Forever and always |N.G & C.D|

Ocean just moved to L.A. California.
She's a rich poplar girl but you would have never known by her personality.

She begins to go to a new school.
That's where she meets to boys that never seem to take there eyes off of her.

(Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas fanfic)


8. ||Chapter 7||

We get to school and Cameron follows me to my locker.

"What?" I ask turning around a bit frustrated at him.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry." He says then turns to his locker.

He's lonely.

I think he needs a hug.

I put all my stuff up and get what I need.

I walk to class alone trying to avoid Cameron because of how awkward it is when Nash is with him.

"Hey wait up!" Nash yells.

I stop halfway there.

"Where's Cameron??" I ask.

"He's talking to some chic." He says pointing.

They weren't talking they were in a deep make out section.

"Oh." Is all I said and Walked to class.


The lunch bell rang and me and Nash walked to lunch together.

Cameron brought the girl to our table and everyone left over and sat with me and Nash at a different one leaving the two alone.

She must be a freshman because when there bell rang she left.

Cameron finally noticed that he was all alone and so he came strolling over.

"Hey guys." He says sitting between me and Nash.

"Heyjembansl." Everyone said all together because of there mumbling it just jumbled.

"What's wrong??" He asked.

Then Jack Johnson speaks up.

"Oh nothing it's just you brought a fucking freshman slut to the juniors table!" Jack J announces.

Cameron realizes it and then looks at me.

I'm not looking at him but I can see him in the corner of my eye.

I refuse to look it will make things awkward.

Because we were just discussing how we should all be mad at him for doing that.

I think that's stupid that he just started making out with her and no I'm not jealous I just care.

The bell rings and we all silently walk to our lockers to go home.

Nash walks up to me.

"Should we be mad at Cameron??" Nash asks me.

I think for a moment.

"I don't know let's just leave him alone." I say closing my locker.

Cameron tries to get our attention but we decided it was best to ignore him and walk home without him.

"Bye Nash." I say as I walk up to my front door.

"Bye love." He replies smiling.

I go in and my dad is home early.

"Hey dad." I say.

"Hey want some sushi??" He asks spinning around from the couch holding a tray of California rolls.

"No thanks I'll be up in my room." I say.

He nods and I walk up.

I along my bag onto the floor by my door and go to the bathroom.

Once I'm finished I come back out and I see Cameron pacing up and down the sidewalk infront of my driveway.

I decide to text him.

iMessage to Cameron.

Me:Just go home.

I see him pull out his phone and he runs his hand through his hair.

Cameron: I'm sorry I didn't think it was a big deal to the guys but why are you and Nash mad??

Me: Bc you just try to make us jealous and it's not right.

Cameron: I know I was doing that I'm sorry just can we be close again??

Me: Sure but ask Nash.

Cameron: ok thanks love you.

And that's what was weird.

Why did he say he loved me.

I decided not to reply and soon my mum pulled up.


I just finished dinner and I'm now laying in bed on my phone.

I'm scrolling through Instagram and see Nash and Cameron are having an argument on one of Nash's photos after he posted a pic of me and him behind best friends.

I decided to text Nash and tell him to stop and he did.


*It started on a weekend in May I was looking for attention needed intervention-* my alarm clock sounded as I pounded it.

I got up realizing it was Friday thank god.


After I finished all of my usual things I strolled through my closet picking out and throwing on a black Mickey Mouse tank top and it was faded it was all black with a faded white circle and in the middle it had Mickey Mouse faded and his name around it all faded as well.

I then put on high waisted shorts that were a light shade of blue faded and some black socks that stopped mid calf.

I then put on my faded American flag all star converses the ones that come over your ankle.

I then applied my mascara and grabbed my bag.

I drove to school today because Nash never texted me to meet him and neither did Cameron.

I got there and I saw that Nash still wasn't here but Cameron was.


We went through all of our classes still no Nash.


When lunch came around I finally had enough and went over to Cameron sitting alone at our old table.

"Hey." I say lightly.

"Hey." He says glumly.

"Um where is Nash?" I ask.

He takes a deep breath.

"We aren't friends anymore and so he decided not to come today." He says.

I got so pissed at myself.

I'm the one who broke their friendship apart.


"No no no Cameron you can't do that." I say flipping out.

He notices and gives me a funny look.

"We can't talk anymore and same goes for Nash you tell him that." I say getting up.

He pulls me back down.

"Why??" He asks.

"Because I broke you all apart now fix it since I'm not in your life just forget about me please I don't want to hurt your alls friendship please." I beg.

He denies.

"Yes." I say.

"No." He snaps.

And this happened for a while until u finally just walked away.


I just want them to be happy.


I just finished eating dinner and my mum and dad said that tent need to talk to me so I went in to there bedroom.

"So what um do you wanna talk about??" I ask them.

My mum sits up.

"Ah well honey I'm going on w business trip with your dad tomorrow for 2 weeks. Your father went grocery shopping yesterday so that the food will be in stock for you. Is this ok with you??" She asks me.

Wow they are just going to go off and leave me alone in this new country for 2 weeks??

"Sound good." I end up saying.

They smile.

"We are living in the morning so we are going to go ahead and say goodbye." My dad says.

I then turn and walk into my room.


I wake up the next morning and it's 10 in the morning.

I want to explore on my first day of my own.

So I get up and take my shower.

I do my hair and curl the tips at the bottom.

I then apply my mascara and look through my closet.

I put on a pink friends long sleeve shirt and some faded light blue skinny jeans then I put on my pink vans.

I grab my phone my keys and my wallet and slide that all into my back pocket.

"I need to get a job." I say out loud looking at my hundred dollar allowance I get every month.

I get into my car and I see Nash and Hayes sitting on his front porch.

They wave at me but I don't wave back.

I can't and I will not.


After driving around searching around shops and what not I go to get something to eat.

I decide on chic-fil-a.

I pull to the drive thru and order my food.


I come back home and Nash and Hayes are not there.

I sigh in relief and park my car.

I hurry and unlock the door and go in locking it back because I still don't trust a new country and I'm starving so.

I set my food on the table and eat and when I finish I watch tv.

I realize that the time is 8:45pm.

I was out all day shopping for things that I didn't even get.


I wake up and see that it's broad daylight outside.

I noticed that I must had fallen asleep last night on accident.


It's 9am.

And a Sunday.

Should I go to church??

I decide on yes.

My parents said church starts at 10 so I have one hour.

I take my shower.

Brush my hair.

Brush my teeth.

And pick out and put on a sunflower dress that stop at mid thigh and a brow belt that goes around my waist.

Then I put on a white see through crop top with little danglies on the bottom.

I put on a necklace that was little strips that hung down and it was silver.

Then I put on faded light brown high heels that covered my whole feet and they tied.

I felt good with my appearance so I applied my mascara and checked the time.


I put on my GPS to the name of the church that my parents went to and it took me there in no time.

I got out of my car and got a lot of stares from elders and then whispering and smiling and then I saw some of the youth kids talking about me I assume because they were looking.

I walk up to the door where they are handing out bullitens.

A boy that looked kind of liked Hayes was standing there.

"Good- hi I'm Dylan." He says.

"Hello,I'm Ocean." I say in my accent.

Still not catching on to the Americans.

"Your British or Australian??" He asks me.

"I'm an Aussie." I rely smiling.

I stick out my hand that he will give me a bulliten.

"Thanks." I say he places it in my hand.

I walk out into the big church area.

The preacher is greeting people and people are just all over the place as the kids are running every which way.

"Hi your super pretty!" A little black girl stops and says to me tugging at my dress.

"Thanks sweets." I say and she giggles and runs off.

I decide to take a seat where a bunch of teenage girls are 2 of them I have saw in my classes.

"Hey." I say to the girl with ginger hair that goes to my school.

"Hey! I know you. You are in my 2nd class!" She says smiling patting the seat beside her.

I take a seat next to her.

"So what brings you here??" She asks.

"Oh uh my parents went here last Sunday and I thought that I might this Sunday since they are gone." I say.

She has a feared look on her face.

"I'm sorry to hear that but everyone dies." She replies patting my back.

"Oh no my parents didn't die they are away." I say laughing.

Wow gingers really are dumb.

"Oh sorry sorry that's the ginger in me." She chuckles.

That's when church began.


It was now 11:30 exactly and we just got let out.

"See you at school." I say to Bethany which was the gingered haired girl.

"Hey wait!" She says catching me.

"Yeah?" I ask her.

"Do you want to go out to eat with us??" She asks.

"No thanks I'm not hungry thanks tho!" I say.

"Oh no prob." She says and walks away.

She's sweet.

"So you know my sister eh?" The Dylan kid says walking up to me.

"Uh yeah she's in my class." I say trying to walk off.

"I'm not your type am I??" He asks.

I had finally had enough of this annoying boy.

"Ok will you just like get away from me?? I'm way to old for you and stop flirting with me." I say walking off leaving him there.

"Ok! Bye!" I hear him yell and I got into my car and drove home.

I saw Cameron at my front door knocking and rocking back on his feet.

I pull up and get out.

He spins around.

"Woah." He says his eyes wide as he looks me down.

I keep a straight face.

"Why are you here??" I ask him.

"Oh we'll came to say that me and Nash are best friends again and we made up." He says.

"Really cam?? That's great!" I say and I hug him tightly.

"Yeah so wanna come to a party that we are having tonight it's at my friends Africa's house just right down the road." He asks.

"Yeah sound good. Will there be vodka??" I smirk.

He nods.

"Oh yeah tons of it." He smiles.

I nod and he tells me to stay In what I'm in because it's perfect.

"Aw your sweet." I say hugging him again.

"Hey cam hey ocean!" Nash says running over.

"Your looking hot today." Nash replies running his eyes down me.

"Thanks." I say and I hug him as well and he hugs back softly.

"Are you coming to the party??" Nash asks me.

"Yep." I say.

"Good. You can ride with us." Cam says.

"Nah I drive my self." I say back.

They nod.

"Ok well it's three houses down from my house you can't miss it it will have tons of people there and be there at 8 tonight ok?" cam says.

I nod and they walk off to Cameron's house.

I'm so happy that they are fiends again so that we can be friends again.

I walk into my house and eat lunch.


It's 7:55pm so I decide to go ahead and head to the party.

I pull up and there are tons of cars there.

There are drunken teens all over the hard all ready and solo cups everywhere.


I walk into the house and it's packed.

I make my way over to the kitchen where the drinks are after pushing off a few drunk horny guys.

Now to find people I know...

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