Boyfriends and Classifications

Boyfriends 101. There are four groups: the girls who have 1) an IDEAL boyfriend 2) a PLAYER boyfriend (or the bad boys) 3) a NERDY one 4) well, no boyfriend at all. Where do YOU belong?


1. Chapter 1

The state of your lovelife doesn't define who you are, to be honest. I've been trying to put that thought to everybody's head for years so they would just leave me alone.

But they insist that:

A) if you have a GOOD boyfriend, you have the three Bs. Beauty Body and Brain. And by good boyfriend they mean good-looking, intellectual, money-wise, gentleman, sexy offcourse and all the other things that an ideal boyfriend should be. Pretty sure they think those kind of guys only fall for girls with 3 Bs. In short, the perfect girls.

B) if you have a player or a bad boy as a boyfriend, you have a wild side. And by that, they mostly mean the bad boys who parties, goes to clubs way too much, has those tattoos (optional), has piercings (optional too.), has a smile that is more of a smirk and has a reputation on the sexual department.

C) if you have a nerd boyfriend, you are a good person. Merely because you dont care about the physical appearance and you like the guy for the real him.

And D) if you have no boyfriend at all, you better start wondering what you are doing wrong.

See what I mean? My friends are nuts.

"Hello! Earth to Amber! Amber to Earth?"

That is Layla. One of my 3 bestfriends in the whole wide world. She belongs to the kinda normal people but wild group. Seeing as she has been going out with Kyle, the so-called player boyfriend for months. Well, true Kyle really has a reputation of being a player but I think this one is different. Maybe he's serious with Layla. Well, I hope to God he is because I really don't want Layla to get hurt because even though she keeps on insisting that she's not letting herself get attached and she knows what she signed up for, I know he means more to her than what she's letting on. And actually, I think Layla belongs to the first group rather than the second. Kile has changed since they got together he stopped flirting with every girl he comes across, he stopped smoking, and he goes to parties less than before which is saying a lot.

"Ohhh Amber are you thinking of someone?"

And that one is Jeanne. Another girl from the B group just like Layla. They loooove badboys. But she fits the B group more than Kayla because she really does have a wild side in her and she's proud of it. That girl goes through boyfriend like she does with clothes. Don't get me wrong, I don't encourage her but her life is her own and it's always her decision that matters in the end but sometimes I talk to her about it. So with that, she is no doubt the most experienced among us.

"Will you shut it for five seconds I'm trying to focus"

And the last one is Leslie. She's from the C group. She's been dating James for almost a year. But if you ask me, James may be some kind of nerd but he is actually pretty good-looking. In a nerdy kind of way. Leslie is like the breath of fresh air in our group. She's like our own version of Remus Lupin.

So those are my boyfriend-crazed best friends and they've been convincing me for years to get one too. As if boys are like toys that I can just pick up from my 2-year-old cousin's room whenever I feel like I want one.

And I really don't want to rush things especially when it's regarding love. Love should be taken slowly. Step by step, inch by inch if necessary. So there would be no mistakes, so if you found the right one, you'd know that he really is the one. There'd be no doubts, no fear, no ghosts of the past, nothing holding you back because you're both ready and sure.

"So there's this party at Jace's place. Can we come?" Asked Layla.

I rolled my eyes. There's no doubt they're just gonna hook me up with a complete stranger if we go and im so tired of those awkward moments. Nope, definitely not going.

"Nah you guys go. I think i'll pass" I said.

"But why?" Cried Leslie.

"Babysitting duties" I said and they just groaned in response.

"Whatever. We're gonna have the best time of my life while you're somewhere changing baby diapers" Layla joked.

Nah Im pretty sure that i'm the one who will have the best time of my life tonight. Babysitting Mrs. Montgomery's son benefits me, too. Aside from the money, I would be able to see Jax.

I smile at the thought of seeing him. Drat, as if he even knows who I am. I wouldn't be surprised if he only recognizes me as his brother's babysitter. Or if he doesn't recognize me at all.

Jax has always been this perfect boy accross the neighborhood. And I would be the girl watching him from our window when I was a child. I know it's kinda creepy if you look at it like that. But for what it's worth, i wasn't really stalking him. Or I wouldn't call it stalking, really.

Being an only child has its disadvantages too, and one of it is being alone so it does get really boring often times. Can you blame me for entertaining myself out of boredom by watching them from accross the road? No, no you can't.

But when I grew up, I stopped watching him from afar. Mainly because the feeling that I've been getting whenever I lay my eyes on him is getting pretty deep and I really don't like that. It's scary. Or maybe I just realized that I need to get a life and stop crushing over Jax. Psh, easier said than done.

"You're spacing out again! What is the matter with you today?" Asked Jeanne exasperatedly.

"Nothing! Im just... sleepy." I gave her an apologetic look or so I hope it looked like that.

"You're not sleepy." Interjected Leslie suspiciously, narrowing her eyes at me. "You're thinking." She said it as if she has discovered something life changing.

Jeanne gasped. I cocked an eyebrow, what now?

"What? Can I not think, now?"

"You're not just thinking. You're mind is set on a certain someone!" Cried Jeanne.

"Certain someone named Jaxson?" Asked Layla with a teasing smile plastered on her annoyingly good-looking face.

"It is not!" I said firmly as I grab her fries.


"Well, my mind is mine either and as the rightful owner I say that it is most definitely not thinking of a certain someone." Leslie sniggered and I glared at her. "Or a certain someone named Jaxson. Certainly not a certain someone named Jaxson."

Layla just rolled her eyes and snorted. I looked at my two other friends for help but they just laughed at me.

"Jax baby, kiss me senseless!" Said Layla in an overly dramatic tone while Jeanne on the other hand is singing "Amber and Jaxson, sitting on a tree K I S S I N G."

Leslie giggled. I glared at her, but she continued anyway. After a minute they are all laughing in unison. And after another minute I found myself laughing with them because why not?

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