Homeless ( H.S )

Rain has always been homeless since she was 8. Her mother ran off leaving her to fend for herself since the age of 12. She has built walls to protect her and plans on not letting anyone in. But when 21 year old rich Harry Styles sees 18 year old Rain sitting on the street can he resit to help her? And if he can't will she even let him?


22. CONTEST!!!!!!

Hello beautiful people!!

So i came up with a idea that i think all of you would like.

So before this book comes to a end and i start book 2

i would like to do a contest. The contest will before for this:

I need three people, 1 will be the person who comes an helps Harry.

The second one will be a worker like Claire, but she is also helping

Rain get back to Harry, and the third one is going to be a girlfriend for one of the guys.

So if you want to enter type in the comments, this what I'll need-


Describe self-

What part- ( u can just put 1,2,or 3)


Favorite Member-

Small reason why u enjoy this book- 


Have fun entering you can comment as many times as you want entering yourself. Please do not be upset if you doesn't get chosen because all the boys need girlfriends so don't be alarmed if ur name pops up as a girlfriend for one of the guys in later chapters!!! But for now I'm only using other boy from 1D to start off all the action, then the rest will come in!!!! ENTER ENTER ENTER!!

                                                                                       All the love Axx

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