Bandanas are my everything and so r u

Heeeeyy girls hope you like this one, it's gonna be better than any of the three that I have written. �� enjoy. This is about me and my boyfriend Gabe but Gabe being Ashton in the story. Hope you like it!!


3. Our second Emotional Kiss

Liv's POV

So I was in ASHTON IRWINS ROOM. I was talking about my mom an mostly crying. Ashton was rubbing my back and I had my head on his shoulder. He listens passionately and then kisses my forehead. I looked up at him and smiled. I grabbed his shirt and leaned in to kiss him. He returned my kiss.

He gets up from his bed and I lay down on it. He walks to his door to close it then turns to me while he's taking off his shirt. I blush and start to take off my shirt and jeans. And leave on my bra and panties. He smiles and puts his knees on the end of the bed.

I sit up to unbutton his pants for him and then pulled down his boxers, and then his boner appeared. I giggled. I rubbed it, up and down, up and down. He moaned. I kissed the head of his dick and then started sucking. He moaned while saying my name "UHHHH LL-IIVV FFF-UUU-CCK"

He unhooked my bra and threw it into the pile of our clothes on the floor. He grabbed my boob and massages it softly. A loud moan escaped my lips. With my free hand, I rubbed his thigh softly.

As I was sucking his dick, I felt his salty substance in my mouth. I looked up at him and he blushed, while moaning. After he was done, I stopped sucking and laid back on the bed. Ash was still Above me so he kissed my neck and went down to my bikini line and put his mouth on the edge of my panties and dragged them down to my ankles.

As he came up I felt him kiss my thigh up to my folds and then started liking me. I moaned and grabbed the back of his hair. I could feel him smiling as he was liking my clit. I moaned and said "ohhhhhh asshhh!!!!"

Some one knocked on the door and said "Ash, honey, it's your mom, your fathers on the phone and wants to talk to you. Ashton said "Be. Uhhg. Right. There. Mom" he kissed my clit and rubbed my thigh and wisp-herd to me "Be right back baby" and blew me a kiss. I smiled and waved to him. He left the door cracked a little, then walked down the hall.

As he was gone I put on his shirt. It was like a dress to me. I texted Mandi and said 'I just got laid, by ASHTON IRWIN!!!😄😄😄😄 c u TMMRW.' /sent/

After that I got snuggled into his covers and laid there for an hour. Ash came bursting through the door happily and jumped on top of me and said "BABE GUESS WHAT!!!!!" I giggled and said "what?!?!" He kissed me and said "My dad said that he had 1 extra ticket for first class on the plane, Do you wanna come?!?" I kissed his cheek and said "Definitely!!!"

He laid on top of me out of breath and then moved to my side seeing that I had his shirt on and said "Haha babe you look sexy even without my shirt on" I blushed. And we both feel asleep in each other's arms.

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