Theres always a place for him || five nights at freddys 3 || Niall Horan

"What do we do?"


Meet Hailee Waltz, the outcast. Always turned down at school and home, she somehow finds herself working at Freddy Fazbears Horror attraction.

Niall Horan, in the biggest, boy band One Direction. After recent mistakes, he also finds himself working at Freddys.

When it's revealed that all is not what it seems, they are forced to call on Michael and Jamie Clifford.

But with a baby on the way, will they be able to survive?

The sequel to Your invited || 5 night at freddys || Michael Clifford


5. 0.3

I look down at my huge belly.

I can't wait to meet my children.

"Babe, do you know where the Pringles are?" Michael asked, coming into the living room.

"Behind the rice" I smile

He smiles back at me and runs into the kitchen.

He came back a few minutes later with original Pringles and milk chocolate.

He sat down next to me and opened the Pringles up.

I snatch them out his hand and throw a few in the air, catching it on my mouth.

As I throw the last piece up, I'm just about to catch it when Michael comes out if no where and eats it.

"I wanted that!" I playfully yell.


He suddenly kisses me.

I melt at his touch and pull him closer.

He suddenly detached our lips and starts kissing down my neck.

Leaving a trail of hickeys.

He starts slowly unbuttoning my shirt.

I pull his shirt over his head and study his body.

I already know every detail of his body, but he still amazes me.

"I love you" he moans, still kissing my neck

"I love you too"

Just as he starts pulling off my bra, the phone rings.

"Are you fucking kidding me" he grumbles, standing up.

He walks over to the phone and answers it.

"Your a fucking jerk you pri- Niall?" He says "okay, okay, I'll be there as soon as I can"

He then hangs up and walks over to me.

"Come on" he says, pulling his shirt on

"Where are we going?" I ask, pulling mine on

"Niall needs us"

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