Hi!! This is my first story!!


2. Ch. Two

We arrived at our new home around 4:00. Oh my god my had a beautiful, huge house. "Amelia, your father planted a garden when we came to set up the house. Can you please go water it?" My mom asks me. I nod. I walk out the back door. We have tons of flowers. Thank god we have a big back yard! I grab the hose and turn it on. I feel like someone is staring at me. I turn around and see a brunette boy with AMAZING blue eyes, peering over the fence at me. "Umm, Uh, hi.." I wave. "Oh! Umm, sorry..." He say rubbing the back of his neck. I laugh. He hops the fence and holds out his hand "I'm Nash, by the way." I shake his hand.

"I'm Amelia, your new neighbor."  

"I can see that. Where did you move from?"


"California. I got to go Nash."

"Wait." Nash hands me his phone. I take it and put in my number. I smile as he climbs over the fence and gets stuck. I walk over and push his butt down. "Bye Nash" "Bye Amels"

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