Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


3. Run

Rain's P.O.V

          My mouth drops as i walk into the big hotel room, " Welcome to your penthouse, i hope you enjoy it, Mr. Styles only rents this out to important people" the maid nods to me then walks out. I set my new bags of clothes and underwear on the entry of the door way.

As the door closes i walk around the room amazed. (PICTURE ABOVE) I turn to the left and see a long hallway then a big opening. When i walk down the hallway o find 4 bedrooms, each had their own bathroom, then the big opening was at the end was the kitchen.

The kitchen was brown and ocean blue theme making me like it more. Shower, was the only thing that was running through my mind after examining the house. Quickly grabbing the bags and walking into one of the biggest rooms which was black and white theme i head into the bathroom.

It was so large, with a beautiful black tub in the middle. Stripping off all of the dirty clothes i hop in the shower and let the warm water beat down my back. " Shit!" i yell then throw my wet beanie off my head. Oh well, i bought more beanies at the store. My eyes watch in disgust as i watch the dirt come off my body and right down the drain.

Looking around the shower i see some men shampoo, seeing as its the only thing in here i use it. After washing my hair it feels so clean. When im the shower i grab a brush so i can brush through some tangles. I change into some black leggings, and a big grey sweater that said ' London Boys '

My new grey beanie was slid over my slightly damp hair. Still amazed with how large the house is, i almost forget what to do in a house. Haven't been in one since i was 8, thats always when i had my mom. Not wanting to think about that i walk towards the kitchen and smile when i see the glass fridge and freezer is filled with food.

I walk to the couch with a sandwich and soda in hand. My body leas back just letting everything soak in. I'll finally have somewhere to sleep thats not just a hard slab of concrete or brick. My sandwich is gone just like that, but im still kind of hungry. Running to the kitchen i come back to the living room with 3 packs of gummy bears.

Starting on my first pack of gummy bears was the only thing on my mind. As soon as i pop one in my mouth the doorbell rings. Confusion crosses my face, hopefully they dont think someone else lives here. When i open the door im shocked to find Harry standing there with a big smile on his face, " I have a key, but i thought knocking will be more polite" 

" Yeah uhh come in i guess" i'm not use to inviting people in any where so. " I see you like gummy bears" " yeah my favorite candy" i smile at a small memory of my mom buying me gummy bears one night. She used her last 3 dollars buying my candy so i didnt go hungry.

I sit down on the couch waiting for him to come out from one of the rooms. " I see you liked my room the best" he lets out a laugh. My eyes widen, " oh im sorry i didn't know it was yours" " its fine really love." A silence comes over the room, creating a awkward tension. " I'm glad you actually listen to me" he says quietly sitting down close to me.

His knee brushes my knee causing a small shiver to run through my leg. Not knowing what to say i nod back to him. I feel like doing what i always do, which is run. " Why do you run" he ask me, its like he read my mind or something. " Umm since living on the street at a very young age, my mom and i always use to run. When i was in school an the kids would make fun of me for wearing the same clothes i would just run. Thats what i really taught, if i ever felt in danger or uncomfortable i was told to run. But over the years of growing up i decided to not run my cowardliness like my mom, but run for the fun of it. Not going to lie, its fun to see people look at me 

weird while i give them a salute sign then run" after talking i let out a little giggle. It really is fun to watch people think im weird because that just shows how quick you can be judged for doing one simple think such as running. " Whats with the salute" my smile slowly vanish off my face. I've never told anyone about the reason behind my salute, and i dont plan on it.

" Non of your business okay" i say angrily then get up to walk in run of the room. My feet fastly carry me to a different room that was blue and black. With a lock of the door im on the big bed listening to Harry bang on the other side, " Rain, im sorry if i made you upset" i close my eyes and try to block him out. Soon he stops the banging and i hear the slam of a door, then muttering. A loud bang, that sounds like the breaking of a wall causes me to shake.

Not wanting to get hurt i curl up in a ball an fall asleep to the sounds of my own sobs.

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