''Synthetic People''

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  • Published: 7 Jun 2015
  • Updated: 7 Jun 2015
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In near future the whole human race will be replaced by ultra smart synthetic people.
First,Angelise-a passionate dancer and dance teacher falls victim of the machines.
After that, nothing on our planet will be the same


1. ok

     The biggest dream of Angelise was to become a dancer. From very early age the girl attended dancing classes in a studio center that now doesn't exist.

Angelise vividly remembers how her beloved mother every day has left her in front of the studio and a couple of hours later picked her up again with their old Dodge.

The little then girl was very devoted to the dances and nothing else could distract her attention from the choreography of the next dance. One day she promised herself that no matter how hard it will be,she will became famous dancer and will open her own dancing studio for children.

Angelise believed so much in that particular dream of her own and that gave her strength to pursue this dream even more fervently. Her devotion was borderless, her efforts-stronger every other day.


                                                                                          . . .


       Now, more than 16 years after the very first day Angelise stepped inside the dancing center, she became sophisticated back-up dancer for one of the most famous people in the music industry. The dancer continues to live in her home city-Plant City,Florida which was famous with its strawberry festival. Her parents also live here and are so happy and proud of her daughter's achievements.

Apart from being back-up dancer for music celebrities,an year ago Angelise opened her own,long-dreamed dancing studio for children.

Every Tuesday and Friday, a lot of little girls and boys entered the world of dance,lead by their cool teacher they loved a lot-Angelise.

The name of the studio was''Angels' dance'' and was named after a song her mother used to sing her at night when she was little.

Teaching different dances in the only dancing studio in Plant City, Angelise wants to give a chance the little children to learn the art of dancing and to choose dancing as their future career. To dream big just like her many years ago.


                                                                                                       . . .


 -This Friday we will not have class,children! I'll expect you next Tuesday!-said Angelise exhilarated to the children. Her excitement was due to the new project she embarked on. The award-winning singer Lemmy is currently in Florida,preparing to shoot a video for his new song''Fallen from heaven'' and Angelise was chosen as one of the dancer who will participate in the video.

Still, no one knew about it. Neither Angelise friends,nor her parents. The young woman decided to tell them on Saturday, after the shooting.

When Angelise closed the dancing studio,went home to read the script for the music video and to listen Lemmy's song.

Tomorrow is gonna be long day because when everybody will relax on Friday,she will have to spend almost the whole day on the set of ''Fallen from heaven''. But Angelise is a pro and never complains.


                                                                                                     . . .


 -A group selfie? C'mon gather everybody!-proposed Lemmy to the whole crew at the wrap of the shooting his new video.

Today was the final day in which Angelise was involved as back-up dancer for ''Fallen from heaven'' music clip.

After the near 15 hours of dance routine on the set, Angelise thought about noting but rest.


                                                                                                        . . .


   Summer had officially arrived in Plant City. People resembled thousands of ants moving up and down the streets,searching for something.

Maybe Angelise was the only one who recovers at home after the three days shooting. Even her parents were on a short vacation nearby Florida.


                                                                                                        . . .


     It was Tuesday. Before leaving the apartment, Angelise suddenly glimpsed that Lemmy's new video was aired on TV,only several days after the end of the shooting process. She saw herself and approved what she saw on the screen. The final result from''Fallen from heaven'' gave her extra enthusiasm today and in good mood Angelise headed to her dancing studio.


-Hello,Miss Bluewell!-replied the children.

-I saw you downtown yesterday but you just walked fast away without saying a word!-said a girl named Ari to her dance teacher

-What? Yesterday I was at home the whole day. I didn't left even for a minute!-explained Angelise

-But I saw you,Miss Bluewell! I'm very sure it was you!-insisted Ari

-I don't like to be lied to,Ari ! What's your purpose? I told you already I was at home.

The little girl began to weep for not believing her. But all Angelise said was true. It was impossible anyone saw her outside. Just impossible!


                                                                                                          . . .


   After the dance class, there was outside the studio a familiar to Angelise presence. It was her mother. Angelise was happy to see her mother although she didn't know the reason why Poline was here.

-Hi, mom. What brings you here?

-You don't remember? We had a conversation yesterday.

-I didn't call you yesterday,mom. Why you made this up! I was damn tired! Lemmy's new video was aired today,by the way. You can see your daughter in it.

-Calling me?-felt surprised Poline- Dear, are you sure you don't have dementia,too? Considering your situation...

-Mom, you sound weird! What situation? What's up,really?

-When we with your father returned from our mini vacation, I wanted to see you,so you and I went at''Dori's'' yesterday and you told me that I'll become a grandma! Do not tell me you don't remember!

-Today you are all insane! First Ari, now you! How many times to tell you-the whole day yesterday I was at home!!!! You pissed me off!!-screamed Angelise nervously and headed home, away from everybody.

 Just like Ari,Poline was convinced not only seeing but talking to her daughter.


                                                                                                      . . .


     Three hours have passed since Angelise came back home after this weird and odd morning. She took a bath and tried to calm down. The dancer never before was in a situation like this. She couldn't fathom why they are telling her these lies. But were they lies indeed? Now Angelise was about to find out.

   Someone was knocking on the door.

Angelise was not in the mood for guests but despite that opened the door. And saw....herself!

The other Angelise noiselessly shot with an ultra gun the real Angelise. Simultaneously, millions of other synthetic people all over the world were shooting their real selves in order to replace the whole human race. The reign of robotic machines has just begun and tomorrow the Earth will never be the same.

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