Bandanas are my everything and so r u

Heeeeyy girls hope you like this one, it's gonna be better than any of the three that I have written. �� enjoy. This is about me and my boyfriend Gabe but Gabe being Ashton in the story. Hope you like it!!


5. Hotel room

After I got out of the taxi with, me Luke, and Ashton we all went into the hotel and got settled in.

Ash and Luke were playing video games while I was writing a new song for them.

I was also playing the drums while ash was singing at the concert they were having tomorrow.

Ashton came up to the room i was in and opened the door Luke ran up too and put his arm on Ash's shoulder.

I laughed as the fell on the floor. Ash and Luke laughed and came over to were my drums were and stood on either side of me.

I played the drums solo and they started dancing. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Ash turned on a slow song. He asked me to dance and I did. He and I were laughing away at our "amazing" moves.

Luke was clapping and we ran up and hugged him. We all collapsed on the bed. And fell asleep together, on the bed, I was in the middle of them but hugging ash, while Luke was hugging me from behind. I felt funny but it was great.

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