Forever and always |N.G & C.D|

Ocean just moved to L.A. California.
She's a rich poplar girl but you would have never known by her personality.

She begins to go to a new school.
That's where she meets to boys that never seem to take there eyes off of her.

(Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas fanfic)


10. ||Chapter 9||

*I dedicate this song to you the one who never sees the truth that I can take away your hurt heart break girl-* my alarm sounds.

It cuts itself of halfway through the song as I get up.

It's a Tuesday and so I get up and take my shower.

I grab my brush once I get out and begin to do my hair.

When I finish that I apply my mascara.

I then brush my teeth and skim through my closet for my outfit today.

I decide and put on white couletts which are shorts that have an extra piece of fabric over them and when you put your legs together it looks like a skirt.

I then put on a faded light blue jean kind of shirt kind of flannel material but a bit thicker.

I roll the sleeves up to mid forearm and button it on both sides.

I then put on a super tiny brown belt around the shorts (couletts) and tuck in my shirt.

I then put on 5 different colored bracelets homemade not by me tho.

Then I put on my white converses the ones won't the red line.

Then I put on a purse with little links and then it's cream colored that closes like an envelope.

It ends at my knees.

I put on a silver cross necklace and then look on my phone to see that I have a text from Nash.

New iMessage from Nash.

Nash: good morning my beautiful girlfriend ;)

Me: good morning my hot boyfriend;)

Nash: ;*

Me: Do you and cam want to ride to school today??

Nash: Yep I'll text him.

Me: oh and have you told him yet??

Nash: No I thought you did.

Me: nope.

Nash: we should tell him at lunch.

Me: K.

I put down my phone and grab my shoulder bag and my keys and my phone.

I lock the door and see Nash and cam leaning against my car.

"Hey you guys." I say smiling and unlocking the car.

"Hey hottie." Cameron replies with a smirk.

Nash doesn't reply I know because he knows I would never fall for Cameron.

He might really love me but he's a player with the other girls.

"We should stop at Starbucks!" Cameron yells from the backseat.

I look at my phone.

"We got time." I say.

After all it is only 8:20am and school starts at nine.


We pull into Starbucks and Nash gets out movers the seat so that Cameron can get out.

I lock the car and we walk in.

Cameron right away starts flirting with the cashier.

"Go pick us a seat babe." I say to Nash.

He smiles at the name and walks away to find one.

Nash's POV:

I walk around to find an empty table.

I find one for four so I sat down.

A girl from school who's name is Rihanna and who is one of the many many girls who flirt with me comes to my table in her ratchet booty shorts and tight to small crop top.

I look up.

"You here alone?" She asks with a smirk.

"No I'm here with cam a-" I say.

"Oh that's awesome cam is so hot but your sexier." She says biting are bottom lip.

"I'm not just here with cam I'm-" I say but once again she cuts me off.

"Shut up let's make out." She says leaning over the table.

I scoot my chair out.

"No! My fucking god Rihanna I'm here with my girlfriend so fuck off!" I yell drawing attention from everyone including cam and mu girlfriend.

She giggles and everyone turns back.

"Who might that slut be?" She asks smirking.

"Ocean." I say with a smirk.

Every single girl in our school wants to be ocean and have her looks including Rihanna who is one of the most jealous girls and every guy wants to fuck her.

Her eyes widen at the name.

"Your with her?!" She says getting up angrily.

"Yeah jealous much??" I ask.

And that's when she does the worst thing you could possibly do to someone who already has a girlfriend.

She slammed her lips on mine right as Cameron and Ocean were walking over they just froze.

I pushed as hard as I could away causing Rihanna to go flying back almost knocking down a table.

Soon the manager of Starbucks thought Rihanna was causing enough trouble and he kicked her out.

Ocean and Cameron still stood frozen looking at me.

Ocean started rocking back and forth on her feet with her hands be hind her back staring at the ground.

"Ocean that wasn't my fault." I say hoping to god she knows I'm telling the truth.

She sits down and Cameron sits the coffee down on the table starring at me confused.

"Why would she care?" Cam asks.

I gulp thinking about how I almost gave us away.

But I think it's best to do it now.

"It's ok Nash." She says still starring at the table.

"I saw you push away." She says looking up.

Still straight faced.

I smile relieved.

"Ok. Um why does it matter to ocean?" Cam asks once again.

"Me and Nash are dating." Ocean replies.

Cameron's POV:

I get taken a back from her words.

I love ocean.

She's the first girl I actually love.

Not to fuck and run off.

"W-what?" I stutter out.

Nash nods.

"When did this start??" I ask curious.

"Yesterday at lunch." Nash replies.

I nod back.

"Well I um I totally ship you all." I lie with a fake ass smile.

There faces lighten up.

"Thanks bro." Nash says.

"Aww cam!" She says hugging me from her chair.

I enjoy the hug and kiss her hair that smells like Cotton candy.

Oceans POV:

Well Cameron is taking this pretty well.


Well today basically consisted of me,cam,and Nash joking around and just having fun at school.

We walked even to our houses together.

I waved bye to them.

But now I'm currently eating a chicken nugget sandwich.

Hey I'm creative.

I finish and realize that it's late so i plop on the couch and fall asleep.

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