CJ,AJ,and TJ (Midnight Red Fan Fiction)

Colton Rudloff gets married and has a child,band mate Thomas does the same,and they all expected Anthony to be the first to get a girl pregnant but he's the last. When their kids grow up they all grow up as best friends.


6. Chapter 6

*CJ's POV*

It's been three hours since the four-wheeling accident and TJ still hasn't woke up. I haven't left his side. I was rubbing his hand with my thumb and just looking at him. He looks so helpless just lying in the hospital bed with all kinds of machines hooked up to him.

"TJ please if you can hear me will you say something or do something." I cried. Nothing! Nothing happened.

"CJ baby you need to eat something." My mom said as she walked in.

"NO...NO I'M NOT LEAVING HIS SIDE! WHAT IF HE'S TO WAKE UP? I WANT TO BE HERE!" I cried. "I want him to wake up mom!" Tears were streaming down my face at this point I was in my moms arms.

"CJ what's going on?" I heard TJ's voice. HE'S AWAKE! I walked to him calmly. He was looking at all the things hooked up to him and then looked at his foot which was in a cast.

"You're awake! We were riding four wheelers and you flipped yours." I replied as calm as possible.

"My foot's broke?" He asked.

"Yeah I'm sorry."

"It's ok. It just really hurts right now!" He pouted.

*TJ's POV*

I sorta wanted to tell CJ about my dream but I wasn't sure. I don't want to be part of a band. I want to be able to be there for my family. I just don't know how I could handle it. Wait...how much was a dream? Are CJ and I really dating? I don't know. I hope so!

"I never left your side! I'm glad you are awake. I love you and don't know what I could do without you!" CJ said assuring me we were obviously together.

"I love you too CJ!" I smiled weakly because they must have me on some painkillers or something.

"I'll be right here if you need me just get some rest!" CJ kissed my forehead.

"Uh...CJ... I gotta pee." I said. "But I'm not sure how I get up." CJ then called for a nurse and they helped me to the bathroom.

"Hey CJ...woah he's awake!" AJ said as he walked in.

"Hey AJ." I said looking at AJ.

"Hey bro how ya feeling?" AJ asked.

"Sleepy." I chuckled.

"We'll get some rest and we'll be in periodically to check on you." The nurse said.

"Yes ma'am." I replied and dosed off only to have a nurse come in and shoot some medicine through my I.V.and check my vitals.

"What I just gave you should help with the pain in your foot." She said.

"Okieeeeeeee." I said and realized CJ still hasn't left me he was just sleeping in the recliner by my bedside. I smiled knowing he truly loved me.

"Goodnight sleeping handsome." I whispered which I guess he heard me cause he slightly grinned. Then I turned my head and realized AJ didn't leave either he was sleeping on the couch in my room.

"Just like any of our sleepovers." I laughed quietly cause AJ's mouth was gaping wide open.

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