Theres always a place for him || five nights at freddys 3 || Niall Horan

"What do we do?"


Meet Hailee Waltz, the outcast. Always turned down at school and home, she somehow finds herself working at Freddy Fazbears Horror attraction.

Niall Horan, in the biggest, boy band One Direction. After recent mistakes, he also finds himself working at Freddys.

When it's revealed that all is not what it seems, they are forced to call on Michael and Jamie Clifford.

But with a baby on the way, will they be able to survive?

The sequel to Your invited || 5 night at freddys || Michael Clifford


9. 0.6

I stayed in silence, watching Niall, Michael and Jamie talking.

It was interesting, they acted like a family. They communicated calmly, cracking jokes and never taking something to heart, I'd never seen a functional family communicating before, and it made me yearn for one of my own.

I'd grown up as an outsider, my so called 'family' singled me out and never treated me fairly.

Flashbacks stormed my mind, clouding my vision and dragging me into a deep depression. This was t normal, this wasn't healthy, this wasn't fai-

"Halilee?" I heard a sweet Irish accent ask

My mind cleared, and I gratefully looked towards Niall.

"We're gong to go home, would you like to stay over?" Niall asked


"No it's okay" I lied, flashing a fake smile.

Niall seemed to spot my concern, but dropped it quickly.

"Oh, we'll I hope you have a good day and I'll see you tomorrow" Niall smiled

I'm defiantly going to have a shitty day.

"You too"

I said my goodbyes to the group, then picked my bag up and walked out the closeted door, which happened to be isn't next to the office.

I winced as I stepped out the door, the sunlight hitting me like a bus.

My vision quickly adjusted, and I spotted my motorbike from across the carpark.

I quickly made my way towards it, scared on what my 'parents' would so when I got home.

I almost screamed as a hand touched my shoulder. I turned around to see who was touching me and made eye contact with Jamie.

"Sorry" Jamie blushed, removing her hand.

"Uh, it's okay" I shrugged, rubbing my arm.

She smiled brightly, and my eyes trailed to her huge stomach.

"When are you due?" I asked

"What?" Jamie stated, a look of confusion passing her face "I'm not pregnant"

"Oh, ah, I'm so sorry, I ju-"

"I'm kidding" she laughed "I'm due any day now"

A sigh in relive, placing a hand over my fast beating heart.

"Damn, that honestly made me feel so bad" I admit, laughing lightly.

Jamie joined in, holding onto her sides.

"Oh yeah, back to why I'm here. I was wondering if I could have your number?" Jamie asked

I nod and quickly read my number out. She adds it into her phone, and gives me hug goodbye before running off.

I then run to my bike and quickly hop on. I quickly check my watch 6:30.

Oh damn, I'm in so much trouble.

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