Forever and always |N.G & C.D|

Ocean just moved to L.A. California.
She's a rich poplar girl but you would have never known by her personality.

She begins to go to a new school.
That's where she meets to boys that never seem to take there eyes off of her.

(Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas fanfic)


5. ||Chapter 4||

I wake up the next morning to the sweet loving smell of bacon.

I stretch and then hop out of bed.

I walk down stairs to the kitchen.

"Ah your up early." My mum says setting the table.

I look up at the clock on the microwave.


"Wow." I say surprised myself.

"Well since your up go tell your father to come eat he's in the living room." She says.

I wonder through the house looking for the living room even though it's right in front of me.

I make my way back to the living room and see my dad watching a baseball game rerun.

"Dad it's time to eat." I say.

He turns off the tv and smiles.

"Good morning sweets." He says kissing my forehead as he walks by.

I follow him to the kitchen.

I take a seat across from my dad and mum.

I grab three slices of bacon and a biscuit with honey.

"So ocean your starting school on Monday so today and tommorow we are going to go school supplies shopping." My mum says.

"Yeah you have enough new clothes that we just bought so no new clothes shopping for school." My dad chuckles.

He's right.

I bought over 50 outfits.

I have so many clothes and shoes it's scary.

Me and my mum giggle.


I finish breakfast then I go up to my room shutting the door behind me.

I swing around and kiss Luke.

Ahhh if only he was really there.

I grab a towel from my closet and then I lay it on the toilet.

I feel for the water temperature and when it meets my needs I start washing.


I get out and wrap the towel around me.

I then start to brush out my hair.

Then I blow dry it .

I brush my teeth and then start digging through my closet.

I put on a gray tank top that hangs down a little farther then my waist and then I put a black and white flannel with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows.

I put on regular colored blue jean shorts on the ends are made rolled up about an inch.

I put on black boots that buckle twice on the outside.

And zip up in the back.

I put on a brown watch on my right arm and then I apply my mascara.

I brush out my hair once more and then take a look at myself in my body mirror on the bathroom door.


I grab my phone off of charge and then I hear someone come into the house after ringing the door.

I shoot downstairs.

I peek around the corner to see my mum and dad smiling at the man and signing a few papers.

I looked closely at his shirt.

It's logo said: Chevy

Ugh I hate Chevy the only Chevy I like is a camero or corvette.

Did my mom and dad get a new car?

The guy left.

I pretended that I wasn't spying and came down.

"Hey guys." I say.

Causing them to jump.

"Lord! Well hello honey your looking laid back today." My mum replies.

I smile.

"We have a surprise for you." My dad says.

They lead me outside with my eyes covered.

"Tada!" My dad says removing his hands.

I start jumping up and down screaming.

"Oh my god dad and mum this is amazing!" I scream.

I hug them both so tight I wouldn't be surprised if I broke a few ribs of theirs.

My parents got me a red corvette.

"And they had a buy one get one 10% off deal so I bought me a Kia Sorento as well!" My dad says.

I look over next to it and yes he was right he got a blue one dark blue that is.

"Wow this is amazing." I say.

"Yep now your license will finally go to use." My mum says.

I walk back up to my room after saying thanks like 50 more times.

I go through my desk to find my wallet.

I pull out my drivers license and stick it in my back pocket along with my phone.

I walk back out side and my mom is waiting for me.

"You driving?" She asks.

I nod and I get into my brand new car.

"Where to?" She asks.

"The mall they have good supplies at the justice store." I say.

And yes yes they do have good school supplies.


We get to the mall and my mum gets out.

And so do I.

"This place is so pretty." I say looking everywhere other than the mall.

"I know how does your phone have a GPS?" She says.

"Oh mum." I laugh.

She's so 20th century.

We walk in looking around.

"Aha justice down this hall." I say looking at the Guide sign when you walk in.

Me and my mum walk there and my mum gets really nervous when she sees older guys giving me looks.

"Mum chill." I say.

We walk into justice and a woman greets us.

I say hello back and then my mum sticks around talking to her.

I go to the school supplies and get a basket.

I grab two packs of 5 glittery mechanical pencils then the same with pens.

I grab 4 binders that have the cutest designs on them.

Then I throw in a pink ruler with pink,purple,and sky blue pocket dividers for my binders.

I then put in 4 blue notebooks with my first initial on it.

I then put in a purple and pink calculator.

"Ocean honey I think that's enough." My mum says grabbing the basket.

She's right I had gotten pretty much everything.

"Oh right." I blush.

We take it to check out and my mum pays how sweet of her.

"Where to next?" She asks me.

"Bath and body works should be around somewhere." I say looking around.

"Found it." I say grabbing my mums wrist and pulling her there.

We walk in and the smell of perfume,lotions,candles,and sanitation things are filling my nostrils.

I grab another basket and I put in 10 perfumes that smell good to me then I went to the candles and picked out 3 good smelling ones for my room.

Then I went to the hand sanitizer and picked out 4 with cases.

"How about some soap and body wash for your bathroom?" My mum suggests.

I test them out and pick three bottled soaps for my sink and 2 bottles of lilac body wash.

"There." I say.

We walk to the check out and my mum pays again.

"Mum no." I say as she grabs her wallet.

"Yes it's on me." She says.

We walk out with a big justice bag and a big bath and body works bag.

"Now?" My mum says.

"I'm hungry." I say.

I check the time on my phone.

It's 12:37pm.

Wow we have been shopping for a while.

We make our way to the food court.

I go to the chic-Fil-a place and my mum goes to the Japanese steak house.

We meet back at a table to eat our food.


Once we finish me and my mum decide to put our things in the car and go see a movie.

We get back from the car and head to the movie theater.

"What do you want to see?" I ask my mum.

"San Andreas fault." My mum says excited.

I pay for the two tickets.

We walk into the cinema and by a medium popcorn with two sprites.

We walk into the theater and take our seats at the top.

"Why would you want to see this?! Now your going to want to move away form California!" I whisper shout.

My mum chuckles.


About 2 hours later the movie ends and I throw away our trash.

"It's 4:30pm we should be heading home." My mum says.

"This was a fun day." I say as we get In to my car.

My mum smiles and kisses my cheek.

We ride home in silence because my mum is sleepy and I'm scared by that movie.

We pull up and my dads car is still here.

We grab the bags and walk inside to meet my dad cooking dinner for himself.

"Well well well if it isn't the girls." My dad says.

"Yeah where's our food?" I playfully ask.

Me and my mum are still full so we are probably not going to be eating.

"She's joking Hun." My mum laughs.


It's night now and I'm super sleepy.

It's now 10:58pm.

"Goodnight guys!" I shout from my bed room.

I hear a few goodnights from them and then I doze off in my pj's.


I wake up to the sun shining into my room basically blinding me.

I check my phone.

Holy shit it's 2 in the after noon!

I guess it will just be a lazy day for me.

I go down stairs yawning and stretching.

"Well look who's up." My dad says and my mum looks up from her apple laptop and laughs.

"Did you all drug me?" I joke and they laugh.

"Well we fixed some hotdogs a little while ago so yours is in the microwave you might want to reheat it." My mum says.

I nod and walk into the kitchen and reheat my hotdogs.

There are two.

I pour me some coke zero and then get out the mustard.

I take them out and pour on the mustard.

I sit at the table and eat it all up.


About 20 minutes later I finish eating.

I walk in the living room to where my mum and dad is watching a cheer competition.

"I miss being the cheer captain." I say watching.

"I know you honey. But all you have to do is find out when cheer tryouts are at school and then tryout." My mum says.

"But what about being swim captain?" I snap back.

"There are tryouts for those to soon I'm sure." She says as well.

I lay back and watch the competition.

"It's my dream to go there." I say.

My mum and dad smile at me.


It's now Sunday morning.

I just woke up like 5 minutes ago and I'm currently stretching.

"Honey let's go!" My dad says banging on my door.

"Go where?!" I scream back.

"To church." He says swinging my door open.

He's dressed in a suit and and tie and my mum is behind him in a dress.

"Daniel I forgot to tell her." My mum says.

"Well we will be at church." My dad says.

"Your going to church?" I reply.

We never went to church in Australia why now?

"We are joining a church a few minutes down the road your coming next Sunday." My dad says.

My mum pushes by him.

"You need to be ready when we get back because we are going out to eat for lunch." My mum says then turns back around.

They shut my door and I soon hear the front door open and close.

I check my phone.

It's 10:00am sharp.

"So I have and hour and a half to get ready." I say to myself out loud.

I grab my usual towel and get in the shower.


I get out and do my hair routine then I brush my teeth.

I skim through my clothes and put on a light tan/white in between sweat shirt with a rebel flag print on the whole front except the back.

I put on my black Victoria secrets leggings and then put on some faded out brown/army green lace up boots that come to my mid calf.

I then put on a nude colored rebel flag ring in my middle finger on my right hand.

I then put on a red knitted beanie with two white buttons on the bottom.

I brushed out my hair once more and took a look.

I gave myself a thumbs up and then took a mirror pic posting it on Twitter and Instagram as well as snapchat.

Soon after I get a text message as I walk out to my bedroom.

New iMessage from mum.

Mum: are you ready?

Me: yeah I'm ready watching outside.

I then slide my phone into my waistband of my leggings and then I walk out the front door locking the door behind me.

My parents finally pull in and honk the horn and I hop in.

My mum and dad both look back at me.

"I figured that you would dress nicer." My dad blurts out.

I shrug.

We ride to Texas road house.

What the hell is this? We don't even live in Texas.

"Daniel honey what is this place?" My mum asks.

"Well the preacher was talking about this place and gave me the directions and so I figured we would try it out." My dad replies.

"Well it looks country." I say rolling my eyes.

"That's because it is." My dad chuckles.

we get out and walk in.

"Booth for three." My dad says to the hostess.

She takes us to a booth in the back.

She puts a bucket of peanuts in front of us.

I look at her with a weird look.

"Yall aren't from round here are ya?" She says in a country accent.

"No were form Sydney Australia just moved here three days ago." My mum says.

"Well welcome to America." She says smiling and pulls out a notepad.

"What can I get Yall to drink?" She asks.

"Sweet tea." We all say.

She laughs and writes it down.


We finally get our food after 10 minutes of waiting.

The waiter is constantly flirting with me and it's super annoying because he's like twice my age.


We finish and get out of there.

"Let's not go back." My dad says buckling up.

"I agree." I say.

My mum nods in agreement as well.


We get back home and decide on going grocery shopping.


We get back form like 4 hours of that and it's 5:50pm.

My mum begins making dinner and my dad is taking a nap now.

I'm watching tv and checking social media.

"Dinners ready!" My mum shouts from the kitchen.

I smell chicken!

"Dad wake up its chicken time!" I yell.

He laughs and jumps up racing me to the kitchen even though I win.

Of course ;)


I finish eating and I decide to change and go to bed early at 8:00 since I have school tomorrow.

I set up all my things for school and then grab my shoulder bag which I got at the store earlier today.

It's sky blue.


*she said to me forget what you through cause good Girls are bad girls that haven't been caught so just turn around and forget what you though caus-* my alarm sings from 5sos as I slap it to shut up.

I check out the time.

6:45am and school starts at 9.

I get up and my mum comes up into my room.

"Honey the school isn't ready to except you yet they will be ready tomorrow they have to go through all of the papers and enter you in the system so today's a day off." My mum says in her doctors uniform.


"Ok I think I'm just going to go shopping a bit and explore today." I say.

"Have fun!" She says and off she goes.

I fall back asleep.


I wake up again and it's 11:23am.


I get up and I take a shower.

A nice long one because no one is here to tell me to get out.

I get out and do my hair and brush my teeth.

I get on black Victoria secrets leggings and then I put on a red dress this is of course after putting on my undergarments.

The sleeves stop right above my elbows. And the needs comes to my top of my knees.

I put on a pair of faded brown/army green heels with bows on them.

And then I put on a light brown bracelet that has a fox on it.

I put on a creme colored knitted beanie.

I take a deep breathe and then grab my phone,keys,and license.

I put my license in my phone case and put my phone in my waistband.

I go downstairs and lay my keys on the table as I make me a quick PB&J sandwich with milk.


I finish that and I go to my car after locking the door.

I start it up and I decide just to take a drive around.

I turn on 18 by 5sos on the radio and jam to that for a while as it shuffles through the whole album.

"She's got a naughty tattoo in a place I wanna get to but my mom still drives me to school!" I shout.

I see Starbucks ahead and pull in.

I remember that I keep my debit card in my phone case as well so I shut off the car and lock my car.

I walk in and I get a lot of stares.

"Hello what can I get you hot stuff." The guy at the cash register says smirking.

"Um I will get a vanilla grande." I say.

"Your from Australia eh?" He asks as he types it in.

"Yes sir." I say smiling.

He nods.

"Vanilla Grande!" The lady making it yells.

I grab it and she hands me a few napkins.

"Hey I'm Danny." A guy says as I set at a table and he sits with me.

"Ello in ocean." I say getting up.

"Wait." He says.

I turn around.

"What?" I ask.


Those last few minutes consisted of him trying to get me to sit back down with him but I refused and hopped in my car.

I drove back home.


What could I possibly do?

I have no friends because I haven't gone to school yet.

Maybe I should meet my neighbors I though I saw a girl my age across the street yesterday.

I get out of my car and walk across the street.

I ring on there door bell.

No answer.

I realize that there isn't any cars in the drive way.

Fucking stupid I am.


I get back to my house and I just decide to take a nap and watch tv until my mum or dad gets home.

I end up falling asleep.


"Ocean wake up foods here." I hear my dad shaking me.

I get up and stretch.

It's 7:46pm.

"Chinese." My mum says handing me sweet and sour chicken.

"Yum." I say as I eat it.


"Goodnight guys!" I shout running up the stairs.

I change into my pajamas and flop on my bed.

I loud and a big heavy loud sigh.

"School sucks." I say out loud.

I roll up in my blankets and fall fast asleep.


I wake up to my alarm clock singing American idiot cover by 5sos.

I slapped the button hard and it finally shut up.

It's 6:45am again.

I get up and check my social media.

Nothing new just a few miss you's and that's it.

"Ocean you up?" My mum yells.

"Yeah." I say back.

"Well your fathers already gone and I'm leaving see you later." She yells and her voice fades as she goes down stairs.

I get into the shower and back out.

I brush my teeth and do my hair.

I put on my undergarments then I pick out my outfit.

I put on high waisted blue jean shorts and a maroon short sleeved crop top that stops right might above my belly button.

I had a things that went over it. It is white with black think line designs. It was kind of like a cardigan but long sleeved.

I put on a necklace that was a silver triangle.

That came down to the bottom of my boobs.

I put on black heels that covered my whole foot and they laced up on the front with a good 3 inch heel.

I had black and white fake pearl bracelets put on my right wrist and then a black purse that has a long strap.

It buckles at the open area.

I apply my mascara and then I brush out my hair one last time.

I grab my phone with my license and debit card in the case and then I grab my keys off of my desk.

I decide to head to Starbucks so I lock the door and head that way.

I get out and grab my card out.

"What can I get you?" A old lady says.

"A vanilla iced coffee please." I say.

I swipe my card and next thing I know I'm drinking my coffee taking wanna be tumblr pics on Instagram.

I realize that it's 8:30 and so I throw the rest of my coffee away and hop into my car.

I put on my GPS to the school name that my mum told me.

I pull up and the school outside is flooded with kids.

I get out and hear a lot of whistles and stares of course.

I mentally roll my eyes.

I walk inside and run into someone knocking them to the ground.

Curse my stout body!

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