CJ,AJ,and TJ (Midnight Red Fan Fiction)

Colton Rudloff gets married and has a child,band mate Thomas does the same,and they all expected Anthony to be the first to get a girl pregnant but he's the last. When their kids grow up they all grow up as best friends.


11. Chapter 11

*Kira's POV*

So we were all packed and headed to Tennessee. This was going to be amazing with AJ by my side. I can't figure a better way to spend my vacation in the mountains with him by my side. I love him so much. I was getting super excited.

"Bathroom and stretch break guys. Even if you don't think you have too try anyway." Mr. Anthony said. At this point AJ was still napping so I nudged him a little bit.

"Babe, were in Sevierville." I said.

"Pit stop?" We asked as he got out.

"Yeppers. We are just about 15 minutes from our condos." I said smiling. We all went to the restroom and walked for a little while. Then headed back on the road. We finally made it to Pigeon Forge and to our condos and got settled in.

*AJ's POV*

So we all made it safely to the condos and got settled in. We all devised into families except Mr. Eric stayed with us. We all went out for supper and then went looking around town. Then after a while we all went back to our condos and went to bed. Before I went to bed I pulled out the ring that I planned on giving Kira,smiled and put it away and went to sleep. The rest of the trip I carried it with me until we decided to stop at a trail at the end of the trail there was a waterfall. Perfect time. I grabbed Kira's hand and got down on my knee.

"Kira Alyssa Diggs, will you marry me?" I asked. She looked at the ring and at me and at her dad for approval.

"I have him consent." Mr. Joey smiled.

"Yes, I will marry you!" She smiled and I slipped the ring on her left hand. I lifted her off of her feet and twirled her around as we kissed. This vacation had been the best one yet. We did some more traveling and the trip soon came to its end and we headed home. I can't believe it she said yes. I'm gonna marry Kira.

(Hey guys I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this chapter done and up. I was having some health issues and had surgery, but here ya go. AJ and Kira are engaged now :O anyway hope y'all enjoy. Love y'all, Kaitlyn)

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