Bandanas are my everything and so r u

Heeeeyy girls hope you like this one, it's gonna be better than any of the three that I have written. �� enjoy. This is about me and my boyfriend Gabe but Gabe being Ashton in the story. Hope you like it!!


4. On the plane to Sydney


Liv's POV

Ash and I sat next to each other while Luke sat on the isle seat next to Ash's dad.

Ashton and Luke were talking about there next song and I herd my name and said "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, I herd my name, why is it being used????" They laughed, Luke said "Well, we got you back stage passes" My face was in shock.

Ashton looked at me and said "Baby? You okay?" I nodded and hugged the hell out of him. I got up and hugged Luke, while giving him a kiss on the cheek. Luke blushed and said "haha. Ash your girl has a thing for me 😂" I blushed. Ash punched him on his shoulder playfully.

I pulled out my drumsticks and Ashton said "wow nice beat babe!" He pulled out his drum sticks and banged on the side of the plane with a awesome beat.

I giggled and said "Nice beat it sounds familiar." Ash blushed and kissed me, I kissed him back. He put I his hands on both my cheeks. Luke said "Just make out on the plane while your at it." We all laughed.

The plane landed and we got our luggage which was basically us and headed off the plane. And there I was, standing in the air port of Sydney, with the 2 People I have left in the world.

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