian is here to see you again.", Effie said. Addilyn sighed, "I don't know but pushing my way through this crowd every day is really starting to annoy me." "There it is again. Obnoxious.", Effie teased. "Oh, shut up.", Addilyn responded. When they were almost through, they were interrupted by an annoying voice. "What is it with you and blocking our way home, Addilyn?", Kenzie said more than asked. "Not really my fault Kenzie." "Like I believe that. You're trying to ruin my life. First Jackson, now this." She took a step closer to Addilyn and narrowed her eyes, "You really think Jackson likes you? Think again, you're just some toy to him. And when you're broken, he'll move on." Addilyn sighed, "I don't really care what you have to say Kenzie. Just let me through." Kenzie contined like Addilyn had never spoken up though, "And Damian, he's probably just using as a charity case. To improve his image or something because let's be honest. A guy like that..will never go for a girl like you." "How about you let me decide that.", a low voice from Addilyn's right suddenly said. Addilyn turned her head and her breath hitched when she saw Damian standing only a few inches away from her. Two of his bodyguards were with him to hold off the crowd. Addilyn bit her lip when she realised how handsome he looked. The sun shining on his hair gave it a hint of brown so know she knew that it wasn't meant to be black. She snapped back to reality when Kenzie spoke up. "Damian! I'm like such a big fan!" "I wish I could say the same.", Damian responded. "What?", Kenzie asked with an incredulous look on her face. "You know, the 'you're a bitch'-thing? You bring amazing people like Addilyn down just because you're insecure. Well how about you take your insecure little ass somewhere else and leave Addilyn the hell alone." Addilyn knew her mouth was probably wide open in shock but she didn't care one bit. Damian had just defended her. Scrap that, Damian had just called her amazing.

She snapped out of it by an ellbow nudging her. It was Effie's. She then realised that Damian had been talking to her. She quickly closed her mouth. 'What?", she said. He chuckled, "I was saying how you should just ignore people like that. They're not worth even a second of your time." Addilyn looked up through her eyelashes, "Thanks. For defending me too. I get fed up with having to stand up to her every day." "No problem. I meant it." She blushed again, hoping that he meant the part about thinking she was amazing too." "Ask him to the party tonight.", Effie whispered in her ear. Addilyn took a second to think about it. Damian Vega at her brother's party. It sounded ridiculous and he would probably think that it was stupid. He probably wouldn't even come. But he had just stood up for her. The least she could do was ask him to a party. "So ehm, I'm throwing a party for my brother tonight. You should come.", she said. "I mean, only if you want to. You shouldn't feel like I'm forcing you t-" He cut her off with a chuckle and she wanted to throw herself off a cliff for rambling like that. Smooth Addilyn. "I would love to come Addilyn." "I'm glad you asked actually. I was starting to think you didn't want to hang out with me.", he teasingly added. She smiled but didn't know how to respond so she kept smiling until it got awkward. "Can I bring a friend?", Damian asked. "Yeah sure." "Can I have your number?", he asked. Addilyn's eyes widened. If you had told her a week before that Damian would be asking her for her number, she would have laughed in your face. "So you can text me the address.", Damian added with a chuckle and Addilyn realised that she had been staring at him like a dying fish would. She blushed again while she mentally slapped herself. "Of course.", she said and then she gave him her number. He put his number in her phone and left after saying 'Goodbye Addilyn'. The way he said her name made her melt inside. Effie chukled, "Girl, you've got it bad." "No I don't.", Addilyn mumbled with a frown. Effie laughed harder at that.

When it was time to get ready, Addilyn put on a red sundress and black strappy pumps. She let her hair fall over her shoulders in its natural waves and she applied only a little bit more make-up than usual. She put on her necklace with the diamond pendant and then she was all ready to go. Normally she wasn't the type to dress up but since this was a special occasion, she had made an exception. Effie arrived shortly after in a purple dress, showing off her breasts. Her straight blond hair fell over her shoulders and her make-up accentuated her bright green eyes. Addilyn looked away when her phone beeped, indicating that she had received a message. She opened it but didn't recognise the number. 'Hey there.', it said. She frowned and quickly sent a message back. 'Ehm...who are you?' She received a response quickly after. 'Right. Sorry. It's Damian.' Her heartbeat literally stopped then and there. Of course she had known that he would text her but it didn't seem real. The popstar that she had been crushing on for years had just texted her. She received another message. 'You still there?', it said. She mentally slapped herself when she realised that she had been staring at her phone with the dead-fish-face again for over a minute. 'Yeah, I'm here.', she sent. 'So, how about that address?' She quickly sent him the address of the building where the party would be at. 'Great. Can't wait.', he responded. And that's when she didn't know what to respond. 'Me neither' would be too eager. But what else could she send? 'I'm sure that you've been to bigger parties.', she responded. 'Way bigger.', she sent quickly after. 'Yeah but then you weren't there.' She blushed and Effie noticed. She smirked, "Let me guess. A certain popstar is texting you?" Addilyn nodded with a smile. "What's he texting?", Effie curiously asked. "That he can't wait to see me.", Addilyn answered with a shy smile. Effie squealed, "He so likes you!" "No, he doesn't." "Then why would he come?", Effie asked, cocking an eyebrow. "I don't know. Maybe because Stanley's signing me." "Is he? Have you made a decision?", Effie asked with a hopeful smile. "I have. I'm gonna do it." Effie squealed and Addilyn chuckled at her enthousiasm. Then she realised that she hadn't responded to Damian's message. Great, now he probably thought that she was fangirling over his comment. 'Yeah, well, Ed Sheeran probably was.', she responded. 'Not really my type.', Damian responded and Addilyn chuckled. 'Really? But he's so handsome.' 'I would pick you over handsome Ed Sheeran any day.', was his response. She blushed once again. 'You're probably the only one.' 'Don't sell yourself short.', he sent and Addilyn's blush grew. That's when her mom entered the room in a beautiful blue dress that hugged her slender figure. Her brown wavy hair fell aroud her heart shaped face. The blue dress was almost as blue as her eyes. Addilyn gasped, "Mom, you look beatiful!" Her mom smiled, "You even more so honey." Then Luke walked in, "Are you girls ready to go?" They nodded and Addilyn quickly sent Damian another text. 'I need to go.' 'Right. I'll see you in a bit.' 

A bit after the party had started, Damian walked in with some other guy. Addilyn was actually surprised when she saw him. She had known that he would come but, just like the text, it hadn't felt real. Damian and his friend walked up to Addilyn, her mom and Effie. His friend had brown hair, blue eyes and he was pretty slender. Damian would always be the best looking person in the world to Addilyn but his friend was handsome too. That friend surprised her by kissing her cheek as a greetin. She was blushing when he pulled back. "Hi. I'm Dan.", he said. "Addilyn.", she simply responded. "That's a beautiful name.", he said and she blushed again. "Thanks.", she said, her blush growing. Then she looked at Damian, "Hey." He smiled, "Hey Addilyn." Before any of them could speak up again, Dan asked Addilyn to dance. She agreed and a moment later they were on the dance floor. After dancing for about an hour, Addilyn told him that she really needed to sit down for a bit. He nodded and guided her to a couch somewhere in a corner. Just a bit later, Damian walked up to the two of them and sat down too. Dan almost excused himself and Addilyn saw him asking Effie to dance shortly after. "Are you enjoying yourself?", she asked Damian. He was sitting pretty close to her and it made her nervous. She was able to smell his cologne and it was overwhelming her senses. "I am. I would enjoy it more if I got to see you more though.", he said, locking eyes with her. She looked away, unable to hold his stare, and blushed. She couldn't think about anything else but him. His scent, his eyes, his hair, his arms, the sound of his voice, his everything. So when he suggested going outside, she immediately approved the idea. They walked outside and found a bench at the side of the building. Addilyn immediately sat down and Damian swiftly followed. He was so close to her again. She had hoped that he would put a bit more distance between them this time but at the same time she had hoped that he wouldn't. They sat there for a bit, not saying anything. After a bit, Addilyn started to feel pretty cold. She couldn't supress a shiver and Damian noticed. He took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders without saying a word. She gave him a smile, "Thanks." 

"So what's the party for?", Damian asked after a few more seconds of silence. "My brother. He's back from college. He's not home often so when he is I like to do something for him." "You miss him?" She gave him half a smile, "Terribly. We have always been really close. Before he left for college we hadn't been apart for more than a few days." "That must have been a big change." She let out a humourless chuckle, "Yeah." After a few seconds she asked, "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" He shook his head, "Nope. I'm an only child. And my parents have spoiled me terribly my whole life." She chuckled, for real this time, "That explains it." He narrowed his eyes at her in suspicion, "Explains what?" She shrugged, "You know. The whole obnoxious popstar thing. It's really annoying actually but now I know you're not to blame." She turned to look at him and saw that he was giving her a shocked look. She gave him a very serious one in return. But after a bit she couldn't keep it up any longer and burst out laughing. He figured out that she was just messing with him and gasped, "Oh my gosh, you completely fooled me!" Addilyn laughed for a bit longer but then calmed down. He spoke up after a few seconds of silence, "I haven't seen your father at the party, have I? Where is he?" Addilyn automatically clenched her teeth and her eyes darkened without her realising it. Damian noticed though and he immediately apologized for asking. "It's okay.", she said in a cold voice. "He left. A few years ago.", she added. "I haven't seen him since.", she added. She noticed that she had clenched her hands into fists when she felt a hand on one of hers. She looked down and saw Damian's hand on top of hers. She was too busy to control her anger to freak out over it. She forced her hands to unclench and Damian softly grabbed her right one. She looked back up at him and was met by the sight of his concerned eyes. "I'm sorry Addilyn." She pulled her hand out of his grip, "Don't be. He can drop dead for all I care." "It must have been hard." Her head whipped into his direction, "No. If you think I'm going to crumble because of his absence, you're wrong. He's the one who chose to leave and I don't have to be the one hurting because of it." She mentally cursed herself when she felt tears appear in her eyes. She looked away from Damian so he wouldn't notice but he took hold of her chin and turned her head back into his direction. Concern was still apparent his eyes. A tear managed to slip out of Addilyn's eye. It slowly rolled down her cheek when Damian spoke up, "You're right. You shouldn't have to be the one hurting. But you shouldn't have to be this strong either." Her hands clenched into fists again. "He left and my mom did crumble.", she said. He seemed to understand her explanation. Addilyn and Luke had needed to stay strong because their mom hadn't been able to.

Her fists automatically unclenched when she saw Damian leaning in. At first she thought that she was imagining things but then he leaned in even closer. She only dared to close her eyes when his lips touched hers. He kissed her very slowly, almost like in slow motion. Her lips tingled at the touch. His fingers, which had been on her chin, now cupped her cheek. Their lips parted and she felt herself wanting him to continue. After a few very long seconds, he kissed her again, just as slowly. Out of instinct, she placed her hand on his chest and she leaned into his touch. She barely knew what was going on but she was kissing him back. After what seemed like forever, he pulled back as slowly as he had kissed her. Addilyn opened her eyes and she knew they were probably wide with shock. Damian's thumb slowly stroked her cheek and he was looking deeply into her eyes. Again she realised how beautiful his eyes were. A shiver rolled down her body at his touch. She swallowed deeply and finally found her voice. "What just happened?", she asked. Her voice was barely audible. A low chuckle escaped his lips and Addilyn could feel the vibrations of it through his touch. "I'm pretty sure you know what kissing is Addilyn." Again, her name on his lips made hehr melt. She looked down for a few seconds and then looked up through her eyelashes, "Yeah but why?" "I think you're amazing.", he whispered. Her breath hitched. "You barely know me.", she responded in a tiny voice. "I know you well enough to think you're amazing." "That whole stuff about my dad wasn't supposed to be a sob story.", she said. He nodded, "I know." She was still staring at him like he had just punched her in the face. She felt so confused. She didn't know what this meant. She didn't know what she wanted it to mean. She hadn't kissed him because of his fame or because of the fangirl crush she had had on him. Sure, she had dreamt about Damian Vega kissing her in the past at least once but this wasn't like that. She had had her occasional fangirl moment over the past few days but through all of that she had come to know Damian a bit better. Especially this night. And while a part of her still thought of him as the popstar, another part of her had come to like him as a person. Even though she had adored him for years now, she had also thought that he would be a bratty conceited person. He was the opposite. She mostly realised this when he stood up for her towards Kenzie. But still, this was all going way too fast for her.

She snapped out of it by a touch on her hand. She looked down to see Damian's hand back on hers. She looked back up at him again. Her eyes were still wide with shock. She couldn't remember the last time she had blinked. There was a bit of concern in his eyes, mixed with something entirely else. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Addilyn? Are you okay?", he asked. She realised she had probably zoned out again and that she had probably been staring at him in shock for the past minute. She swallowed and finally blinked as an attempt to compose herself. She pulled her hand out of his grip and slid a bit away from him. Confusion joined the mix of emotions in Damian's eyes. Addilyn looked away from those gorgeous eyes. Whenever she looked into those eyes, she melted into a puddle at his feet and she couldn't have that right now. She needed to think clear because her mind was one huge mess. "Damian, I..", she started but broke off with a sigh. "I don't even know what to think, let alone what to say.", she said. "I don't know about this.", she added. His confusion grew. "I'm not insinuating that this between us meant anything at all. Maybe you kiss girls all the time. But it confuses me and I really need some time to think. My mind is this one huge mess." "How about we just see wherever this goes. And for the record, I don't kiss girls all the time.", he said with a secretive smile. She ran her hands down her face with a sigh. She wasn't able to make sense of all of it with him next to her, staring at her, waiting for her to say something. "That's the thing Damian. I can't know that. I barely know you!" He looked a bit taken back, "I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't have kissed you." Now she felt bad. She hadn't meant to make him feel like she didn't want him to kiss her. She just didn't know. How could she really know whether she wanted him to kiss her or not when she had only known him for like three days. "That's not it Damian. It isn't." Now he was the one running his hands down his face, "You're not making any sense Addilyn." He sounded frustrated and it made the way he said her name even sexier. She had to resist the urge to kiss him again. "I know I'm not. But you say you think I'm amazing. How can you even know?!" She stood up from the bench in frustration, "I could be incredibly conceited, I could be the biggest whiner, I could be incredibly boring -I probably am incredibly boring-, I could be a hooker or I could even have an extra toe!" During her rant, a smile had started to spread on his face. She gave him a frustrated look, "And what the hell is so funny?!" He chuckled, "You are." She pointed her finger at him, "See! I'm weird, you didn't know that about me!" He chuckled again, "Are you seriously trying to make me not like you?" He chuckled again, "Just so you know, it's not working." She sat back down on the bench with the biggest sigh and buried her face in her hands, "You must think I'm an idiot." She heard him chuckle again, "Neh, just weird." She removed her hands from her face and stuck her tongue out. He laughed. She kept looking at him. Big mistake because as soon as their eyes locked, she could feel all of her doubts slip away. "I know, okay?", he said. Holding on to the last of her doubts she said, "I really do need time to think." He gave her a small smile, "Sure." She returned the smile, "Thanks."

She stood up and he followed. They walked back to the door of the building and when they reached it, Addilyn handed him his jacket. Then she opened the door and they entered a small hallway. "I actually just want to go home now.", Addilyn admitted. "Then why don't you?", he asked. "This party is so that Luke will enjoy his stay here. Me bailing on the party doesn't fit that idea." He smiled, "That's sweet." He leaned in closer then and she stopped breathing. Like literally stopped. The smell of his cologne invaded her senses. "Do you want me to leave you alone then or would you care to dance?" She finally took a hitched breath. Damian must have noticed but he didn't let anything on. His proximity unabled her to say no so she gave him a small nod. He pulled back with a smirk. She walked into the room where the party was still going on and she could sense him following her. She walked towards the dance floor and before she could even turn around to look for Damian, she felt his hand on her waist. Her breathing failed her once again. He turned her around. Then he placed another hand on her waist and her eyes widened. She forced herself to continue her breathing process. At first she didn't really know what to do, she had never learned how to dance, but then she remembered the dancing scenes in all the chich flicks she had watched with Effie. Girls always places their arms around the guy's neck. So that's what she did. But then. She bit her lip, "I have a confession." After about a second she added, "I don't actually know how to dance." A twinkle appeared in his eyes, "So you tricked me into dancing huh?" She was still biting her lip when she joined his teasing, "Yes, I guess I did. We have finally found the reason why you shouldn't like me, I'm manipulative." He chuckled and then spoke up after a few seconds of silence, "How about you follow my moves. We're kind of just standing in the middle of the dance floor right now." Addilyn glanced around and saw people dancing around them. She realised he was right so she turned back to Damian and nodded. He guided her and she learned that dancing to a slow song wasn't actually all that hard. While they danced, they joked a bit and every single one of her doubts disappeared. Those gorgeous dark blue eyes staring into hers played a huge part in that disappearance. It didn't matter. She knew the doubts would all come back to her as soon as she was out of his presence. The night quickly came to an end and Addilyn was actually glad that she hadn't left. That was all on Damian. He left first because Addilyn had to wait until every single guest had left before she could go herself. Then when everyone had left, she did too.

After getting home, Addilyn quickly changed into her pyjamas and crawled into bed just as quickly. But she was wide awake. She stared up at the ceiling while she tried to arrange her thoughts. Damian had kissed her. Her stomach started tingling at the realisation. She didn't get it though. He could get any girl he wanted but he still chose her. Boring, plain Addilyn. There wasn't anything special about her. Going to school was pretty much all she did. Studying was her life. Her looks weren't anything special either and as for her personality, she was pretty boring. So why would he waste his time with her? Just a week ago, she had been thinking that she wouldn't get her first kiss any time soon. Now, a week later, she had been kissed by two different guys. Jackson was a mistake. Damian was anything but. Their kiss had been perfect and she wished that it would have been her first one. It was everything she had imagined her first kiss to be. He wasn't rough with her like Jackson was. He was sweet and gentle and she was glad that he took it slow with her. But that brought her to another down side of her, Addilyn Heart. She had literally no experience. Three kisses, that was it. Damian must have had plenty of experience. If he wasn't bored of her already, he soon would be. She rolled onto her stomach and groaned into her pillow. When did her life get so complicated? Damian wasn't even the only thing on her mind. Her decision to sign with Stanley was too. Was she really going to do it? Was she really going to start a music career?

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