No, don't touch me. I'm not the girl for you! i yelled teary eyed. This was all a mistake. He looked at me and i swear i could feel his heart breaking as i broke him.


1. prologue

Alison, just listen to me. hear me out please.

NO, i won't listen to you. we can't just think about us. Others will get hurt because of us. it'll be a domino effect.

i love you and i will always love you, but it's not enough and i can't let you think I'm ready for all of this because I'm not. i want you to move on and keep living your life without me. i need to do this. i need to end it. please just let me go.

I turn to leave as he grabs my wrist turning me around towards him. 

If i let you go, will you be happier? will you find happiness? 

i nodded my head yes as tears fell from my eyes.

please promise me you'll be happy. please. i hugged her tighter than ever and let her natural warmth fill my heart.

i closed my eyes smiling knowing this was the last time i would be this way with him.

as soon as i let him go, i knew. i knew the old harry would return. the one that let his devils inside get the best of him. losing his senses when he was upset or angry so i stayed.

i stayed in his arms for a little longer wishing time would stop.


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