Bandanas are my everything and so r u

Heeeeyy girls hope you like this one, it's gonna be better than any of the three that I have written. �� enjoy. This is about me and my boyfriend Gabe but Gabe being Ashton in the story. Hope you like it!!


2. His texts📱

Liv's POV

Once I got home I checked my phone and saw that Ashton had texted me. I screamed, opened the door and ran up to my room. I slammed the doer behind me and jumped on the bed with excitement.

Ashton texted me about five times since I was in my room. It said /from Ash/- hey. Umm. What. Are. You. Doing. Tomorrow?

Ashton's POV.

OMG she texted me back. I blushed and texted her this /- hey I was wondering If you would like to fly back to Sydney with me on Friday./

Liv's POV

I texted him back this /- Sure just let me ask, oh ummm sure. 😢/

Ashton's POV

/what's wrong/ I texted back

Liv's POV

/oh nothing, my mum just got in a car ascendent/

I called him and he said "hey wanna come over and talk?" I answered him with"yes" he texted me his address and I quickly got dressed with my red bandana and blue high-tops with crosses and my black skinny jeans on with ripples at the knees. I also had a shirt that had drums on it. I went over his house ad knocked on the door quietly.

A Really pretty woman opened the door and said "hello?" I said "is Ashton there I need to speak to him." She looked over and said "ASHTON?!!! YOUR FRIEND IS AT THE DOOR!! ASHTON!!!!, GET OF YOUR DRUMS!!! AND COME DOWN HERE NOW" I blushed. I herd his drums stop, saw him come running to the door and he stopped, looked at me and I gave him my hand to come in. He pulled me in gently and led me to his room.

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