Battle between Love and Fame

Damian Vega is a popstar and he's well-known. His manager thinks he needs more publicity though so when he stumbles upon Addilyn Heart, his plan is put in action. Addilyn is tricked into dating Damian so that his reputation will go up. But is it so easy for Damian to balance dating Addilyn for publicity and dating her for real?


5. Brandon Andrews

A loud, annoying beeping woke Addilyn up and she groaned as her arm snuck out from underneath the blanket to stop the endless sound of her alarm. When she couldn't find the dang thing though, she had no choice but to move from her spot. She groaned again as she threw the covers off herself. Now that her eyes were open, she quickly spotted the alarm and turned it off. "There. I'm up now. Happy?", she said to the thing. She would have been free that day, hadn't it been for her shift at the café where she worked since it was saturday. But of course, money was a big need at her age. She forced herself to hop out of bed and then quickly changed into her waitress outfit. She didn't have much time left since she set her alarm at the latest time possible. The outfit consisted out of a light blue dress that ended at the middle of her thighs. The sleeves of the dress ended just a bit past her shoulders and she wore a white apron around it. Underneath it she wore some simple black vanz. After putting on her last shoe, she quickly put her hair up in a tail and apllied just a bit of make-up. Then she quickly shoved some food into her body and left the house. 

When her shift finally ended at 5, she was exhausted. So exhausted that she sat down in a booth at the café to rest for a bit before going home. Shortly after she had done just that, some guy sat down on the opposite side of her. She gave him a confused look. She was certain that she did not know him. Or...perhaps. He did have something fimiliar about him. His hair was black and his skin was very tan. He was quite musculared and his eyes were a greenish color and.....fixed on her. "Hi. Sorry for being so rude but I saw you in Rumour the other night and I just have to tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous." To her suprise, Addilyn didn't blush. She realized that she definitely would have blushed if Damian had told her the exact same thing though. That was a fact. The word Damian kept hanging in her mind but she pushed the thought of him out of her mind as quickly as it had entered. She couldn't touch that subject yet. So she focused her attention on the guy in front of her. "Thanks.", she said, a bit uncomfortable. She suspected that this guy was either playing some kind of prank on her or trying to get her to go home with him for whatever reason. "So that guy you were with, is he your boyfriend?", he asked. Then he immediately added, "I'm sorry. That was an inappropriate question. "Neh, it's okay. He's not my boyfriend.", she said. A small smile appeared on the guy's face and for some reason Addilyn wondered if she should tell this guy about Damian. But what would she tell him? It wasn't like she and Damian were a thing. She didn't even know for sure that he wanted them to be a thing. She didn't know anything because she had been too freaked out to ask him anything. "So you work here huh?", the guy across me asked, looking down at my outfit. "Yeah, I have to earn money somehow.", she said. "Are you in college?", he asked. She shook her head, "I'm almost graduating high school." "And will you be going to college after that?", he asked. Addilyn chuckled, "Honestly, I have no idea." His eyes widened slightly, "You don't?" " I recently found out that I have the option to do something entirely else with my life." They kept talking like that for a while and in no time, Addilyn had told him all about Stanley's offer. Then out of nowhere, the guy suddenly asked her if he could take her to dinner. Addilyn's eyes widened slightly but she was glad when she realised that she wasn't making the dead-fish-face again. She was really suprised though. This guy didn't come close to Damian with his looks, no one did, but he did look really good. Why would a guy like that ask her to dinner? She smiled, "I don't even know your name." He returned her smile, "Right. Well, I'm Brandon." "Addilyn.", she responded. "So how about that dinner?", he asked. Addilyn contemplated her options for a second but didn't find any reason not to go. "Eh..yeah..okay. I do need to change out of these clothes first though.", she said. "Not a problem. I'll drop you off at your house." "Eh...perhaps it will be better if I take my own car. Otherwise it will be stuck here." "Right, that's probably a better course of action.", he said and he smiled as he stood up. It made him look really handsome. Addilyn got up too and followed his lead in leaving the café. She drove herself home as he followed her and he waited in his car while she changed. She quickly changed into some denim skinny jeans and a simple blue tank top. Since it was a bit cold, she put a blue cardigan on over it. Effie would definitely disapprove of her outfit but Addilyn didn't care all that much. She pulled the elastic out of her hair and brushed through it in only a matter of seconds. Then she checked her make-up and even though it wasn't what it had been that morning, she figured it looked fine. She quickly returned to Brandon because she felt like she had kept him waiting long enough already. Just before she was about to enter his car, she wondered if what she was doing was such a good idea. She had just met him. He could be a serial killer for all she knew. She quickly dismissed the thought though. She was not a character in a horror movie. When he pulled up at Rumour, Addilyn was suprised until she remembered that he had told her that he had seen her there for the first time. 

During dinner she fount out that both his parents had left him when he was only twelve year old. He had bounced around in the foster system until he had turned 18. Then he had bought his own place. Addilyn immediately felt bad for him. She knew what it felt like to be abandoned by a parent but at least she still had her mom. She considered telling him about her own father leaving but she didn't feel comfortable enough to do so. Also, she didn't feel like bringing all those feelings up again. Last time she had done that, she had sort of cried in front of Damian. Damian. She pushed the thought away again. She still couldn't think about him or what had happened between the two of them because it would mean facing her feelings and facing your feelings is scary. When Brandon had brought her home, they remained in his car. They didn't talk, there was only silence. When it got awkward, Addilyn turned her head and noticed Brandon looking at her. "Is it okay if I kiss you?", he asked out of nowhere. Addilyn was suprised by the question but thought it was sweet that he asked. She didn't know what to answer though. Did she want him to kiss her? An image of Damian flashed across her mind but before she could think about it any longer, he took her silence for a yes and leaned in. He softly kissed for a few seconds in which Addilyn barely moved her own lips. She was too dumbfounded by what was happening. After he had pulled back, Addilyn attempted to get out of his car but she was stopped by a hand slowly grabbing her wrist. "Maybe we should exchange numbers.", he said with a bit of a smile. "Right.", Addilyn said with a small smile as she sat back down in her seat. She handed him her phone as he did the same with his. They quickly exchanged numbers and then she did leave his car. She gave him one last wave before entering her house. All the lights were off so she figured that Luke and her mother had already gone to bed. A beam of moonlight shining through the window was the only source of light. As she walked further into the room, a figure rose from the couch. Addilyn screamed but then the beam of moonlight touched his face and she noticed that it was her brother. "Luke! You scared me half to death! Why are you sitting in the dark?!", Addilyn exclaimed. "Where have you been?", he asked, ignoring all of her comments and questions. "I was at dinner.", Addilyn stated. "With who?" "Brandon." "Who the heck is Brandon?" "A guy I met at the café?", Addilyn hestitantly said. Luke raised one of his brows in shock and disbelief, "You went on a date with a random dude you met at the café?!" "Yes and he's actually really nice." "But you couldn't have known that Add! What the hell is wrong with you?!", he exclaimed. It was obvious that he was angry. Addilyn sighed, realising that he was right in thinking she had done something stupid, "I know. You're right, it was pretty stupid." Some of his anger seemed to leave his body. "So, you're okay?", he asked. "I'm fine Luke.", she said. "Good. Text next time when you decide to stay out late so that I don't have to worry." "Alright. I'm sorry." He headed towards his room but kissed her forehead first.

The next morning I wake up after sleeping in for quite a bit. I check my facebook on my phone and after scrolling for a bit I suddenly notice an article with my picture in it. I press on it to read it. The picture is of me and Brandon at Rumour. The article is on a well-known gossip site. The caption says: 'Actor Brandon Andrews spotted in Rumour with a mystery girl.' My eyes widen. I knew that he had something fimiliar about him. I just never expected him to be the Brandon Andrews. Effie and I have seen quite a lot of his movies. Oh my gosh, I went on a date with an actor. Right then, my phone rings. It's Brandon himself. Oh my gosh, I have an actor's number. I have Brandon. Andrews' number. I pick up and the first thing I say is, "You're Brandon Andrews." He chuckles, "Yes I am. We went to dinner yesterday remember?" "Yes but you didn't tell me who you really were!" "I'm sorry about that. But it was nice for a change to have dinner with someone who didn't recognise me." "I would have recognised you. But I was distracted." By Damian. "So, the reason I'm calling. Care to join me for lunch at the café?" "That sounds great." I'm going to lunch with Brandon Andrews. This is so surreal. I have met two celebrities in one week. "Great. So I'll pick you up in...let's say an hour?" "I'll see you then." We hang up and after a quick shower I put on the same clothes as last night. A bit later he arrives in his black porsche. The porsche should have given away the fact that he's the Brandon Andrews. I shake my head at my stupidness. I get in his car and when I do, he hands me a pair of sunglasses. I don't question it until we walk into the café and he still doesn't take them off. "Ehm..Brandon. Why are we wearing sunglasses?" He turns to look at me as we sit down in a booth, "So that no one will recognise us." "You weren't wearing any last night." "Well, first of all. It would have given me away towards you. And now that there's an article going around about us, I would rather not have people recognise us." Auch, so he doesn't want anyone to see me with him.

After lunch, we make our way out of the café. We get in his car and I agreed to go over to his place so we're headed there. He parks his car in front of his building and we get out. He walks over to my side and reaches me just as I close the door, "So what's going on?" I give him a questioning look, "What do you mean?" "You've been acting distant ever since we arrived at the café." I hestitate to tell him. I don't want to come over as insecure but I am. "I just don't like the idea of you not wanting to be seen with me.", I admit. "What are you talking about?" "You know, the sunglasses?" He chuckles, "Addilyn. I just didn't want to put you right in the spotlight. Dating someone like me means a lot of public attention. People will constantly try to barge in on our personal moments. I didn't want to do that to you right away." I smile, "That's actually really sweet." "Really? How sweet?", he asks me as a smirk appears on his face. I still don't feel comfortable starting a kiss because I'm so new with it so I wait until he leans in. He slowly kisses me at first but it quickly heats up. He places his hands on my waist and pushes me against the car. I grab the front of his shirt in my hands. He moves his hands to my thighs and lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his body. As he carries me inside, I wonder if this all isn't going too fast. I had my first kiss just a few days ago and now I'm in a pretty heated make-out session. The whole way in the elevator we kiss like this and then he carries me inside his appartment. There he places me against the wall as he continues to kiss me. I push him back and try to get out of his grip. He lets me go and I take a few steps away from him. "It's going a bit too fast for me.", I admit. I'm a bit ashamed to say it because he probably has way more experience. That's the only reason why I let it get this heated. He gives me a kind smile, "That's fine Addilyn." We spend the rest of the day just sitting on the couch while talking and watching TV. 

* * *


Today I spent some time recording a new song for my new album. Now I'm finally home again. I love my job but it's exhausting. I open my laptop and see a few alerts from a gossip site indicating that there are new articles. I click on the alert with the plan to just quickly scan the articles and the site opens. I'm confused when I see an article with a picture of Addilyn having dinner with the actor Brandon Andrews. I actually met him a few times, he's a nice guy. But how did he stumble upon Addilyn? I quickly read the article. It's discussing whether the dinner is a date or not. I scroll further down and my confusion turns into shock when I see a picture of Addilyn in a full on make-out session with Brandon. She's pressed against his car and her hands are gripping his shirt tightly. Her legs are wrapped around his body. My eyes focus on his hands on her thighs and it stirs something inside of me. I don't really knows what it is. I keep staring at those hands on her thighs and the feeling grows. Then I recognise the feeling. It's jealousy. I'm jealous. I'm jealous at Brandon. After I kissed Addilyn the other night, I realised I didn't do it because Jack told me to. I really wanted to kiss her. She amazed me. But I didn't know what it meant so I pushed the thought of actually liking her away. Now that I'm so jealous about this picture I realise that I need to seriously think about my situation with Addilyn and Victoria.

* * *


The next day I have to go to school again. It seriously sucked. My mind often wondered to Brandon and I have to admit, also to Damian. It feels like I'm with Brandon now but I haven't seen Damian after the night we kissed. Having to tell Effie all about what happened didn't really help to keep my mind off of them. Effie and I are heading towards our cars when we stumble upon the crowd that seems to be part of my daily ritual now. "Seriously?!", I exclaim. "What? Every time it's for you!" "Yes and every time it ends up with Kenzie hating me even more." I start to make my way through the crowd. This time I actually try to get to where someone's probably waiting for me. I notice Kenzie in the crowd but she remains silent. I'm shocked but I guess it has something to do with Damian dissing her the other day. I reach the other end of the crowd and see two cars parked in front of the school. Brandon is leaning against one of them, a black porsche. Damian is leaning against the other, a black lamborghini. Both of them have bodyguards to hold off the crowd and there are a few reporters on the side. I look from the one to the other, trying to figure out what to do. Should I go to Brandon or Damian? I turn to Effie. "Effie, what should I do? Whatever I do, it will be in the magazines in no time!", I frantically whisper. "I don't know Add. yourself." I sigh, that doesn't help at all. I walk over to Brandon. I smile at him, "Hey. What are you doing here?" "Can't a man visit his girl for no reason?" My heart jumps at hearing him call me his girl. I shrug, "I guess you can." Then I add with sarcasm, "But maybe and I mean maybe, you're drawing just a little bit of attention." He chuckles, "Maybe." Then he turns serious, "What's Damian doing here?" I look down, this is not something I really like to explain to him. "Well..we kinda.." I pause for a few seconds to build up the courage to actually say it. "We kissed a few days ago." I look up through my eyelashes to see his reaction. He tenses up. "And we haven't actually talked about it since then.", I add. Brandon runs a hand through his black hair and sighs, "Go talk to him." "Are you sure?" "Yes. I understand that it may change things between us. I hope it doesn't but of course it could. Just, can you come over afterwards to let me know what will happen?" I nod. He leans in to kiss me and just as I'm about to pull back, he deepens it. Then after a few more seconds, he pulls back. I walk over to Damian. He doesn't look very happy. "Can we talk?", he asks. I nod. He opens my door for me and then gets in himself.

He drives in silence and comes to a stop in front of what I'm guessing is the building where he lives. We both remain silent. I don't know what to say really. So, you know that kiss we shared? I practically threw it out the window because another guy gave me a bit of attention. Yeah, that will go over well. And he already knows anyway. Beside me I can hear him groan in frustration, "What's going on Addilyn?" I don't even dare to turn and face him so I just stare right in front of me. "I don't know.", I admit. And then it's silent again. "I kissed you a few days ago and you said you needed time to think. Then only a few days later I see a picture of Brandon practically undressing you." I bite my lip and look down, I really made a mess of things. "Damian, I just don't know what to do with all of this. I'm so new with this." "What, with leading on two guys at the same time?" His voice is bitter and I wince. He's right though. I don't look at him. Because I know that if I do, I'll give in to anything he says. "With somebody actually liking me!", I exclaim. Then I do turn to look at him, knowing that it's a big mistake. He looks confused, "What are you talking about Addilyn?" "Why on earth would you be interested in me?" He gets an incredulous look on his face, "Addilyn, you can't be serious." My expression gives me away because he grabs my hand and speaks up again, "Addilyn, seriously, you are amazing." My heartbeat fastens at those three words. Does he really mean them? He gets a grim smile on his face, "Well, except for the part where you're dating another guy."' He lets go of my hand, "What happened? I thought you needed time to think." "I did. And I came to the conclusion that you couldn't actually like me." His head snaps into my direction, "Well that's just crazy. And why can't I like you but Brandon can?" I look away from him and down at my feet. "Because you are perfect." He scoffs and it makes me look up at him. "I'm anything but perfect Addilyn." We remain silent for a bit. Then he looks at me with a frown, "So what does that mean? That you like me too? That you like me more than Brandon?" As I look into those dark blue eyes, I immediately know the answer. Yes. I look away from him, "I don't want to hurt anyone Damian." Only a second later he softly grabs my chin and turns my head so that I'm looking at him. He looks at me with a frown, "You mean you don't want to hurt Brandon." I bite my lip and he leans in closer. But before he can kiss me, I pull away.

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