Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


23. Kylie Jenner

Rain's P.O.V

   I groan as the sunlight hits my half open eyes. After a couple minutes of trying to open my eyes i sit up thinking i was in a bed, but when i looked down i was in on a carpet floor. Curious and scared i stand up quick looking around the room. One queen size bed with only 2 pillows and a black bed spread cover it.

Wow, who ever kidnapped me could have at least been nice enough to put me on the bed. One of the door in the room opens and out walks a girl with a towel around her waist, " who are you? where am i? why am i here?" questions just shoot out my mouth but i stop my self when i see her giggling.

" Hello Rain, I'm Shelby. You are at Secret Love" i raise my eyebrows at here. "Well sorry to burst your happy mood but I'm leaving" i walk towards the door. Just as i was about to pull the handle an run for my life out of here what she says stops me, " i don't think your mom would want that"

May's P.O.V

      " Come on sis" i slam my hand on the table as my sister sits right in front of my half drunk. " You couldn't stay sober for at least 3 hours. Dang, your more fucked up than i thought" i lean back in the couch as she continues to take gulps of a vodka bottle. " DDDDonnntt t-tell *hiccup* whaat to do" i watch in amusement as she tries to speak to me.

" Well at least I'm not the one who has a daughter up stairs who can wake up any minute and beat the shit out of both of us" growing up we never got taught how to fight. Thats probably why we are the way we am now. I can more about my looks, while she cares more about getting drunk/high to block out stress and pain.

" Wheres that boyfriend of your anyway" i look over to her to see that she is passed out with small drops of liquor on her chest that was only covered by a bra. Yes even though her, her boyfriend, and I run this place from our house doesn't mean that we don't work here. Jess boyfriend started this place when they left poor little Rain on the street.

Her boyfriend made Jess be the first worker, and as time went on they recruited more kids. Adults don't really sell much because men now a days prey on younger children so instead of preying on young children an going to jail they can pay loads of money here an not get caught. After they're done having sex with one of the girls we bleach everything. " Hello Secret Love how may i help you" i roll my eyes as i listen to this guy talk.

After hes done i call up one of the girls he wanted, " Shelby, babe your up" i here her huff on the other side of the line, " you know i fucking hate this job right" i smirk as she thinks she has a choice to be here, " well to bad sweet cheeks. now get in some lace an get your ass into the room" " bitch" she says than the lines goes dead. As long as i get money i don't care what they say. Maybe if i get enough i can pay for some lip injections. I'll be the next Kylie Jenner.............


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