A Dreaming Ballerina

15 year old Maria is dreaming to dance,but with three younger siblings all doing different sports,is hard to always get the support of her parents.will she make an impression and gain her parents thoughts pack on her life long dream!


4. chapter 3/ The invitation

Maria's POV

"O.....M.....G"I said excitedly

"What"Sydney said

"You know the letter I was expecting for the class I auditioned for"I said

"yes,is that the letter?"she asked

"Yup"I said

"Well don't just stand there !"she said "OPEN IT" she said

"Ok"I replied

Before I knew it the letter was open,and I could not believe what it said

"Well.....what does it say?"Sydney said

Just I started reading the letter when jackson and Olivia walked in the room

"Hey Maria did you get the letter"my brother asked

"I'm opening it right now "I said as happy as I can be

I slowly opened the letter as my mom came in,she was listening but hid behind the door frame in the living room where I could not see her

"O....M...G I can't believe this,you guys know how I auditioned for radio city music hall ,to be a Rockette right?"I said

"Yes"the twins and jackson all said together

"Well I have just been offered a class to take with the Rockettes to see if I'm the one they want"I said

"Oh my gosh Maria that's amazing"Jackson said

Before I knew it my mom walked in the room and changed the subject again like she does all the time when it involves dance

"Sydney and Olivia did you pack for the swim meet this weekend,oh I almost forgot Jackson you have guitar lessons this weekend also"my mom said

"Oh um mom......remember that class I auditioned for with the Rockettes "I said

"Yes"she Replied as she didn't care

"Well the class is this weekend ,and wait a minute the twins and Jackson don't have any practice this weekend,their practices are two weeks away mom"I said holding back tears

"Well they do now"my mom said excitedly

"So you can't take me again"I said as I started to cry

"Yup,sorry sweetie maybe next time"she said as she sounded happy as could be

"Figures"I said and stormed off

Here she goes again I thought to my self,anything to make dance not matter,I'll just have to ask dad,hopefully he will understand

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