Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


2. Hotel

Harry's P.O.V

       Its been almost a week since i seen Rain. Every time i go and look for her she no where in sight. Some times i feel like she may have been hurt, but then another part of me is just like no just keep looking. " This is all fucking wrong!" I scream out and clothes my laptop.

I stand up from my desk in my office and go stare out the large glass window that takes up the whole wall. Being the owner of billion dollar businesses is so stressful. " I need a break" i mutter to myself. Not to late after that i'm out the large glass building and hoping in my Range Rover.

I drive to the nearest coffee shop because coffee calms me down when im stressed . " Yes, can i get a coffee with 3 creams, and 4 sugars" i ask the young lady behind the desk. " Anything you want" she try to flirt with me but its not working. Her pants look like they are cutting of her circulation, her shirt shouldnt even be called a shirt.

" Here you go Harry" she says with a smile. Sometimes i hate that everyone knows my name, cause then i can never introduce my self. The only time i ever introduce my self was to Rain. " Thank you......." i pause searching for her name tag, " Marcy" i give her a smile causing her to giggle.

I take a seat at a booth near the window, and just look out into the sea of people trying to get to work. Everyone is always in such a rush, maybe they should take time and just in joy the views of the city for their windows. Just as i was about to turn away from the window, something caught my eye.

Her long black hair under that same beanie caught my eyes. As quickly as i could, i throw some money on the table then run out the shop. I see her body turn the corner causing me to run after her. She slouches back on the wall then grabs her stomach. It makes me upset to see such a beautiful girl starving.

I walk up to her causing her head to snap up, " I see you found me, look some guys told me you were looking for me, i finally found out who you are and if you are trying to help me out so it makes you look like you actually care for people like me, please dont" she stands straighter while staring me into the eyes.

" I'm not trying to impress no one, i really want to help you but you wont let me, i can see you are hungry" she quickly moves her hand off her stomach, " when was the last time you ate" i say walking closer to her. Her head falls down then looks back up, " 4 days ago" my mouth parts in shock.

" Please just come with me, and i'll feed you, and put different clothes on your back" she rolls her eyes at, " your not the first person to say that to me, i've heard that line before and last time i listened i ended up drugged, and naked with my lower region hurting, now look where i am, back out here" a small tear falls down her cheek.

I dont want to believe that she basically just told me she was rapped. " I get it, but just take this, go to the Styles Hotel and hand them this to, this will at least get you a free room for how every long you want, and there should already be food. This will also buy you some new fresh clothes" i hand her one of the invitation to the hotel and put a note on it from me, and hand her 500  dollars.

She slowly takes them both. " Thanks " she say then gives me a salute before running off down the street.  

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