CJ,AJ,and TJ (Midnight Red Fan Fiction)

Colton Rudloff gets married and has a child,band mate Thomas does the same,and they all expected Anthony to be the first to get a girl pregnant but he's the last. When their kids grow up they all grow up as best friends.


4. Chapter 4

*TJ's POV*

"THOMAS AUGUSTO JR. GET DOWN HERE NOW! WE NEED TO TALK." My mom yelled. Uh oh what do we need to talk about? Oh shit did she figure out about me and CJ? I walked downstairs and automatically saw CJ and mrs. Jannet. Shit they did figure out.

"Have y'all been dating behind our backs?" Mom asked. I couldn't look her in the eyes and I couldn't lie to her. "Look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you!" I looked her in the eyes but I didn't say a word.

"Have y'all?!" She urged. I looked at CJ he had his head down looking at his feet.

"Yes, we have but please don't make us stop. I love him!" that's when CJ's head shot up.

"I love him too." A huge smile lit up my face.

*CJ's POV*

TJ said it he really said it he loves me.

"Y'all can continue dating... on one condition. No sex." A sigh of relief escaped me. I never intended to have sex with TJ I just love his kisses and presence. I enjoyed having him around. He makes me happy to where I almost glow.

*AJ's POV*

So CJ and TJ's moms found out about them dating and mrs. Jannet went over to the Augusto house with CJ to talk about it and they are letting the continue dating under one condition NO SEX. Yay they get to continue dating. I just hope they don't take anything too far.

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