Theres always a place for him || five nights at freddys 3 || Niall Horan

"What do we do?"


Meet Hailee Waltz, the outcast. Always turned down at school and home, she somehow finds herself working at Freddy Fazbears Horror attraction.

Niall Horan, in the biggest, boy band One Direction. After recent mistakes, he also finds himself working at Freddys.

When it's revealed that all is not what it seems, they are forced to call on Michael and Jamie Clifford.

But with a baby on the way, will they be able to survive?

The sequel to Your invited || 5 night at freddys || Michael Clifford


6. 0.4

I turn to Hailee in disbelieve.

The eye, I-it moved.

Where has that asshole gone?

I turn to the next camera and see two figures enter through the door.

They ran hand in hand down the hallway.

They stopped and looked at each other.

They were talking.




I turn to Hailee, who's staring at em.

"There's more of them!" She screamed

I shake my head

"Their my friends" I laugh

She looks at me in disbelieve.

"Stay here, I'm gonna get them" I say

"O-okay" she stutters

I run out the door and into the hallway.

"Michael! Jamie!" I yell

Their heads both shot to me.

They come running

"Are you a fucking idiot!" Jamie whisper-screams

"Yea! Never yell in a Freddy place" Michael lectures

"Sorry" I frown

"It's okay" they both frown


I lead them back into the office and pull a chair out for each of them.

Jamie plonks into her chair.

"Computer" she states, holding her hands out.

I hand her another compute and watch her as she looks through the system.

"It's so different" Michael says, looking at the screen

"We can do it" Jamie smiles, turning to him.

They smile at each other.

Someone clears their throat and we turn to Hailee.

"Oh, sorry" I laugh "Hailee, these are my friends Jamie and Michael. They worked at the pizzeria together. Jamie, Michael, this is my new friend Hailee"

"Hello" they say in sync

Hailee laughs and shakes hand with them

"So, how did you guys meet?" Hailee asks

"Well it al started...."

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