Opposites |L•H|

Ally is new at North West Christian College and is super nervous about starting.

She is shy, quiet and pure. She has never kissed a boy. Never even dated one. Except that one time when she went out with a guy called John in year 4.

What will happen when confident, bad boy; Luke Hemmings, interferes with Ally's life?

Luke•Hemmings Fanfic
By @5soswh0re


2. Science class

Ally's POV:

I walked through the empty hallways, trying to find my locker. The number on my piece of paper read; 479.

I had worked my way up to the second floor, still searching for my locker.

"473, 475, 477, 479-AHA!" I exclaimed in excitement and joy when I finally found my locker after like 7 minutes of looking.

I opened it up, using the locker combo also written on the piece of paper, to see a line of coloured books, all labelled for different subjects. I quickly checked my timetable to see I had science first.

My fingers scanned the books when they landed on a faded red coloured book labelled science. I grabbed it and got up, shitting my locker.

I paced to my science room that was on the third floor. I was already like 10 minutes late, which isn't good for a first impression.

I finally reached the room, panting and out of breath. I didn't want to make a scene, so I let my breathing slow down. After two minutes of getting my breathing to steady, I placed my sweaty palm on the metal door handle and twisted the knob, making the door creak open loudly. Great way to turn all attention to me.

I tiptoed in the room, ignoring the countless amount of eyes burning into me. I stood by the teachers desk and awkwardly coughed to get her attention.

The lady looked up from her laptop and arched her brow at me. "May I help you?" The teacher spoke.

"I-I'm the new student." I stuttered embarrassed.

"Ah! Ally Loom, is it?" She questioned, her sassed look was now replaced with a happy look.

"Y-yes miss." I mumbled.

"There is no need to be shy. I don't bite, and I can assure you, non of the other students do either." She joked, making nervously giggle.

"I won't introduce you because I can see you're very scared, so just go and take a seat by Luke." She said, pointing in a direction, at the back in the far corner.

My eyes scanned the room, landing on a certain blonde boy with spectacular blue eyes.

It's him..

I thanked the kind teacher and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear before awkwardly walking to the back, next to the mysterious blonde.

I sat down on the desk chair beside him and neatly laid my book and pencil in front of me. I then grabbed my pen and started doodling random hearts and swirls and other weird pictures on my hand while the teacher wrote down notes on the board.

I was never one to actually do any work of a sort so why start now?

"Psst." I heard someone whisper from behind me. I ignored it, being my own awkward self.

"Psst." The person repeated, now tapping on my shoulder.

I sighed and placed my pen on the table, looking past my shoulder to see the blue eyed boy smiling brightly at me.

"Hi." He whispered.

"Hey." I replied.

"So you're new?" He asked.

Fucking dumb boy! Of course I'm new.

"No, I've been coming here for years." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes at him.

"Sorry. That was a dumb question to ask." He nervously laughed, scratching the back of his head.

I looked back at my hand, admiring the collage of doodles I had created on the back of my hand. I picked up my pen, about to draw more things on there, when I got a tap on the shoulder again.

"Many I help you?" I whispered to the blonde.

"I'm Luke." He smiled. I smiled back.


"So, Ally. You like Green Day?" He asked, directing his attention to my shirt.

"Nahh. I just wear this to try and act cool and all that shit." I said sarcastically, giggling a bit.

"You're very sarcastic." He stated.

"Yes. Indeed I am." I smiled proudly.

"Green day is one of my favourite bands." He said.

"Same." I smiled.

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