Boyfriends and Classifications

Boyfriends 101. There are four groups: the girls who have 1) an IDEAL boyfriend 2) a PLAYER boyfriend (or the bad boys) 3) a NERDY one 4) well, no boyfriend at all. Where do YOU belong?


2. Chapter 2

Too slutty.

Too prudish.

Too formal.

Nope nope and nope.

Why can't I find the perfect oufit? Sigh. Why is this so hard? Sigh.

And Im only babysitting, why am I even fussing over what I should wear? Of course Im not worried what Jax would say or think or... Ugh. Jaxson, I hate him. I hate him so damn much. Why am I letting him invade my mind like this?

My phone rings and I answered it without looking at the caller I.D, smart Amber so smart. But I need not worry because I know his voice all too well to not recognize him, that git.

"Hey. Guess what?" He said.

"You're helping me pick out what to wear for my babysitting later?"

He sighed exasperatedly. "Is this about Jaxson again?"

"Of course not!"


"Im just saying that I, as a girl should always look my best even if I am only going off to babysit a 5-year-old boy that has an incredibly hot... brother." Well that didn't come out as I intended.

"Very convincing."

I smiled. "You know I could sense the sarcasm in that right?"

"That's exactly the reason why I said it." He's smiling, I know it. Gray and I have been close friends for four years and I've gotten to know him more than anyone else (I think).

"First, that doesn't makes sense at all. And second, why did you call me?"

He gasped with mock hurt. "Im hurt, can I not call my bestfriend now?"

"You're delusional. But seriously?"

"I was just about to report to you that Jaxson and Diana are back at it again."

"Noooo." I groaned. Why? Just why? Jax and Diana have been going on and off for months now and when Jax broke it off with her last week I was so sure they would'nt get back together again. What does Jax see in her anyway? Okay fine she's pretty. Scratch that. She's gorgeous. Like potential model gorgeous. And fine, she is a good person. Not a bitch or whatever. In fact, I've always liked her. Like her like we-could-be-best-friends like. Fine, I can see what he sees in her.

"There, there. It's okay Ambs. I swear I'd plan your heart's funeral for you." Said Gray jokingly. I rolled my eyes.

"You really are delusional."

"You love me."

I smiled. "Nope."

He laughed. "Yep."

"Still no."

"Bye. Goodluck babysitting." He said.



I hung up with a smile on my face. But that smile fades when I think of Jax and Diana. Bruh, whatever.

I ended up picking the more prudish than slutty one. Im babysitting for God's sake. Not going to a club or some party. I don't even care what Jax would think! Or atleast I'd try my best not to. And anyway, he has Diana now, so why should I bother.

I went to the Montgomery's house at exact 8:00 PM and was greeted by an always over enthusiastic Mrs. Montgomery.

"Hi dear! You're just in time, we were just about to go." She hugged me, I hugged her back. "Come in, come in."

Now, if you'd see their house from the outside you'd be really amazed by its beauty. But from the inside? You'd be rendered speechless, literally. I've been inside their house many times when they need me to babysit and I'm still amazed by it every time. Don't get me wrong, it's no mansion but the layout, the decorations, everything is just so beautiful.

First thing I noticed is Jaxson sitted comfortably on the couch focused on his phone. Psh, maybe he's texting Diana. Psh.

"Amber!!" Cried Jayson as he went off and hug me but since he's so small, it's just my knees that he was able to hug but I knelt down and hugged him back.

"Jay!!" I cried with the same enthusiasm as I squeeze him because he's just so cute I can't help it.

"Can't. Breathe." He croaked. I laughed.

"Sorry" I pinched his cheeks.

"So we're off. We'll be back by morning. You'll be okay?" Mrs. Montgomery said.

I nodded, and then they're off.

I look at Jax. Okay Amber, steady voice now. No stuttering, no blabbering, nothing that will embarrass you.

"Are you going out?"

He looks at me. He has such beautiful eyes. I feel like I could get lost in those eyes, and i'd be willing to. "Yep, you going to be okay here?" Oh my gosh, is he concerned? "Don't let Jayson eat too much M&Ms." He smiled. I try not to blush. God, im such a teen.

But psh, of course he's worried of his brother not me, i'm such an idiot.

"I won't." I smiled, trying my best to hide my disappointment.

He left and it's just me and Jayson.

"Now buddy. What do you want to do first?"

It was two in the morning and Jay was asleep when Jaxson arrived. Me? I couldn't sleep. I'm not even sleepy.

I was in the sofa reading Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince when He arrived. So, yeah my hair stick out in different directions and Im definitely far from presentable but I don't even care. Jax can go judge me if he wants to for all I care.

But instead of looking at me with disgust, when he found me he smiled and sit down next to me.

"Can't sleep?" He asked.

OMG OMG he's talking to me. Hormones, behave. Behave behave behave. Amber, don't do anything stupid. Brain, work properly. Heart, stop jumping inside my chest. Voice, be steady. You can do this.

I nodded trying to seem nonchalant. "Jay is already asleep. So, how'd it go?"


"You're date."

He looks confused. "Date?"

"Yes. With Diana. Aren't you guys a thing again?"

"Oh. Yeah, It was fine."

My heart fell. So he really was on a date with Diana. I was kinda hoping he'd deny it and confess he's long hidden feelings for me. Duh, Dream big.

"Just fine?"

"Enough about Diana, how are you?"

Yes Jax. ENOUGH about Diana. MORE about me. Me me me me me.

"Fine." Smooth, Amber smooth.

"What's that you're reading?"

I showed him the title page.

He nodded. "Im a potterhead myself."

Now this is something interesting. "Really? What house are you in?"


"Bummer. I'm a snake."

He raised his eyebrows, intrigued.

"Now, now. Don't give me that look."

"What look?" He asked innocently.

"That you-poor-thing look people give to someone who was sorted into Slytherin."

"I'm not giving you any look." He shakes his head.

"I know a look when I see one. Besides, I love being a snake. We're a family. And we're pretty damn great if I say so myself."

He smiled. "Spoken like a true Snake."

"Did you know that Merlin himself was a Slytherin? Slytherins aren't all bad."

He nodded. "I'm not saying y'all are. You're just misunderstood a lot."

I point my finger at him. "Exactly."

We had a long conversation about houses and how Hufflepuffs are so underrated by other people. We had a small argument about Severus Snape and James Potter. At the end, no one won. We decided that both person is a brave man and must be admired by people.

We shared a smile, said goodnight. He went to his room. I went to the guest room and slept with a smile on my face.

It was easily one of the best nights of my life.

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