Whats the WiFi password?

~Harry Potter fanfic~
"What's the Wifi password?" Piper asks looking down at her phone then looking back up at the teacher. "What's that?!" He asks confused. "He doesn't know..." Piper says looking at Josh, Aleigha, and Luke. They look back at her and smile. They were all thinking the same thing.


1. chapter 1

(This is a role play I am doing with my friend. I will post it in parts so if I end in a cliff hanger it will easily be answered in the next chapter)

Piper: I sit on my bed bored. "It's summer! I should be outside playing or something!" I think to myself as I look out the window.

Luke: I'm hiding and I'm scared. I look around the corner of the alley and gasp. They were coming. I run as fast as I can to my house.

Aleigha: it's summer! So I find myself at a pool party at Kristina's house. Super fun!

Josh: I wake up at around noon. I fell asleep on my book again... A knock sounds at the door and I hide the book between my legs frantically. "Come in!"

Piper: I sign and grab my phone. I scroll through Pinterest looking at those great ideas that I'm never going to do.

Luke: I get to the front door of my house, open the door and lock it behind me. "Hope they didn't see me" I mutter to myself.

Aleigha: I grab a fruit drink and go tan by some of my friends. "I love this new swimming suit." I say and smile taking a drink.

Josh: My father comes in. "What are you doing? You haven't eaten yet." He says sternly. I cower. My dad is a rich businessman... Very successful.

Piper: I was debating what I should do when my mom walks in. "Hey" she says as she sits down on the bed.

Luke: I walk down the hall quietly. Hoping nobody hears me and I open the creaky door to my bedroom.

Aleigha: My friends nod and giggle. I sit up and spot one of the popular guys talking to one of the biggest snobs in school. I eye my drink and smirk.

Josh: "just...um... Texting John..." I say quickly. "Good. That boy shows promise." Dad says. "Anyways, this came in the mail." He throws a letter to me.

Piper: "is that for me?" I ask noticing a letter in her hand. "Yep." She says handing it over with an unreadable expression.

Luke: no such luck. I hear a knock on my door. "Come in." I say miserably.

Aleigha: I walk quietly up to the bratty girl and spill my drink all over her. She gasps "WHAT THE HECK ALEIGHA?!" She yells "sorry! Ohmigosh! I ran into you I'm so sorry!" I say.

Josh: dad nods formally and leaves. I sigh and lay down on my bed. Examining the letter with curly writing and a stamp to hold it together...definitely not modern.

Piper: I grab it from her. "What the?" It looked like

the...uh...1900s? I opened it up and looked inside.

Luke: My dad comes in. "Where the heck where you?!?" I whimper silently. "I...um.."

Aleigha: people snicker and my guy friends laugh and high five me but I still play innocent. "What? It was an accident!"

Josh: I raise an eyebrow and break the wax seal. I pull out some old parchment and unfold it carefully.

Piper (Baty): I read "Dear Miss Baty we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry..."

Luke: "um I went to Leo's house." I say shakily, looking down at my hands and hoping my Dad doesn't notice.

Aleigha: It was funny. The party was great. I walk home with my friends and realize how tan I am before taking a shower.

Josh: I read the letter and laugh. No, I'm not a special child. Magic is a joke. Fantasy. I head downstairs and set the letter on the work table in front of my father. "Is this some kind of joke?"

Piper: "mom!" I say in a laughing tone "this is amazing work! Who REALLY sent this?" I say looking down at the letter.

Luke: "really?" He says unbelieving. "Why are you lying to me?" "I'm not." Dang I am so bad at lying to my Dad. I can hide things from my friends but the second it is my Dad I am HORRIBLE.

Aleigha: I shower and dry my hair then text all my friends back. "ALEIGHAAAA?!" My mom yells.

Josh: My dad eyes me and gives me an annoyed look. "No. Jokes are immature Joshua. I don't joke. "Now leave me in peace please." My father says.

Piper: "It's not a joke" she says seriously. "I had a friend when I was a kid go there and it's not a joke. Not one bit of it."

Luke: "Whatever" he says and I sigh in relief. "By the way this letter was in the mail today and it's for you" he says as he throws it on the bed and walks out of the room.

Aleigha: "WHAT?!" I yell. No reply. "WHAAATTT?!!" I repeat. Nothing. I sigh and go downstairs to see what's up.

Josh: I sigh angrily and go back to my room to look over the letter again. I don't believe it. At all

Piper: "How is any of this real?" I ask incredulously "and why haven't you told me this before?" I say to my mom.

Luke: I sit down on my bed and look at the letter. It looked old. We'll sort of. More old fashioned but definitely not new. I open it and look and what is enclosed.

Aleigha: I jump down the stairs and go into the kitchen where I find my mom with some mail. "This is for you sweetie." She slides a letter across the table.

Josh: I grab my phone and Google the name of this school. It blocks any webpage and then kicks me out. Weird...

Piper: "why would I tell you? How was I supposed to know you'd be accepted?" My mom says "I noticed weird 'magical' things happening with her. I noticed nothing like that with you."

Luke: I believe it right as I read it. No questions. Nothing. "This would save me from all my worries here. Maybe start something new." I say to myself.

Aleigha: "wha... What's this?" My mom smiles brightly at me and leans forward. It's already been opened. I take out the paper and raise an eyebrow.

Josh: I look back at the letter. This is insane...I shake my head. I'll go to the train station and if it's fake then... That's too bad. So what.

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