Forever and always |N.G & C.D|

Ocean just moved to L.A. California.
She's a rich poplar girl but you would have never known by her personality.

She begins to go to a new school.
That's where she meets to boys that never seem to take there eyes off of her.

(Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas fanfic)


6. ||Chapter 5||

I quickly help the girl up.

She has black hair with blue highlights in it and green eyes.

"Sorry." I say placing her books in her hand.

"It's fine." She smiles.

"Are you new here?" She asks me.

"Yeah I'm from Australia it's my first day here at this school and will you help me to the office?" I ask.

"Yeah and that's awesome that you came from Australia." She says.

"Thanks." I say.

"We should hang out sometime." She says.

Did I just make a friend?!

"Yeah sounds great." I say.

She points to the office and I say thank you again.

She walks off.

I walk in and the door with 'Principal' on it stands out so I walk in there.

"May I help you?" She asks me.

"I'm the new student ocean Rivera." I say.

"Ah ocean your a beauty." She says standing up and putting her arm around me.

She's black with curled black hair that comes to her shoulders she's pretty and looks about 30.

"Thanks so are you." I say.

"Now here's your schedule." She says handing it to me.

"Thanks." I reply.

"Now let's find someone to give you a tour of the school." She says as she goes out to the main office.

I'm looking down at my schedule in her office not noticing she left.

"Cameron. You will be giving the new student form Australia a tour of the school." She says.

"Um where is he?" He asks.

"It's a girl." She says.

"Where is she?" He corrects.

"Ocean." She says peeking in her office.

I look up.

"Huh?" I say.

"Cameron will be giving you a tour." She says and points to Cameron.

Wow he's hot.

Just holy fuck.

I'm dying.




But I'm guessing he has a girlfriend at the way he looks.

He looks up at me and his Carmel eyes light up.

"Y-your her?" He asks me.

"Yep." I say smiling trying to act as chill as possible.

He smiles widely and we exit the office.

"So um I'm Cameron." He says.

"I'm Ocean." I say.

He looks at me.

"Your form Australia?" He asks.

"Yes from Sydney to be exact." I say.

"Wow." He says.

I look at my schedule.

"Where is locker 101?" I ask him.

"That across from mine I'm locker 201." He smiles and guides me to the lockers.

"Here you go." He says opening my locker.

"Ok and here's my lock." I say putting it on.

I put my bag into my locker.

I can feel his eyes on me every move I make.

I turn to look into his sexy eyes.

"Where to next?" I ask.

"Oh um let me see your schedule." He says.

I give it to him and his hand lightly brushes against mine.

"Ok we have 1st and 2nd with each other." He says.

"Yay!" I say a little to excitedly but he has just as much excitement as well.


After Cameron showing me the whole school and all of my classes I learned a few things about him.

-his name is Cameron Dallas

-he is in my first two classes

-his locker is across from mine

-and his a horrible student


A third bell rang and Cameron looked at me.

"That's lunch." He says.

"Oh ok we'll see you around." I say starting to walk off.

"Wait!" He says gently grabbing my wrist.

"Yeah?" I ask.

"You can sit with me and my friends I have a lot." He laughs.

"Sounds fun." I say and we walk in.

He leads me to his table and a few jocks whistle at me and start flirting.

"Shut the hell up Andrew." Cameron snarls as he says I'm sexy.

We finally get to his table.

There was a boy there that was very hot almost hotter than Cameron.

"Ok this is my best friend Nash." Cameron says.

Nash looks up from his phone and his eyes turn very every ice blue.

"H-hello." He says.

"Hi I'm Ocean." I say sitting next to him causing him to gulp loudly.

"I'm Nash Grier." He says.

I smile.

"Anyways this is jack J,Jack G,Hayes which is Nash's little brother and this is Arron." He says.

"My other friends are who knows where." Cameron says.

I laugh.

"So where did you come from?" Nash asks me.

"I came from Sydney,Australia." I say.

"Wow that's a really long ways away." He laughs.

"Yeah." I say.

I'm sure he felt weird since I was starring right into his eyes but I couldn't help it they are so damn BLUE!

"You really pretty." He says smiling.

I snap out of my trance and blink.

"Thank you so much love." I say with a bright smile.


Nash's brother Hayes started bothering him so they started arguing so me and Cameron started to get to know each other.


The bell rang and me and Cameron went back onto our Tour of the school after I said bye to Nash and the others.


I have a question for you all.

Would you go for Nash and ocean or ocean and Cameron??

I would go for Nash and ocean.

Comment below!

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