Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


40. My life Now

3 years later

  Rain's P.O.V

        " I do" i whispers those last 2 words before crashing my lips against the man i love. After everything we've been through manage to have a happy life. Mark was sent to jail for life without parole, my so called mother was sent to jail for 30 years, and my aunt was sent to jail for 30 years to for kidnap.

I pull back from the lips of the man i love and claps fill the air. Harry's family treated me like i was apart of them since no one apart of my family was here. Harry bends down and kisses the small bump forming on my stomach, " I love you Tate" i heard him whisper to our unborn son.

I was 3 months pregnant with our first child. To me life could not be any better right now, I'm married to a man i truly care about and I'm happy to say I'm having his baby. We walk down the aisle hand and hand while waving to friends and family. Shelby had tears in her eyes while holding Liams hands, yes they where dating, while Alexa and the lads waved at us. Alyssa couldn't make it because she is off in college.


" This feels right" i sit down on the foreign bed in this 5 star hotel of Rome. Harry surprised me for our honeymoon and took us to one of the places i always wanted to visit. " Because this is right, we were suppose to be here in this moment with each other" tears roll down my face as Harry kneels in front of me while holding my hands.

" I don't think i ever loved someone as much as i love you" i whisper to him while he wipes my tears away, " I don't think I've ever wanted to protect someone as much as i want and will protect you, the BOTH of you" he smiles as he rubs my stomach. My arms wrap around his shoulders as i bring him in for a hug. This all feels so right, no more tears, no more pain, no more fear.


" Come on babe push" i squeeze Harry's hand harder while pushing with all my force. Not to long after it felt like i just releases the biggest shit ever, but i was glad when i heard my baby boy crying. The nurse quickly wrapped him in a blue blanket and handed him to me, " look babe, he has your eyes" i whisper while holding onto my son. I took a glance at Harry to find him with silent tears rolling down his eyes, i slowly hand Tate off to him. 

" Umm doc, theres something still inside me" i feel the pain again and automatically feel like pushing, " well keep pushing, it looks like your having twins" my eyes widen and i look over at Harry to see his eyes widening too, " TWINS!" we both scream out at the same time. I push again, and after another painful 15 mintues out comes my other beautiful baby boy. The nurse wraps him in a dark green blanket and hands him to me. " He has your hazel eyes, and my light brown hair" Harry whispers while leaning over me.

" I'm going to call him Blake" my eyes gloss over as Harry hands me Tate and both sons are in my arms. 

*****************************18years later******************************

" Look at my babies all grown up now" the smile wrinkles that make my age of 36 are present as i smile at my all grown up boys. They both have a mix between Harry's English accent and my american accent. Tate grew to have a lighter shade of green eyes, with my dark black hair, while Black had a darker shade of hazel eyes with Harry's light brown hair.

They where now 18 years old, and in about 2 more hours while be going off to college. Tate was always more on the athletic side so he is going to college in hops of working in the sports field, while Blake was athletic but liked studies just a little bit more, so he wants to become a doctor. " Mom we are not 5 no more" Tate groans out as he carries more boxes down the stairs.

" I don't care your still my babies" i say while kissing his cheek. I laugh and swat his arm as he makes a disgust face, " Oh shut it Tate, your know mom is always going to be this way" Blakes voice breaks through the air as he walks downstairs with suitcases. " Look i love you boys, know promise you'll at least try to visit us on the weekends or when ever, we are only 30 minutes away. Harry!! get down here and say bye to the boys" i hear a loud groan and loud thuds of feet

The boys out down there luggage and boxes and tackle Harry in a hug. I'm so glad that all the men in this house is so close. " I'm going to miss you buddies" Harry pulls back from the hug, gosh even at age 39 he stills looks like a god. " Well we love you guys, and we will be sure to visit ya'll during breaks and stuff" we all pull into a group hug, I'm a sobbing mess. I guess i have to face the fake that my babies are all grown up now.

" Bye Tate" i give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, " Bye Blake" i give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They wave goodbye and as soon as the door closes and the cars are gone I was a sobbing mess in Harry's arms, " Its alright babe, they have to grow up one day" " but it feels like i was just pushing them out my vagina a few months ago" Harry chuckles causing me to giggle as we walk to the couch.

This is honestly the best thing ever, watching my boys achieve things that i only dreamed of doing. I'm glad that i get to watch my dreams live out through my kids, i hope they will make the best of it........


Yes sadly this is the end of the book!! I hope everyone loved the joruney of Harry and Rain through out the book. Thank you all for you reads, likes, favorites, and feedback. I'm glad i got to talk to some of ya'll and i met amazing people. 

But the biggest thank you would have to be to my co-author!! Honestly i don't think i would have been able to finish this book without you!! 

Thank you everyone!! WE LOVE YOU!!! 


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