Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


1. Sleep

Rain's P.O.V

       My body slumps against a brick building, my legs aching from having to run from drunken men who lingered out the bar. Old dirt black jeans with rips on the knees, a dirty white shirt with a black and red flannel over my body is the only thing that covers my body.

A black beanie was slung over my dirty and knotted long black hair. I already know my big hazel eyes no loner carry hope in them. So now when people look into my eyes its like staring in someone on their death bed. They are so dull now, the only time a small spark shines through is when a kind person offers me money.

Some how over the years i manage to have a full figure not to skinny not to big. I guess stealing food from stores and people have payed off. I breath out when i look out the alley into the dark street and see the men have stopped looking for me.

I let out a big breath and stand up. My eyes see a store that looks pretty packed. I try my best to straighten out my clothes but like thats any help. The dirt spots on my face is a sure give away im homeless. I walk in trying to look as normal as possible. My feet carry me to candy lane where i rip the wrapper of a snickers bar off and stuff it in my pocket.

Then i take out a empty bottle that i carry from my back pocket. Since these jeans where given to me by some lady they are fairly big on me, but im not complaining at least i dont have to walk around in my underwear. I pour some soda in my bottle then put the empty bottle back in the fridge behind all the others. With a simple duck out the door im out the store without getting caught.

I smile big as i lean back into a brick building and bite into my snickers. This is what i needed before i doze off. With a sip of my soda im sitting on the wall trying to go to sleep. My eyes are closed but i keep feeling like someone is staring at me. I swear to god if its those drunken dick heads im going to beat their asses.

As i open my eyes a black range rover sits across the street from me. Strange, i didnt even hear it drive up. Scared. my legs stand up, my hands shove the bottle in my back pocket, and i start to walk down the street. Lights from the car turn on causing me to look back. My speed picks up when i see it starting to drive. 

I turn down the street but with a slam of the door, my arm is grabbed and my body is turned around. " Get off me!" i yell the stranger. I look up into their green eyes, something about this stranger gave me goosebumps. " I saw you in the store" was all he says, " what are you going to turn me in, its not like it'll be my first time" i scoff to him. He stares deeply into my eyes causing me to grow uncomfortable.

" Why did you steel" is this dude fucking retarded, " umm hello! did you not see me trying to sleep on the side walk, now wouldnt that clearly say something to you" this man is getting on my nerves. " Your homeless" he breathes out me nodding like, its pretty obvious just look at me. " Whats your name" i dont respond for a moment but its not like hes going to do something, if he tries im going to just run like i always do.

" Rain, an yours" " Harry Styles" that name sounded so familiar yet i can't place my finger on it. " Well it was nice meeting you Harry, but i gotta go" i give him a salute sign before i sprint all the way down the street. I hear him curse to himself causing me to laugh. I quickly turn into a alley, and giggle when i see his car drive right past me. Finally, i can get some sleep.

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