Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


37. Plans

Rain's P.O.V

  Burning. Everywhere on my body. I can feel my lungs burning from lack of liquid substance. My eyelids felt heavy causing it to become harder for my eyes to open. With a slight movement of my hands i can feel the soft sheets of what i make out to be a bed. I try once more to open my eyes, and it finally works. My eyes flutter as they get use to the light coming from the ciecling.

It was a dim light but it still burned my eyes, its like i was a vampire going out into sun. When my eyes adjust i turn my head to the side and see I'm in one of the rooms. Right now I'd rather be dead then be in this hell hole. As i go to sit up i wince and grab my rib, thats when i feel thick bandages wrapped around my mid section. Everything hits me like a slap in the face and tears spring to my eyes. He rapped me again. 

How could i be so stupid for letting this happen again. I should have fought harder, god i wish i would have fought harder. No Rain stop being a little girl, Harry would want you to fight not sit here an cry about it. I nod my head to myself and slowly manage to sit up. My ribs feel like they are just cracked into a million little pieces. If i ever get out of here alive, i need to head straight to the hospital. After endless whimpers and wincing i manage to stand on my to feet with out falling back down.

There was a hand mirror on the dresser, but i knew after all those slaps and many more things he did to me i will have bruises. With a big intake of breath, i slowly grab the mirror. More tears spring to my eyes as i see the damage he caused, my cheek had a black and blue bruise taking over it. My lip was cut right down the middle and my eye had a small blue ring under it. I bring the mirror down to my mid section and lift my shirt up. This is horrible, dark marks linger around my stomach over the bandages so imagine whats under them. Some marks slip into the waist band of my underwear, while  in others you can make out a hand or finger prints.

Mark did this to me, and people let him. A knock on the door startles me and when i turn around i come face to face with Alexa and the girl i saw walking past me up the steps, Alyssa i think her name was. " Hey i know her, i saw her when i was being dragged, wait this isn't-" Alyssa stops mid sentence once she sees Alexa nod her head. Whats going on, does she know who I am? " Whats happening" my tone was frighten but i knew they wouldn't harm me.

Alyssa closes the door, " I'm so sorry" Alexa chokes on her own words as she takes in my appearance. I quickly pull down my shirt and slowly walk over to the bed, my ribs are killing me. Once i sit down they both stand in front of me, " Okay well we have some news but i don't know if you could do it with broken ribs" Alexa looks away then mumbles a few words. I guess she was talking to Harry seeing as he is the only one she as been talking to, i think. I didn't hear any other voices when i was talking to Harry.

" Okay listen, you will stay in this room with Shelby, me and Alyssa will find a way to distract Mark. Since i will be in the room next to you distracting Mark i will knock twice on the wall, you and Shelby need to run outside and go left. There you will see a black van with a blonde boy in it, thats Niall he will put you both in the van. Alyssa here will be letting Harry and the boys in through the back and everyone will be safe" I look up at Alexa who just stares at me waiting for my response.

" Why can't Harry wait for me in the van" its been so long since i saw him and i need to see him just in case this plan doesnt work, " trust me we are all professionals at this, and this isn't the toughest job we have tackled. Now stay in this room, the plan doesn't start until 8:30. Keep these doors locked don't let no one in unless its me, Alyssa, or Shelby" i nod my head quickly but black spots start to cloud my vision from doing that.

" I'll see if Shelby can sneak some food for you, your starting to look pale" i know notice the lack of food I've been having. Since being here the only thing on my mind is getting out of here. I lay back in bed and close my eyes, i guess if this is really happening I'll need a power nap.

                                                                                Its StylesWorld here! Hopefully you peoples are enjoying the book!! GET READY FOR THE ACTION!!

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