Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


6. Flashback

Harry's P.O.V

           " Damn it!" i scream out catching the attention of some of my workers. All their heads turn back to doing what they where doing when i go running back to my room. I can't let her slip out my fingers when we've came right here. Like lighting im in my car speeding down the road to the hotel. As i pull up to the hotel i run in and i decide to take the stairs so i can get there faster.

As i near the door i hear what sounds like a lot of shuffling coming from the inside. I barge in the house and i hear it coming from the room Rain was staying in. " Rain!" i yell as i run to her room, i hear a gasp an the slam of a door. I walk over to the bathroom connected to the room and bang on it.

" Rain, please open the door, im sorry if i did something wrong" i beg her, " it wasn't you it was me" she says back. " Bullshit, then you wouldn't have ran off" i say while trying to make the door budge. Just as i was about to hit the door with my shoulder it opens to reveal a puffy eyed Rain.

" I got scared okay" she says while walking to sit on the bed. I walk around scatter clothes and sit down next to her, " why" i grab her hand while looking at her. " I built up this wall and the one time i let it down i was rapped" i remember her telling me this, " it was such a horrible moment in my life, and i-i just dont want to relive it " tears fall slowly down her face.

I pull her into a hug and let her cry onto my suit jacket, " i won't hurt you" i whisper to her. " Can you tell me what happen" i ask her softly so she doesn't get more upset. I hear her take a deep breath and then she sits up to look at me, " I was 15 and i still had hope

Flash Back in Rain's P.O.V

                I wrap the old jacket around my short body as the wind blew harder. I watch as the snowflakes start to littler the ground with its frost. I loved Winter, but its different when you have to spend it homeless and by yourself. My knees where pulled up to my chest as a big shiver runs through me.

" Hey, are you okay, do you need somewhere to stay" i look up to find a guy with shaggy black hair and bright green eyes. Something seemed off about him, but i really am cold and i dont want to die this way, " yes" i mumble out due to my lungs burning from the coldness.

" Come on, you can stay with me for a day or two" he reaches out his gloved hand and helps me to my feet. We walk to a red truck that was parked right next to the alley i was in. " What your name" i ask once we are in the car and driving off, " Mark, and your" he ask while turning down a street.

" I'm Rain" i smile to him as he looks my way. We get out the car and he opens the door to his house, " very co-" before i could finish my sentence a rag was placed over my mouth and my eyes drooped close.


" An all i could remember was waking up back in the same alley but my lower region muscles was hurting, i went to the corner stores bathroom and my underwear had blood all over them and thats how i knew he rapped me" i shake my head trying to now forget what i just said.

I never told anyone the full story, Harry is the first person. " But before he put me to sleep, i saw a picture of him and a women, she looked just like my mom, so when time went on i promised to never forget his face, and i promised to never forgive my mom if i ever saw her again, she let him do it" more tears fall down my face.

This is to much crying for one day, i can't do this. I lay back on the bed and just lay there until darkness consumed me. 

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