CJ,AJ,and TJ (Midnight Red Fan Fiction)

Colton Rudloff gets married and has a child,band mate Thomas does the same,and they all expected Anthony to be the first to get a girl pregnant but he's the last. When their kids grow up they all grow up as best friends.


1. Chapter 1

*AJ's POV*

"Yo CJ can you and TJ come over? I'm bored as fuck!" I asked over the phone and my mom gave me that look. Dammit!

"Yeah dude be there soon." CJ replied. Moments later CJ and TJ showed up.

"Dude do y'all have any cheez-its?" A hungry TJ said raiding all the cabinets.

"Right here." CJ's really pregnant mom said reaching up in AJ's moms cabinet eating a cracker before handing them to TJ. Mrs. Rudloff and mrs. Augusto were staying with my mom until our dads got back from tour. TJ looked at me and whispered.

"Damn she's pregnant." CJ just facepalmed and I hit him on the back of the head.

"Oh my god did you seriously just say that?" I asked the obvious.

"Sorry!" TJ said with a mouthful of crackers.

"Hey mom can we go swimming?" I asked.

"Yes honey y'all go ahead." My mom said.

"Let me take a piss first." TJ just blurted out. And his mom gave him the look.

"Sorry god let me take a pee!" TJ rolled his eyes. And for some odd reason CJ laughed at the word pee. I looked at him with this weird look on my face.

"What's so funny about me having to pee CJ?" He asked him.

"I don't know it's just something about that word." CJ said slipping off his shirt and we all went upstairs to get our swim trunks on.

"Dude don't look at me!" TJ told CJ.

"Dude... it doesn't matter we've seen each other naked before god." I laughed at TJ.

*TJ's POV*

I don't know why I just feel so uncomfortable with my own body. Maybe it's because I don't have a six pack like my friends. That didn't make me fat...just insecure. So I didn't even like being naked or to change clothes in front of my friends. MY OWN FRIENDS!

"Dude don't look at me!" I told CJ.

"Dude... it doesn't matter we've seen each other naked before god." AJ laughed at me. That kinda hurt my feelings.

"Not funny! That's rude. Now apologize." CJ glared at AJ.

"Sorry dude." AJ sincerely apologized.

"You're forgiven." I sighed. AJ and CJ walked over to me embracing me in a hug.

"Everything's going to be just fine TJ." CJ looked me in the eyes.

"No,no it's not. I... I... ugh just forget it!" I cried and sat on the edge of AJ's bed. And they hugged me again and I just sat there hugging back.

"Well who's ready to go swimming?" CJ poked me in my side making me jump.

"Let's goooooo!" AJ said. The three of us ran downstairs and out the backdoor to the pool. AJ is the first to jump in and I just look at the pool for a second remembering I can't swim in the deep end.

"Come on TJ." CJ grabbed my hand and jumped in before I could say anything. And I started panicking.

"It's alright I've got you!" CJ said. "Just keep holding on to my hand it'll be alright. I promise!"

"Alright." I gasped for air my asthma making it hard to breath and watching AJ for a little while I decided to let go of CJ's hand and try for myself and succeeded.

"Way to go TJ!" CJ smiled making me tense up a little bit. Yes I um kinda like him a little. But I also like girls. I know I know he's my best friend and best friends shouldn't feel that way about best friends. But there is just something about him I can't resist it. We swam for about two hours and then we got out of the pool and AJ's mom brings out a box of Little Ceasers pizza.

"Oooo yay pizza!" AJ yelled and reached for a slice when his mom slapped his hand and handed us germ-x.

"Hands will be cleaned first." She said. She is major germaphobe. We eat pizza and all go back in the house and take showers. And before we all know it it's time for bed and we all camp out in AJ's room.

*CJ's POV*

Yay TJ finally learned to swim in the deeper end. Way to go dude! When I grabbed his hand and pulled him in the pool I felt a spark. Do I like my best friend? I've never felt this way before. I noticed TJ was having a little trouble getting to sleep and I was too. So we sat up for a little while and just started talking. That's when something happened.

"I um uh...will you go out with me?" TJ asked nervously.

"I'd love to,but what would our parents think? And AJ?"

"I don't know I just can't keep going like this. I've got an idea how about we secretly date but only AJ knows because we can't keep it from our best friend." TJ said.

"Yeah I think so." I smiled and he slowly leaned in and kissed me which kind of caught me by surprise then I started kissing back eyes closed. It felt so magical. Then AJ woke up, I guess he couldn't sleep or something. Then he turned on the lap beside his bed.

"Oh my god! Ok um hey guys what's going on?" AJ seemed shocked and then we pulled away. I looked at TJ.

"Please don't tell any of the parents you are the only one allowed to know at he moment but... we've decided to date each other." I let out with a sigh.

"Oh um ok. I uh didn't realize... um that." AJ didn't finish because he knew we'd know what he meant.

"Well now you know." TJ said biting his bottom lip.

"It's been a busy day so how about we get some sleep now?" I asked TJ.

"Yeah I'm tired." He replied.

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*TJ's POV*

We finally got to sleep and when we woke I smiled because I woke up in CJ's arms. And AJ was standing over us watching our every move.

"Good morning love birds!" He whisper yelled and I threw a pillow at his face.

"Good morning TJ." CJ looked at me with his unbelievably adorable bed head and droopy eyes.

"Good morning." I groaned in my groggy morning voice.

"Come on y'all get dressed we're going on an adventure!" AJ shouted. CJ and I just looked at each other and got up and got dressed and went downstairs and noticed that AJ had fixed up a lunch bag with pick nick stuff and he looked at us.

"We are going to take a bike ride to the park and have a pick nick." AJ said happily. I looked at CJ.

"Why not." I said and we ate breakfast and ran out the door.

"Bye mom we'll be back later." AJ yelled.

"Alright be careful boys." Kourtnie AJ's mom yelled back. We ride to the park and eat our pick nick lunch. And CJ gets this grin on his face like he has an idea.

"What's on your mind Rudloff?" I ask him then he picks me up and slings me over his shoulder that's when I remember there are four-wheelers to rent and he puts me down and we rented some four wheelers and we ride them through the mud. It must've rained the night before. And we ended up covered from our heads to our toes in mud. And we returned our four-wheelers and went to the nearest hose and hosed down CJ pulled off his shirt and squeezed the mud out. I couldn't help but stare as he shook he mud out of his hair and then he put his shirt in his back pack and we rode home.

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