I hate you (ON HOLD)

Iris had perfect life before her dad got a job for managing her least favorite band; 5 seconds of summer. She slowly gets close with them but a friendship blossomed the first night between Michael and Iris.
Please don't judge this is my first book


2. 2

Calum's POV:

She grabbed my arm and dragged me to the bar. She got a full bottle of vodka and went out side, still holding my wrist. She sits by the pool. I sit next to her. We talk until I have to to go the bathroom. We got up and went inside to find a very drunk Ashton. He giggled. I went to the bathroom. I did my business and went back to find Iris and Ashton. They weren't there. Of course. I left two very drunk people and now they went missing.

I heard a crowd screaming "chug!" Over and over again. I went I've to see Ashton and Iris chugging a bottle of vodka. Iris finished hers and grabbed another one while Ash was only halfway done his bottle. And I thought Ashton chugged fast. I went over there and grabbed the bottles from there hands and put them on the counter.

I pulled them away. Iris got out of my grip and ran off. I went after her. I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder. Ashton got in the back and I put Iris in the front. I grabbed her keys from her purse and started the car. I drove off. Iris giggled the whole way home.

We got back to her house. I carried Iris to her room. I got her in bed then went to deal with Ashton. I finished with him and went to check on Iris making sure she didn't leave. She did. Of course. I went to see if she took her car. She didn't. She probably walked. I got in her car and drove back to the party.

I walked in and ran into Michael he said "wow Iris is a great kisser" and went upstairs. Ugh. Of course he kissed her before I did. I went to look for her. After looking for 20 minutes I remember Michael. He ran upstairs. Oh no. I know where she is.

I run upstairs to where the bedrooms are. I hear moaning from all of the rooms. I don't know which one she is in and I don't want to open the door on someone else. I'll wait. Let her have her fun.

*the next day*

Iris POV:

I woke up with a pounding headache. I look over to see Michael. Oh yeah. Yesterday. I grab my clothes from the floor. I get dressed in bed. I have pain in my lower region. I stand up and fall. He did me good, I can't walk. "Michael." I say trying to wake him up. I take of my shoe and throw it at him. He jumps up. "Michael. You need to help me get up. It is your fault." He gets dressed and comes over.

He picks me up and carries me out the bedroom door to find a sleeping Calum. Michael kicks him to get up. He jolts awake. "Come on fuckface." "Why are you carrying her?" "She can't walk." Calum gets up and has MY keys. "Why the fuck do you have me keys?" "Because yesterday I bring you and Ashton home because you guys got drunk. I put you in your bed and went to deal with Ashton. Then you went back and had sex with Michael." "Whatever. I left because you only brung me back at 11 and I wanted to stay."

We walk down the stairs to see Luke sleeping on the stairs. Calum kicked him down the stairs. He woke up and got up. "Michael why are you carrying her." "Because I can't walk." "Why?" "This dude." I said pointing to Michael. "What? What did he do?" I just glared. "Oh." We get into my car. I sit in the back with Michael. I rest my head on his shoulder. "My head hurts." "Mine too."

I fell asleep I guess because I woke up in my bed. Michael was next to me. I had my arms around him. That is why. I don't remember what happened last night but it all comes back to me. I just went back to sleep. I remembered what happened last night.

I came is drunk. I saw Michael. I walked up and pushed him against the wall and starting kissing him. He was shocked at first but started to kiss back. We were like this for awhile before I whispered "upstairs." I walked up the stairs and into an empty bed room. I waited for Michael. He came up. He grabbed me and closed the door, pushing me against it. It started kissing and sucking my neck to find my sweet spot. He did and I started moaning. He took of my shirt and his shirt and pants. He pushed me on the bed. I let him be in control. He took of my bra and started playing with my boobs. I stated moaning as he sucked on them. He pulled of my pants and started eating me out. I cam as he fingered me. He took off his boxers and stuck his thing in my mouth. He cam and I swallowed it. He pulled away and got something out of a draw. A condom. He put it on and shoved it inside of me. He thrashed hard. He felt so good and I was a moaning, cumming mess. He did this for 3 good hours. We dropped on the bed falling asleep in his arms.

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