Lurking in the Shadow

He's there. Always watching.
For the Poetry, Lyrics, and Songwriting contest. Hope you like it!


1. Lurk in the Shadow

I see her everyday

She's either typing, typing, typing

on that box of hers.

Or listening to music that,

I do not know.


She doesn't notice my presence

I lurk in the shadow-

And watch her sleep

She's so beautiful

With that brunette hair

and honey brown eyes.


She'll never notice a guy like me.

With my ripped blue uniform.

Sometimes, I try to talk but

I don't have the guts to do it.


I think she will be

Frightened by my presence.

Holes where my eyes should be,

I haven't slept in a long time.

Grey skin, instead of her healthy glow.

Multiple holes,

It's not my fault the man

with the gun shot me.

Or, that I died in 1863.


I see her everyday.




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