Whats the WiFi password?

~Harry Potter fanfic~
"What's the Wifi password?" Piper asks looking down at her phone then looking back up at the teacher. "What's that?!" He asks confused. "He doesn't know..." Piper says looking at Josh, Aleigha, and Luke. They look back at her and smile. They were all thinking the same thing.


2. chapter 2

Piper: "what are you talking about?" I ask "never mind" she says dismissively.

Luke: I debate whether or not I should show my dad or not. I decide that I should but instead of giving it to him I go out of my room and leave the letter face up on the kitchen counter.

Aleigha: I read it carefully and look at my mum. "Congratulations sweetie!" She practically squeals. I tilt my head. "Is this for real?"

Josh: I set down the letter and stare at the ceiling. I feel like telling someone to maybe make me feel better about it...I know my dad wouldn't do this. He doesn't even know what the letter says... Maybe if he did he would be proud of me for once...

Piper: "ok. Well what about the stuff I need for school" I ask my mom looking down at the list. "I know exactly where to go." She says with a smile.

Luke: I walk back to my room and lay down on my bed. If my Dad didn't believe it was real how was I supposed to get anywhere. I sigh and grab my phone off my nightstand.

Aleigha: my mum nods. "Yes, I had a childhood friend that went as well as my sister in law." She says. I just stare...

Josh: I sigh. It's worth a shot. I sit up and ruffle my hair, a bad habit. I pick up the letter and stand.

Piper: "ok..." I say not sure what to think of that.

Luke: I am playing a game on my phone when my mom walks in. "Are you trying to get yourself grounded!?" She asks angrily. She is holding the letter from Hogwarts. "Uh oh..." I think to myself.

Aleigha: "but how... You're not a witch... Are you?" I ask. She shakes her head no. "And dads...not" she nods. I sigh and look at the letter.

Josh: I go downstairs to my father's office again and knock gently.

Piper: "wait!" I say suddenly "what?!" my mom asks startled. "What about all the computer classes I'm taking next year?" My mom looks at me sadly. "You'll have to give those up."

Luke: "are you trying to trick me out of getting you to the school I want you to go to?!" She yells. "No!" I say standing up. "I didn't make that up! It's real and it came in the mail!"

Aleigha: "How does this even happen then?!" I groan and sigh. "That just happens and sometimes I guess..." My mom says and shrugs.

Josh: I hear a groan from inside of the office. "Whhaat..." My Dad says in an annoyed tone.

Piper: "I CANT!! COMPUTERS ARE MY LIFE!!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO WHEN I GROW UP?!?" I say yelling at my mom not even caring if I got in trouble.

Luke: "Ok." My mom says calming herself down. "We will see if we can get your stuff before school starts." I sigh in relief.

Aleigha: I read the letter. "Well...that's a pretty long time to be gone..." I sigh.

Josh: I hesitate and go inside the office, my father eyeing me like a hawk. "Sorry...I just." I bite my lip totally forgetting about what I wanted or needed.

Piper: "honey." My mom says in a soothing voice. I sag. "But..." "There are no buts. You are going to this school and there is nothing you can do about it." She says leaving the room.

Luke: "good. Thanks." She walks out. I could tell she thought that I was just acting like a kid but I knew this was definitely real.

Aleigha: I sigh and yawn a little. I look at my mum and raise an eyebrow. "Can I take my phone and laptop...?" I ask.

Josh: "H-hey..." I say and take a step in. "I read the letter..." I say quietly.

Piper: I didn't know what to say. I wasn't going to learn all those things that I wanted. I made a silent vow to myself to learn as much as I could about it at Hogwarts.

Luke: I grab my phone and try to find out more about Hogwarts but I couldn't find anything. I wondered why. Wouldn't all big schools be on the Internet? I didn't know.

Aleigha: My mom shrugs. "I don't know. I haven't ever been... And it doesn't say anything about electronics on the letter..." Mum says and shrugs.

Josh: "Yeah...?" Father says and raises an eyebrow. "Well...it... Just read it." I toss it on the table in front of him.

Piper:"Ok. I guess I can try this magic thing." I mutter. It would be cool to have a wand.

Luke: I just shrug my shoulders. I was just glad no one had figured out where I was this morning.

Aleigha: "Well I'm taking them whether they want me to or not." I say being the sassy person that I am.

Josh: He sighs and picks up the letter and starts reading it carefully.


Piper: "honey we are going to go to diagon alley!" My mom says to me after we eat lunch. "Ok" I say jumping up. I had actually gotten pretty excited.

Luke: I sit on my bed wondering what being able to do magic would be like. I have felt like I have done a lot of weird stuff lately.

Aleigha: "Are you ready?!" My mum calls up the stairs. I rush around throwing on some perfume and slipping some shoes on. "Yeah!" I tell her. Then I grab my purse before running downstairs. Today we were going wizard shopping. That's what my mum called it at least. I think she's as excited as I am.

Josh: I'm already headed out the door. My father showed me the letter he received and told me to "Go on your own. You're old enough." So I go...I don't know what to expect. I'm still slightly in shock about this whole thing.

Piper: "How do we get there anyways?" I figured that because it was a magic place that it was somehow guarded by magic.

Luke:yeah I have done some stuff. Most of it bad. But this makes a lot more sense if magic is involved.

Aleigha: we head off to the car and start the drive into the depths of London.

Josh: I follow the directions to this place called Diagon Alley by putting the directions in my phone. The walk isn't that far there's just a lot of roads to cross.

Piper: "the directions were in the letter. Can you grab it for me?" My mom asks looking for her purse and keys. "Yeah." I reply. I had it in the top drawer of my dresser.

Luke: "Mom?" I ask looking for her around the house. "Yes?" She asks coming out of her bedroom. "Can we go to diagon alley today?" She pauses. "Yeah we can." She says "let me just see if Taylor wants to go with us." "Ok." I say grudgingly hoping my little sister didn't want to come.

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