Bandanas are my everything and so r u

Heeeeyy girls hope you like this one, it's gonna be better than any of the three that I have written. �� enjoy. This is about me and my boyfriend Gabe but Gabe being Ashton in the story. Hope you like it!!


6. My first concert😅

Luke told me that "Ash is going to do something for me at the concert." I blushed. Before we were on stage, ash told me this "Babe" he said. I said to him with a kiss, "Yea?" He looked straight into my eyes and said "You'll love this" I blushed, giggled and kissed his cheek. He held my hand and dragged me to the edge of the curtains.

I stopped my feet at a slant and looked at him. I said "Www-hhat if I choke and mess up?" Ash smiled and said "I'll be with you the whole Time just look at me, but at the end, look up at the sky you'll see something beautiful." He let go of my hand and took the bass and ran on stage. He messaged me to come out on stage. I did and the whole crowd clapped. It's like they knew.

Luke came out after me, then Calum, then Mikey. Luke looked at me and screamed "Start drummin!" With his British accent he looked back and waved to the crowd while ash started playing along with my beat. We were AMAZING☺️. It was just amazing to be there. Luke told me so look up, and ash told someone "SPARK EM UP" making it sound like it was part of the song but it wasn't. They were for the fireworks.

I looked up into the sky and the fireworks spelled "WILL YOU MARRY ME LIV" I started to cry and smiled at the same Time and mouth to ash as he was looking back at me "yes Babe yes!" I ran up and e had a group hug. Ash said to me"Well?" I kissed him on the cheek and wisp-herd to him "Yes"

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