Theres always a place for him || five nights at freddys 3 || Niall Horan

"What do we do?"


Meet Hailee Waltz, the outcast. Always turned down at school and home, she somehow finds herself working at Freddy Fazbears Horror attraction.

Niall Horan, in the biggest, boy band One Direction. After recent mistakes, he also finds himself working at Freddys.

When it's revealed that all is not what it seems, they are forced to call on Michael and Jamie Clifford.

But with a baby on the way, will they be able to survive?

The sequel to Your invited || 5 night at freddys || Michael Clifford


4. don't kill me

Hey guys!

I'm really sorry, but a few books (e.g. Kidnapped by 5sos, there's always a place for him, the adventures of the mystery bin girls and adopted by 5sos) will be put on hold.

For now on I will only be concentrating on My brothers best friend and parent suck, as soon as one of them is done I'll move to the next one

Please don't kill me.

I will still update them every now and then, but no were near as much as the others.

I'm really sorry, but I want to update one book at a time.

Bill cipher.

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