Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


19. Trader

Harry's P.O.V

         I sit back in the couch an think about how this even all started. I wouldn't have taken the deal if i knew i was going to fall in love with Rain. Remembering how it all happen is kind of foggy, but i could still make out what happen. It was a few weeks before my encounter with Rain, when May came up to me while i was walking out my building from work.......................

Flash Back

   " Get off your lazy ass and do your job" i huff to one of the employees here. I take a one week break and they think they can just do what ever they want. I am Harry Styles, a multi billionaire , also a perfectionist who can not have people working for me if they are just going to slack off.

" Yes, sorry sir" i walk away not wanting to deal with this bull crap anymore. If he messes up again i swear I'm going to fire him. Just like my dad always told me, everyone is replaceable except family. Everyone who works for me is replaceable an i tell them that every day of there lives working here. 

I walk out into the blazing sun and through my shades on. This day has been to stressful for me and I really just need a hot shower to relax my tense muscles. " Excuse me, Mr.Styles" i turn around to face a girl with bright red lip stick on and dressed like she is in the most posh side of the country with her black dress, black heels, and big hat.

" Please, no interviews right now" i go to turn around but she was grabbed me arm. " Don't touch me" i look down at the lady who held a smirk, " Well, I need your help" " and what makes you think I'm going to help you" i was already highly annoyed and she was just adding on, " Well you'll like this."

I glance at my watch, " 5 minutes, talk" she looks at me for a little bit then sighs, " well my sister had a daughter an well i made them go homeless. It was by a accident" she quickly rushed out when she saw my eyebrows hunch together in anger. What sick person would make her own family go homeless. " Well anyway so when her and her daughter Rain, was out on the street she left her Rain to go start a business. And well we need her daughter but she is no where to be found. So i was asking you, a rich, good looking man like yourself if you can kindly go find my niece and just protect until we can reach out to you again."

What person is dumb enough to ask me to protect their niece for them, " And what do i get in return" i look down at her and scan her body, " I'll give you anything you need, any sexual desires you ever wanted to fufill" she gives me a smirk while i look at her. " Fine, but when ever i ask i want it okay? Give me your number and everything"

Flashback OVER

 From that day forward she we had sex like 3 times a week. Maybe 4 if i was very stressed. I took her on a drive around the city and she pointed out rain sitting on a wall. I had people watch over her, those drunken guys where actually pretened to be drunk. I needed to know every detail about her. The eye color, her facial features, everything. 

I took her in thinking that i was just watching over her like i watch over family. But as my feelings started to change for her I stopped having sex with May, and she started to become more nosy and popping up at random places. When i was at work with Rain, i looked angry at work because there was multiple emails from May asking so much questions and making threats.

Yes, I've cheated on Rain while we were together with May because she threaten if i didn't that she will rat out what i was doing with her to the press. It just all became so much that i didn't know what to do anymore. That day i mumble May's name was out o anger because she sent me multiple text about taking Rain away for ' safety .'  " I need a drink"

Claire's P.O.V

        " Yes, she is in the room sleeping" god i swear if  Jess ask me another stupid question about her dumb daughter i will personally quit and she won't like that, I'm her best selling girl. All the guys love me and my body. My boobs may be fake but they guys still love them. Rain won't like this at first, just like i didn't but soon she will love how much men want her an crave.

Maybe we can be sex partners when the men cal asking for threesomes. And trust me, that happens a lot.


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