Angel in Disguise

Alex Shermwood was pretty popular. Popular for getting shoved into lockers, becoming a human pinball machine, and being the king of swirly town (not as glamorous as you think). No girls would ever want to be with him or even seen with him. The chances of him getting a chance at love would be slim to none. Then one day a new girl shows up in his science. He instantly fell in love. She had beautiful brown curly hair, crystal blue eyes, and was just all around gorgeous. Something was strange about her. Unlike other girls she was nice and she gave him the time of day. Is she like the other girls or is she an angel in disguise.


1. Who is She?

  Entering Westridge High School (WHS) was almost like a daily death threat to me. I try to move cautiously with my head down hoping and praying that somehow the world as forgotten about my existence for if they didn't I would take a one-way ticket to swirly town. If you don't know what "swirly town" is it's basically a place where you get your head shoved into a toilet in the middle of being flushed. Funny how the swirly still exist. "Hey faggot!". I looked to see where the hurtful nickname came from and as usual it came out of the D-bag, Nick Ortega's, mouth. No surprise that he's the classic quarterback bully who overuses Axe cologne. Then, came an evil like giggle from his girlfriend that always clung to his side like a leech. She always wore her preppy little cheerleader outfit that barely covered her body and she always had her glistening, golden hair tied up in a ponytail. I smiled at first but, then I realized that her personality was similar to the devils. Nick laughed one more time then took his burly hand and forcefully shoved me to the ground. As soon as my back hit the ground everyone started to laugh uncontrollably. The wind was practically knocked out of me and I laid on the ground groaning in pain. After about a minute or so people started to clear the halls to make it on time in there classes. That's when reality slapped me in the face and I shot up and started sprinting to my science class. I slouched in my chair as the teacher was babbling on about photosynthesis. While I was sketching in my note book a knock echoed throughout the class. It caught my attention so, I took a little glimpse of the classroom door. At first I thought it was just another messenger from another classroom but, something caught my eye a mere glimpse of breathtaking beauty. She had beautiful long, wavy brunette hair, crystal blue, ocean like eyes, and a smile that brightened up the room. "Ah, you must be the new student that the principle was telling me about." said Mr. Reed as he shook the hand of the new student. " Yes, I'm Amy." she greeted with a big grin on her face. He showed her where her new seat was which happened to be the one next to me. I didn't know if I was going to faint or just drop dead. She looked over to me with that wonderful smile of hers and said in a happy tone " Hi I'm Amy the new student. What's your name?" It's weird that a girl this gorgeous was talking to me as if we were friends (not that it bothers me) but, usually when a pretty girl starts to talk to me nicely I get pranked like drinks spilled on my head, or my seat being taken from underneath me, or them just straight making fun of me for being this excited. " I-I'm Alex." I greeted back. I wanted to punch myself in the face because of how idiotic I sounded. The bell rung and I tried to sound less nervous but she left before I even got a chance to. The rest of the day went on how it usually did but I wondered the whole day if she would actually consider being my friend. Is she like all the other girls or is she an angel in disguise?



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