Forever and always |N.G & C.D|

Ocean just moved to L.A. California.
She's a rich poplar girl but you would have never known by her personality.

She begins to go to a new school.
That's where she meets to boys that never seem to take there eyes off of her.

(Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas fanfic)


9. ||Chapter 8||

I take a couple shots of vodka enough to make me woozy.

"Aye! You came." Nash says coming over to me not drunk at all.

"Yeaaaaaah yoooou beeeetttt." I slur out.

"Are you drunk." He asks holding me still from swaying to the music.

"Yeaaah try it sometime." I say back before running out to the big dance area and start grinding on some random guy.

Nash's POV:

Damn she's drunk.

I don't like when she's like this.

I Walk over to her and the guy and tell him to Fuck off.

He walks away to once again makeout with a girl.

"Ocean you need to get home if you drink or party any harder your going to wake up with a hella bad headache and we have school tomorrow." I say to here pulling her into the kitchen where it's empty.

"I wanna sleep!" She yells and starts crying.

Man she's drunk.

I drag her around looking for Cameron.

"CAMERON!" I shout over the music.

He makes his way to us.

"What up Nash?" He says a bit drunk himself.

So I grab both of there wrists.

"Give me your keys." I say to ocean.

She doesn't hesitate she throws them in my hand.

Me and Cameron walked here she drove so I'm going to take us home in her corvette.

A bunch of girls started flirting with me but I grabbed Cam and ocean and dragged them into the car.

"Wherrrrrrre arrrrre weeee gooooiiiiingggg??" Ocean asked.

"Home where we all need to be." I say pulling into her drive way.

I get them out and we walk Cameron home.

His mom instantly starts yelling at him when he walks in.

It's 11pm at night so she has a point.

"She looks so perfect standing there- IM SLEEPY!" Ocean yells.

"Ok ok I know!" I say back.

I stick my hand in her pocket grabbing her house key and unlock the door.

I guide her up to her room and search through her closet for bed clothes as sings to songs from a band called 5 seconds of summer while jumping on her bed.

I throw her a tshirt and sweat pants.

I walk out back into her room and she looks at me.

"Will you unbuckle my belt??" She asks.

I nod and unbuckle the belt around her waist.

She smirks and tells be to unzip her dress.

I gulp and do that.

Her dress falls to the ground and she looks so amazingly perfectly hot in her bra and underwear.

"Like what you see??" She smirks.

I blush.

She changes in to the clothes I threw her and she lays down in bed.

I give her a kiss on the forehead and walk away to her door.

"Wait!" I hear her say.

"What?" I ask walking aback over.

"Give me one kiss." She asks still majorly drunk.

"I just did." I say laughing.

"On the lips." She whines as she pulls my shirt towards her.

"Ocean I-" I say.

"Pweeassseee!" She begs.

I nod and I give her a gentle kiss on the lips.

She pulls me closer to deepen the kiss.

I pull away fast.

"What's wrong?" She slurs again.

"It hurts that you want me to kiss you but you will never remember it and it won't be special." I say then leave her house running to mine.

Oceans POV:

I wake up at 5am.

With a hella bad headache going on.

Man I partied hard last night.

Last thing I remember was me taking shots of vodka.

I get up and turn on the warm water and getting on the shower hopping that it will ease the pain.

It does a little bit so when I get out I take out some Advil and I take 2 pills.

I then do my hair and brush my teeth.

I look through my closet and put on some high waisted mid colored blue jean shorts.

I then put a black shirt sleeve shirt on and tuck it in.

I then put on a red white and black flannel over it and then slip on my black and white vans.

I check my social media and see me tagged in tons of pics from the party last night.

"Damn." I mumble applying my mascara.


I'm now walking to school back to regular with Nash and Cameron.

Nash is being a little weird This morning he hasn't talked once.


We get to school and I go to my locker and out my things up grabbing the things that I need.

I go to Cameron's locker but before I get there I run into someone again.

The same girl that I did the first day of school.

"Hey again and I'm sorry." I say once again helping her up.

Cameron spun around.

"I never caught your name?" I say.

"GG." She says and then walks off.

"Uhh ok." I say.

"Yeaaah she's a weirdo." Cameron says.

I nod.

"I like your outfit." He whispers in my ear.

I look over at him and chuckle.

"Thanks." I reply.

"Let's go." I say and me and Cameron walk to Nash's locker.

"Where is he?" I ask looking around.

I see him walking towards our first class.

Me and Cameron shrug it off then walk to class.

Nash sits away from us.


In 2nd class.

Nash sits away from us.


After my other two classes it's finally lunch

I walk to the lunch room and see Nash sitting alone.

Ok that's it I'm going to talk to him.

I slam my things on his table to get his attention.

He looks up.

"What the hell is your problem?!" I say louder than I thought it would come out.

"Just sit." He mumbles.

I sit down.

"Spill." I say.

"Ok. So lays night you and Cameron were drunk and-" he says.

"Me and cam didn't-?" I say.

Nash quickly shakes his head.

"You all were so drunk that I drove you all home in your car then I took cam and then you home. But I took you upstairs and kissed your forehead goodnight and then started to walk away." He says.

"Ok? That's it?!" I say.

"No. You asked me to kiss you on the lips." He says.

"Did you?" I ask embarrassed.

"No. I didn't because I knew you wouldn't remember." He says.

"You wanted me to Remember the kiss?" I ask.

I scooted closer to him girls were like always starring at Nash.

"Let's make it real." I whisper and then I place my lips on to his.

I feel a shock go through my body and it's the best feeling I have ever had.

I pull away.

Nash is speechless.

Then he opens his mouth.

"Ocean?" He asks.

"Yeah?" I ask back.

"Will you be my girlfriend??"he asks.

I smile.

I answer by kissing him on the lips one more time.

I love Nash.

I just never realized that.


Cameron still hasn't found out that we are dating and I want him to know but at the same time I dont because he would get angry.

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