Hi!! This is my first story!!


1. Ch. One

I woke up at 4:30 to my mom yelling to get up. Then it dawned on me, we were moving to North Carolina. I wasn't excited, but I wasn't happy. 

I dragged my self out of bed and put on grey sweatpants and a pink PINK sweater. I didn't put on any make up (who cares). My hair ended up in a ponytail and I put my UGGs on. Finally, I picked up the rest of my boxes and said goodbye to my room. I'll miss my house, we could be moving in the middle of nowhere for all I know. My parents never showed me our new house. 

I went down stairs with red, puffy eyes and grabbed an apple. The only thing I eat in the morning. "Mom, how long will we be on the plane?" I asked my mom who was packing up her carryon. "I don't Amelia. But please get in the car. We have to leave." My mother sighed. I grabbed my pink IPhone and waved goodbye to my house. Goodbye Cali... 

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