I Love You

Alanna and Brad met in school. Alanna knew she would fall for the boy but she doesn't know if he likes her back. But what will happen if they play Truth or Dirty Dare? Will they fall in love? Will there be a happy ending?


1. chapter 1- meeting him

A new day, new life, and a new classmate. We talked about him yesterday at home room and they said his name is Bradley Will Simpson. I have been wondering how he will look like. So I jumped of my bed throwing on a black crop top, high-waisted shorts, my peach colored shoes, and my black sweater that says “SWEATER WEATHER” at the front. I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs for breakfast. I smelled bacon. When I walked in, I saw my mom cooking breakfast. “Morning mom.” I said while giving a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning Alānna sweetheart.” She said happily. ‘I cooked you your favorite breakfast. It’s bacon, honey.” she said sweetly. “Thanks mom. I love you.” I said. I ate my breakfast, gave my mom another kiss on the cheek, and walked to school. When I got there, went straight to my locker to put my binder in. I walked to my home room/ English room so that we can discuss some things about what’s going to happen this school year. Everyone was there and I don’t see anyone new. *knock knock* Everyone turned their attention to the door. It was the principal and she introduced our new classmate. He. Was. Hot. I fixed myself straight up and the new kid explored every inch of the room. Everyone was exited to tour him and shit, but wow… I was very excited. “Everyone, meet your new classmate.” The principal said in excitement. She’s always excited for these kinds of shits but I guess I don’t care. “I’ll leave him here with you guys Mrs. Mayrose.” She said as she walked out the door. I suddenly had this eye contact with him and I smiled, he gave me one as well. “Everyone, This is Bradley Will Simpson, and he will be toured by you.” As she pointed to me. “Nice to meet you Bradley! I am very excited to tour you around the school.” I said as I rose up from my chair and reached out a hand. “Please, call me Brad.” He said with a smirk on his face. I sat down and everyone was feeling awkward around both of us. “Brad, sit here beside Alānna. And I’ll make sure to email all of your teaches to make sure you will sit beside her all the time. And Alānna, here is the list of things I want you to show him.” Mrs. Mayrose said while handing me a sheet of paper. We discussed that we might have a school activity this March called the Color Me Run. It is a 4km run and while you’re running, you and other people will throw powdered chalk at each other. It was fun. I did it last year so… I have had enough experience about it. We heard the bell ring, which means it’s time to go to our first period, which was art. I showed Brad where you had to go through to reach the art room. He got it right. I gave him a smile which made him smile as well. When we got there, Ms. Courtney stopped Brad, and I asked her if Mrs. Mayrose emailed her about Brad sitting beside me. She went back to her desk and laughed. “Oh, go ahead Brad and sit beside Alānna.” She said while giggling. “Follow me.” I told him ad he did without saying a word. Ms. Courtney gave Brad a sketch pad right away and she told him to draw anything he wanted to see his drawing skills. I was given the same task so I drew a park with an empty bench, a tree beside it, and the full moon. I took my time drawing and as Ms. Courtney looked around, she gasped with excitement. “Oh my goodness! Brad you’re amazing at sketching!” she said out loud, which made everyone stare at her. Brad gave me a look saying ‘What’s happening?’ I had to giggle. “Alānna,” Ms. Courtney called me, “Brad drew you sketching on your paper with the perfect angle. “ My eyes widened and so did Brad’s. “I don’t think it’s such a big deal, Ms. Courtney. Maybe he just drew me because he had nothing else to draw.” I protested. Brad agreed. The bell rang again which means it was break time. I took out the sheet of paper Mrs. Mayrose gave me during home room so that I could tour him now. The ones listed on the list were: • Show him where his classes are. • Show him where the bathrooms are. • Show him his locker which is number 35… right beside yours. • Show him where the library is. • Show him the music and band room is. • Show him the cafeteria. • Show him the gym. • Show him the MPH (multi-purpose hall) • Show him the offices of the teachers. • Show him the things you know he needs to know. I guess so I should do all of those then. “We should get to know each other more.” I told him. “Yah, I guess we should.” He agreed with a smile. I showed him all of the ones on the list but the classes thing, I showed him right when I went to my classes. Our second period was Spanish. The teacher never really cared where we’ll sit. I offered Brad a seat right next to me. “How well do you know Spanish?’ I asked him. “Well, I know basic things.” he answered. The lessons kept going on and on in Spanish class and I practically knew most of them. “Okay, everyone, we will have a project due next week. You have to make a poster about saving the Earth. It has to be creative, okay? Now, pick a partner and he or she will be your partner for the rest of the school year’s project here in Spanish. Go!” Senorita Pascual shouted and everyone was so excited. I saw Brad’s face and he looked nervous. “Hey, uhh, Brad,” I continued, “Do you want to be my partner?” “Yeah yeah, of course.” He was so excited and I don’t know why. “Come over to my house and we’ll work on it?” I offered. ‘Yeah sure!” he said. The bell rang again and we went to the cafeteria to eat lunch. I ordered my lunch and he waited for me. He was smiling when he saw me at the cashier paying. “Thanks for waiting!” I said with a smile on my face. “Sure, no problem.” He said. I ate my lunch and he didn’t have lunch which made me question him. “Where’s your lunch?” I asked with my mouth full. He laughed in a way that he is saying is cute when I asked him that. “I don’t eat at the first day.” he answered. I stabbed my food with my fork and put it close to his mouth he was refusing until I finally got him to open his mouth. I laughed because he was so hard headed. I gave him my fork and moved my plate across the table where he was sitting as a sign that he should eat my food. “Thanks.” He said with a grin on his face. We finished lunch pretty early so I decided to show him his locker. He was amazed how good I am at this. We kept on laughing no the way to the next classroom to drop our bags but he first put his books in his locker. I went to the open field and sat on the ground. I patted a spot beside me as a sign to sit beside me on the grass. At first he wouldn’t so I lied down and looked up at the sky. And since I was wearing a crop top, my stomach showed a bit and I didn’t give a shit. After a minute of him standing, he decided to sit beside me as well. “Got tired huh?” I asked as a joke. “Yep.” He said while popping the P. I changed my position to lay down at his stomach. “May I?” I asked. “Go ahead.” We stayed in that position for quite awhile until we heard the bell ring. We ran up the stairs, scared of being late. We grabbed our bags and went in the room. The teacher came in after a few seconds we came in. We were in Social Science class (a.k.a. social studies) the teacher made him sit beside me and told us that he should be sitting with me for the rest of the school year. (Skip Social Science since it was boring…) We went to our lockers together and got our English books. They were so heavy. We got in class and Mrs. Mayrose asked him how his day was going. She smiled at both of us and she started our English class by reading one of our own books. (Skip English since it was boring…) AFTER SCHOOL “So, are you still going to my house today?” I asked him while I got prepared for rehearsals for the concert. “Yeah, of course I am.” He said while giving me playful laugh. I changed my clothes to my ordinary everyday clothes by the pool. I asked him to cover me with my towel because all the stalls are taken. He didn’t really mind. I told him that I was done and he dropped the towel as if we were in a magic show or something. He also watched during rehearsals and he saw everything. I gave him a playful wink when he was staring at me, which made him giggle a bit. After the rehearsals, we walked to my house, which was only a few blocks away. We talked about random things and laughed at some of the things I told him when I was in grade school. We even stopped by the convenience store to buy some drinks and chips for when we are studying and working on the project. We split the cost to be fair with each other. When we got to my house, we just walked right in. I gave my mom a hug and I introduced Brad to her. I told her that we are working on a project together and she was fine with it. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and I pulled Brad upstairs to my room. We sat down on my bed and started talking about shit. We finally decided to do our homework and project and he was staring at me. “What?” I asked giggling. “Nothing.” He answered awkwardly. “So the project is th- wait… hold on… let me get my laptop to look at the PowerPoint to see what the project is about.” I said while getting up from my bed and on the way to where my bag was. I put on my password and I didn’t really care if he saw it. I was trying to connect the Wi-Fi and it took me around 2 minutes. I finally got connected and I logged into the school website which will only show your homework and other stuff. I was scrolling and I found the project sample that Senorita Pascual. Then I saw a little note on the bottom of the homework. It said that everything on it had to be in Spanish. “Well, let’s get started with it.” I suggested. “I guess we should.” He said. We got through it pretty quickly with all the researching for the words not the poster. I decided to get out my homework sheet and do my homework for the next day. Brad was just starring at my homework then he asked me. “What’s that homework for?” “Oh, umm… this is for my math tomorrow.” I answered. “Do I have to do it as well?” he was curious… of course he was. I bet he didn’t want to get a zero for tomorrow’s homework section in math. “If you want to and only if you can get the questions right.” I told him. “Can you teach me?” he asked with his pleading eyes. “How can I resist?” I giggle and so did he. But then, I sort of meant it, that I was gonna teach him. He got most of the questions right and he decided to do his homework now. To be honest, I don’t really know if I was having feelings for him… wait… yes I do. He stayed at my house until sunset and he said he should go. I let him. I led him downstairs and I told my mom I’ll just bring him out. I clicked the door behind me and both of us were alone. Outside. We were standing there awkwardly for a few seconds. “Well, I gotta go home,” he continued, “See you tomorrow.” “Yah, sure, okay… bye.” I told him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I saw him blush. I went back in and ate my dinner, which was steak. My mom made it and her cooking taste so go good. I went up to my room, lying down on my bed, and I was thinking about him. After awhile, I went to the bathroom and turned on the faucet for a nice, relaxing shower. I went down to give my mom a good night kiss and I finally went to bed.

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